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How David Spade Saved His Friend Bobby Miyamoto's Life: 'Hero Is a Strong Word'

Not all heroes wear capes — just ask David Spade!

On his Comedy Central show Lights Out with David Spade, the actor had his friend and fellow comedian Bobby Miyamoto give a five-minute guest stand-up set, in which Miyamoto joked about the “upside” of having a stroke last year.

After the set, Spade and Miyamoto told the audience the story of the medical emergency and how Spade played an important role in Miyamoto’s road to recovery.

“So Bobby, it’s true you actually had a stroke, you didn’t make that up to get on TV right?” Spade jokingly asked his pal.

“I wish, I would have done that a long time ago,” Miyamoto deadpanned back.

“I had an intracranial hemorrhage,” Miyamoto explained. “I spent the entire LA winter in the hospital — five days,” he added to laughter from the audience.

“Dave saw it, I couldn’t talk for like, two weeks,” he continued, revealing that it was Spade who called the ambulance and ultimately convinced him to go to the hospital.

“You know, hero is a strong word, what happened was — everyone keeps saying it — but Bobby … he opens for me on the road sometimes, we go on tour and we were in Aspen or something, and I called him the next day to go to a movie or a couple days later, and he goes, ‘Oh I can’t, I’ve been barfing all day.'”

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Spade said that he thought Miyamoto may have had altitude sickness from the travel, so he offered to bring anything over if Miyamoto needed it and didn’t initially think about it any further.

“But then I checked on him the next day, and I sort of forgot he was sick, and I go, ‘Hey, you wanna go to dinner?’ and he goes, ‘Oh I haven’t stopped throwing up for two days and I haven’t had a glass of water,’ and I go, ‘This is bad.'”

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Spade joked that he had a case of “good guy syndrome” and called Miyamoto an ambulance even though his friend kept telling him he was fine and would go to the doctor the next day.

“And then they freak out because they go, ‘He’s in really bad shape, and he won’t get in the ambulance,'” Spade said. “I go, ‘Tell him he has to.’ ‘He won’t get in.’ ‘Tell him he has to.’ ‘He won’t get in.’ ‘Tell him I’ll pay for it’. ‘He’s in the ambulance.'”

“It’s true,” Miyamoto chimed in as the audience broke into laughter.

Spade wrapped up the story with another joke, saying that when he asked if they were at the hospital yet, the paramedics replied, “No, he stopped at Nobu. Is this all on the same card?”

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