Dog The Bounty Hunter Struggling To ‘Stay Strong’ Following Wife Beth Chapman’s Passing – Family Is There For Him

Beth Chapman is gone after her battle with throat cancer and her husband, Duane Chapman, also known as Dog the Bounty Hunter finds it really hard to deal with her death, especially since he is in the middle of preparations for her second funeral service. Luckily for him, other family members have been there for Dog, helping him stay strong through this dark time.

Fans remember that Beth passed away on June 26, leaving her pained husband to mourn the love of his life.

As per her dying wish, Beth got an authentic Hawaiian funeral in Oahu on the beach three days later and now, on July 13, her second funeral will be taking place in Colorado.

This second ceremony is set to be live-streamed on so her fans can remember Beth together as well.

Dog is trying his very best to stay strong but is really struggling.

Fortunately, one source tells HollywoodLife that his family has been a great help in keeping the man afloat emotionally.

‘The whole family is closer than ever right now and really rallying around Dog, and each other. They are all feeling grateful and blessed they have such a large family to be able to lean on each other after such a tragedy. Many of them are finding it hard to believe that they lost Beth, and it hasn not really hit home yet. She was the central figure of their family and it does not feel real that she is no longer here.’

The insider added that ‘Dog is doing his best to remain strong but of course, at times, he finds it challenging to cope with such an enormous loss. They all plan on attending the celebration of life this weekend to continue honoring Beth and her legacy.’

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