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Sunday, 25 November 2018


It pays to protect Tekashi69 - - especially these days - - ' cause he spared NO expense when it came to hiring muscle to cover his ass in La La Land . . . Via TMZ.
Tekashi hired a small army from 2 different security companies during his recent 10 - day stay in L . A. - - we saw the mountainous men shadowing him everywhere .

We ' re told the armed guards provided round - the - clock protection and 3 bulletproof SUVs . . . all for the low , low price of $ 97 , 165 . Sounds like a ton of cash , until you add the context of what went down during that trip . . . starting with nearly coming to blows with Slim 400 in an intense showdown .

6ix9ine ' s security had to hold him back , which almost certainly saved him from an immediate probation violation and prison time .
Then , a few days later the Bev Hills shooting went down . We ' re told there were only 2 shifts of security initially scheduled for the music video set , but after the gunmen opened fire . . . they called in a third emergency shift. As a result, Tekashi racked up 25 hours of protection for that single event !

via Tmz

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