Exclusive Reports - Imposition of candidates is the hallmark of APC —ADP senatorial candidate, Babayemi

The Osun West Senatorial candidate of the Action Democratic Party, Dotun Babayemi, tells BOLA BAMIGBOLA why the ADP is a credible alternative to the two major parties in the country.

Many people see you as a good candidate on a weak platform. What is your take on this?
You may not be right to say the Action Democratic Party in the State of Osun is a weak platform. A party that had over 48,000 votes in the last governorship election could not be said to be weak. The so-called big parties have failed this nation. They are birds of a feather with the same cantankerous ideologies and it is obvious that the nation needs a third force that will take it to the Promised Land. The ADP is the third force and the only credible alternative.

Do you harbour fear that ongoing reconciliation of aggrieved APC members in the state may affect your chances of winning the election?
Which reconciliation? Who are the aggrieved APC members? Those of us that left the APC for the ADP, especially in the Osun West Senatorial District, did so in the spirit of finding equity and justice for the area which has been continuously marginalised in the opportunity for governance in Osun State.
The new governor appears to be reaching out to some aggrieved members of APC that left the party.

Since 28 years after the creation of Osun State, the West has only governed the state for 22 months. Despite promises and commitments to field a candidate from the West for the 2018 governorship election, the APC reneged, ignored all candidates and chose a candidate from Osun Central.
We reject, in its entirety, a party whose internal democracy did not allow the people to pick a preferred choice. A party where imposition has become the hallmark cannot stand to address the yearnings of the people.
You are facing formidable opponents, bearing in mind that this your first shot at an elective post, are you confident?

May I correct the notion that I am participating in electoral process for the first time. This is misinformation. In order to bring government closer to my people by representing them at the federal level and to the overwhelming approval of all in the Federal Constituency and Osun West Senatorial District, I contested and won the APC primaries to represent Irewole/Ayedaade /Isokan Federal Constituency in 2014. The then party imposed another candidate in the name of gender sensitivity.
Again in May 2017, I obtained the APC nomination form to represent Osun District at the National Assembly after the death of my personal friend, Senator Adetunji Adeleke, but the party imposed another candidate.

We that are technocrats are not always given the chance because the so-called godfathers prefer those who are prone to being controlled to suit their selfish motives.
After visiting all wards in the West Senatorial District, have you been able to identify the missing link between the needs of the people and what previous federal lawmakers offered them?
Well, I would not want to attack personalities here. It is obvious that there is no appreciable impact on the lives of our people. I want to state categorically that definitely there is a missing link. People are not having the best in terms of dividends of democracy.
Without holding any political post or being awarded any government contract, I have strived to put smiles on the faces of the people in my senatorial district through various empowerment programmes.

You promised at one of your campaign rallies to facilitate the establishment of at least a federal higher institution in the West Senatorial District if elected; do you think priority should be on this for your senatorial district considered to be the least developed in Osun?
Education is one of the priorities I listed. We all know education is germane and one of the bedrocks of development in any clime. So, I am irrevocably committed to it. While we will still address the overall development of my constituency which had suffered decay in the hands of successive administrations

Don’t you think the results of the last Osun governorship poll is an indication of what may happen during the National Assembly elections?
The ADP made history last election. In fact , Alhaji Adeoti, the governorship candidate left the APC seven weeks to the governorship election and we were able to muster close to 50,000 votes. The Osun West Senatorial district electorate have spoken; they have rejected the APC, and they will speak again this month.

We will continue to appeal to the electoral umpire to remain impartial and unbiased as the name indicates or else they will throw the nation into anarchy. I may not be able to comment on Osun election.The issue is being addressed by a tribunal of competent jurisdiction and it will be prejudicial for me to give any submission on that.

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