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Felicity Huffman Most Likely Won’t Serve Time In Prison Regardless Of Her Sentence, Lawyer Says – Here’s Why!

As you may know, Felicity Huffman risks getting a month behind bars for her involvement in the biggest college entrance fraud case in the country, as advised by the prosecutors dealing with it. However, it turns out that, even if the actress gets sentenced, there is still a way for her to completely avoid prison time.

Brad Bailey, a criminal attorney based in Boston, chatted with HollywoodLife about the Desperate Housewives star’s situation, explaining why he’d actually be surprised if she somehow ended up in jail for the crime.

‘I will be surprised if she is sentenced to jail. I’m guessing she will be deemed eligible to serve it on home-confinement/house arrest or in a half-way house.’

He went on to explain that inmates with a low risk do not always need to serve time in prison.

‘Generally speaking, when a sentenced inmate has the lesser of 10 percent or six months of their sentence left to serve, they are eligible for home confinement or a half-way house. So it’s possible a one month sentence would be served out that way, but the ways of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) can be mysterious,’ the attorney explained.

So if she is sentenced to a half-way or even to home confinement, can the actress remain at her home in L.A. for the duration?

Bailey dished that while Huffman’s legal team can request that, or a judge can recommend it, the final decision will be made by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons.

In the meantime, Variety reported that Felicity’s lawyers have been fighting against a prison sentence.

Instead, they are asking for ‘probation and community service.’

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