President Trump Slammed As A ‘Liar’ For Using An Old Photo To Claim He Was Honoring 9/11

President Trump was caught using an old pic from the White House to commemorate 9/11 2018, and people aren’t happy. 

See the photo in question and the responses from voters, here!The audacity of this dude! President Donald Trump tweeted on September 11 that he and First Lady Melania Trump were on their way to attend a 9/11 memorial service at the Flight 93 crash site in Pennsylvania, which was true. He said that the photo attached to the tweet, which showed himself, Melania, and administration members standing with their hands over their hearts in front of the White House was taken on their way to Air Force One. That was… not true.

Melania tweeted the same pic last year! There are plenty of clues in the photo that make it obvious it’s a throwback, even if we didn’t know that. You can see several members of Trump’s administration, like Ty Cobb, Hope Hicks and Omarosa Manigault, whodefinitelydo not work for him anymore. The president and first lady also aren’t wearing the same outfits they donned at the Shanksville, Pennsylvania memorial service. In the photo, Trump is wearing a blue suit and red tie, whereas this year, he wore a black suit and blue tie. 

The First Lady wore a black, belted jacket in 2017. She wore blue in 2018. It’s also sunny in the pic; it was overcast in Washington, DC yesterday. You can also see a Magnolia tree in the background, which was apparently cut down in December 2017. Using this photo was just plain lazy.

Voters are outraged by what they see is a disrespectful move by the president, and they made that clear on Twitter. “I thought you had hit ground level with your lies, but this breaks through to basement level – you have no shame, even on such an important Memorial Day,” @aussiejackie tweeted. “I heard this is an old photo. You know, a real photo from today, with the overcast and gray skies would have much better fit the mood of what this day means.

But it’s all about you, huh? You have no soul,” @@NJAInteriors1 tweeted.

Departing Washington, D.C. to attend a Flight 93 September 11th Memorial Service in Shanksville, Pennsylvania with Melania.#NeverForget— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)September 11, 2018— Sir Lucky St.Jawn (@1509lucky)September 12, 2018

This wasn’t even the most controversial thing the president did yesterday. He was photographed double fist-pumping at the airport in Pennsylvania while on his way to the crash site. He have the photographer athumbs up, too. No, really. He has a historyof strange behavior when it comes to 9/11.He tweeted in 2013, “I would like to extend my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, September 11th.”

Umm?He once claimed that he lost “hundreds” offriends on 9/11, but couldn’t name any of them. He also claimed that he donated money to victims’ charities, but actually gave nothing. Most egregiously, directly after 9/11 he bragged on a local news channel that after the Twin Towers fell, his building was now the tallest in NYC.

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