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Teresa Giudice Is Yet To Decide Where Her Relationship With Joe Is Going As He Leaves For His Native Italy!

Joe Giudice is off to Italy after being released from ICE but his wife, Teresa is yet to decide where their marriage is going considering the chances of him returning to the US are pretty slim. As most viewers of the Real Housewives of New Jersey know, Joe Giudice risks to be deported to his native country and the fact that he will be waiting for a decision there could diminish his chances of avoiding that even more!

That being said, while it’s likely Joe will never return to the United States again, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Teresa has not made final plans when it comes to the status of her and Joe’s relationship once he leaves for Italy. Right now she is focused on her girls and what’s best for them.’

However, while their marriage is definitely uncertain at this point, she knows one thing for sure!

Teresa is not planning on keeping their four daughters away from their dad.

‘She will definitely allow the daughters to visit Joe in Italy, but she is not sure if that’s a trip she will be joining them anytime soon. Teresa’s still holding onto resentment towards Joe for putting their family in this position and she does not know how she plans on moving forward with him. She has been putting all of her focus on her daughters, working out, close friends, and her work.’

When it comes to their marital relationship, the insider mentioned that Teresa just doesn’t want to make a permanent decision until she knows for sure the result of the deportation appeal.

Do you think its time for the RHONJ star to file for divorce or do you still believe in Joe’s chances?

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