5 Celebrity Weddings We Are Totally Looking Forward To This Year

2019 is all about actions, not words, commitment not confusion. Weddings are going to happen this year and we are 100% ready for them. These local celebrities have been in relationships long enough or love each other strongly enough to be headed in that direction.
From late last year to the past few weeks, we have witnessed proposals that have left us shaken and contemplating dumping our planless boyfriends.
In the meantime, we will just be keeping tabs on our favourite celebrities because their weddings are events we cannot afford to miss:
1.Tanasha and Dee
This is perhaps the most anticipated wedding this year. These two definitely came out of nowhere and discombobulated us. We never expected it. So far Diamond has declared that his wedding should be a public holiday and he’ll invite his besties from the states. peasants can watch from the sidelines
Tanasha Diamond
Source: Nairobi News
2. Anerlisa & Ben Pol
Well, we have been eyeballing this relationship from the start. Anerlisa’s history of heartbreaks left us with trust issues for sure. It’s only fair that we made sure that Ben Pol did not have the same agenda as the rest. However, she recently introduced him to her parents and it seems they’re ready to walk down the aisle. With Keroche’s wealth, it’s going to be one lit wedding we have no doubt.
anerlisa and benpol outfits
Via Instagram/Ben Pol
3. Bahati and Diana Marua
The public proposal raised a lot of questions. All along we thought these two were married in a lavish wedding only to realize that a ruracio is all they had been floating on. However, we know Bahati is the King of Extra and grand gestures and their wedding is on our must-see list.
bahati diana
Source: Instagram/Diana Marua
4. Dennis Okari & Naomi Joy
It’s safe to say that Dennis Okari is the king of secrecy. This is not surprising because we all know how his previous marriage with one Betty Kyallo went down. His recent proposal and the beautiful words that came from his heart as he went down on one knee is all we need to book imaginary seats to his secret wedding.
Dennis Okari Kenyan Celebrity
Source: Dennis Okari/Instagram
5. Bien & Chiki
Yup, we know, we know! They have been dating for the longest but our psychic abilities are letting us know that a proposal is looming, we can already see it. Seeing as their friend Polycarp set the pace, it would be ludicrous if we did not speculate that this lovely might follow suit. In the meantime, we’ll be crossing our fingers.
Relationship Goals, Zumi Kenya
Via: Instagram/ChikiKuruka
This year is going to be eventful, who’s wedding are you looking forward to?

Via Zum.co.ke

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