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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Priyanka Chopra Became One of India's Leading Female "Trailblazers"

Aside from Miss World 2000, movie and TV star, author, producer and Nick Jonas' wife, Priyanka Chopra can add "trailblazer" to her already impressive résumé.

Forbes India featured the 36-year-old in their W-Power Trailblazers issue, which "celebrates women who have bent norms, fought stereotypes and cemented their space in male-dominated fields."
Chopra recently started venturing into business and entrepreneurship, especially with the dating app Bumble, launching her into the influential and booming sphere of tech and Silicon Valley. The Quantico star became the app's brand ambassador in India and plays a central role in many of its ads.
According to Forbes, she invested in the Holberton School of Software Engineering, where singer Ne-Yo has also been a prominent voice and investor. She's hoping to inspire more women to apply to the school and become coders and software engineers.

Holberton's co-founder Sylvain Kalachecalled Chopra a "terrific partner" in the venture.
Karlie Kloss is another big name who has used her celebrity status to invest in tech companies and encourage females to join the STEM fields.

Via Eonline

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