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Bode And Morgan Miller Pregnant With Identical Twin Sons A Year After Losing Their Daughter

The pair made the announcement earlier today, a bit over a year after they tragically lost their one year and a half old daughter, Emeline. Bode and Morgan Miller are pregnant with twin boys and they couldn’t be happier to add to the family after little Emeline drowned in a pool last year.

The massive news was announced during one episode of Today and it was also when Morgan showed off the baby bump for the very first time.

They revealed that while discovering they would be having identical twins was a total shock for them, they soon realized it must be fate since the Olympic skier always knew they would one day have twins.

Furthermore, Morgan mentioned how her husband had been saying, from the very beginning of their relationship that he wanted identical twin sons and that is exactly what they are getting this time around! What are the odds, right?

She admitted that this time around however, Bode did not think it was twins.

Furthermore, when she found out she is expecting two babies instead of one, she was getting an ultrasound by herself and it is safe to say she was shocked!

The parents did not forget to mention their late daughter saying that: ‘Obviously after losing Eme, I think we were both sort of thinking it was going to be girls, hoping it was going to be girls. I found out, and my midwife was like, ‘You have to tell Morgan,’ and I was like, ‘You have to tell Morgan.’

The twin babies will be joining their two older brothers and a half brother and sister (from Bode’s previous relationship.)

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