Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Just Gave the "Kiss Cam"

There's PDA, and then there's its older sibling "kiss cam" PDA. But there's a third category, too: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin .
The newlyweds, who are in Canada for Thanksgiving and Hailey's birthday , spent their Saturday night at a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. At one point in the competition, the camera panned on Hailey and Justin sitting in their box. The "Sorry" singer immediately reached for his wife's face, who was caught by surprise and smiling at the events that were happening at that moment.

The two of them proceeded to have a steamy make out session for a few seconds, and most likely went on longer than was recorded. Twitter user David Nestico captured the moment in a gif and wrote, "Calm down there, @justinbieber..."
However, it's not like their penchant for PDA should come as any surprise.
Last week, the Purpose artist left a few comments on his wife's Instagram page that weren't exactly rated PG. "Holy crap this is hot," he wrote on a photo of Hailey modeling some gear for Pretty Little Thing.

In yet another picture, Hailey donned a winter coat and black pants, but the cold weather was no match for Justin's steamy words. "Ur just too much," he commented. "U turn me on."
On Saturday, Hailey proved she came down with a strong case of Bieber fever as she showed off a necklace that said "Bieber" in diamonds. Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve—she wears it on her neck!

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