Margaret Josephs Says She’s Been Supporting Teresa Giudice As She Deals With Some Hard Times – Here’s How!

Real Housewives of New Jersey celeb Margaret Josephs sees her fellow castmates as more than just friends and so, she’s been really supportive towards everyone! That being said, during a brand new interview with HollywoodLife, she revealed how she’s been there for Teresa Giudice since she’s had a terrible year.

Hearing so much positivity from a Bravo star is really refreshing since there is usually a lot of drama going on.

In fact, the feuds are usually so loud that people forget some of the Housewives are pretty good friends!

One of the friendliest reality TV stars is Margaret, who told the news outlet that: ‘I never want to see even one bad thing happen to any one of my friends, coworkers, anything. I am very empathetic and I will do anything to be there for them whenever they need me. And that is all I can say is just if anything heart wrenching happens to anybody. I feel like it happens to me — I am always there for them and I think that we all rally around each other.’

‘If there is anything truly horrible that happens, it happens to any of us,’ she added.

And since Teresa Giudice has been struggling a lot since her husband continues to be in ICE custody awaiting a decision on his deportation case, Margaret is there for her emotionally.

Teresa is anxious, waiting to find out her husband Joe’s fate while also working, taking care of their four daughters and consoling them since they are just as affected by their dad’s situation.

‘Teresa, she is had a very rough — What she’s gone through is — I’m always very supportive,’ Margaret stated.

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