EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber Support Fiancee, Hailey At NYFW

Justin Bieber’s not into fashion shows, but he's at NYFW this year because of his love!We’ve learned exclusively that nothing makes him happier than loving and supporting Hailey Baldwin! ICYMI,Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are madly in love.

They just completed a major relationship milestone, too — their first fashion show together! Justin came out to NYC to support his model fiancée and her friends at New York Fashion Week,and they were spotted looking so damn happy together at the John Elliot show.

via hollywoodlife
Don’t think that Bieber suddenly became a good actor; a source close to Hailey told us that his excitement is totally genuine! After all, nothing makes him happier than seeing Hailey happy.“Justin is totally down to love and support his fiancée during New York Fashion Week,” the source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “When Justin shows up for her, like he is doing now in New York, it makes Hailey feel loved, secure, and like she is the only girl in the world.” Aww! We may be seeing Justin at more NYFW shows this year, if Hailey has her way.

“This is a new side of him — he’s open to being present and going places and supporting her career like never before, and she loves it,” the source said.“Hailey feels like she’ll get Justin to start hitting red carpets with her and award shows soon, too. He is really in love with her and she is helping him relax and enjoy life more. She is changing him for the better, and friends and family are taking notice too.

We hope that we see more of these cuties during NYFW! Just look at the smile on Hailey’s face in the pic above. She adores her fiancé! We’re digging their casual, yet stylish, outfits that they wore for the John Elliot show on September 6.

They arrived at the Pier 62 skatepark hand-in-hand, Hailey in cutoffs and Justin in track pants, to hang out with other celebs like LeBron James,Ben Simmons,Pete Davidson, and even Whoopi Goldberg. What a day!

SOURCE - hollywoodlife.com

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