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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Exclusive: Lady shares sultry 😍😘 photos to announce arrival on Twitter

A lady ha courted so much attention on the internet after she posted highly sultry photos of herself to announce arrival on twitter .
The lady could be seen in a very revealing photo which showed the larger part of her breasts and asked her users to welcome her onto the platform.

Please you need a new app to contain you. You’re too much for us here. Thank you. Yours Faithfully, Twitter.

And just as expected, she got replies from her new followers and one even telling her to move on to a bigger App as twitter seems to be too small to contain her.
Whereas, one user chastised her for objectifying the women-folk in a society where men are most times blamed for doing such:

On daily basis, women here take a dig at men for objectifying women as objects meant for sexual gratification. And please note, this is not a one off thing. Bearing tweets like this in mind, who is to be blamed for the alleged objectification of women? Men or women..

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