Justin Bieber Just Can’t Wait To Marry Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber is eager for his and Hailey Baldwin’s wedding, but he’s not loving all of his family’s questions about their lack of a prenup. Here’s why he’s ‘annoyed’ by his loved ones’ concerns.

Justin Bieber has had enough with the prenup questions! After he legally married Hailey Baldwin, Us Weekly reported that the pair “have no legal document in place to establish their separate property and financial rights in the event of a divorce.” While the pair don’t consider themselves truly married since they haven’t had their wedding yet, their marriage is legally binding and family members are concerned about their lack of a prenup.

However, the “No Brainer” singer doesn’t want to hear it.“Justin is frustrated and annoyed with those close to him asking about a prenup agreement and if he is actually married or not,” a source close to Justin tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He is not answering anybody about his marriage status or financial agreement with Hailey because it is no one’s business but his.”

Part of the reason they didn’t sort out their finances ahead of time is because Justin “believes a prenup is incredibly unromantic and will never be necessary,” our insider explains. “In his heart, he knows that they will be together forever and that any prenup simply will not be an issue. He wishes people would stop judging his love and asking him about their marital status or personal finances, and just be happy for him and Hailey.”

Despite his frustrations though, the singer is eager to wed the model in a ceremony attended by their loved ones. “He can’t wait to get married in front of his family and have a big party to celebrate his love for Hailey,” the source says. “He has been glowing ever since proposing to Hailey and he is excited to begin the next chapter of his life as a husband and father.”

via hollywoodlife

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