Drake To Restore Relationship With Chris Brown To Honor The Memory Of Rapper, Mac Miller

Drake & Chris Brown are finally putting aside all of their past beef. A source close to Drizzy told HL EXCLUSIVELY that Mac Miller’s passing pushed him to make amends.

Drake is mourning the loss of Mac Miller. A source close to the “In My Feelings” rapper told us EXCLUSIVELY how the unexpected overdose and death of Miller prompted him to “build bridges” between himself and Chris Brown by following him on Instagram. “Drake was really cut up about Mac’s death,” our source said. “It hit him hard as Mac was one of the kindest, most genuine guys in the business, and his passing is just a senseless tragedy in addition to a great loss to the music industry.

”While the push to end their feud over their ex Rihanna has been along time coming, after the tragic death of Mac Miller, Drake wants to bury the hatchet with Chris in “Mac’s memory”. “Drake and Chris have been making overtures toward ending their beef for a while now, and Drake thought a great way to honor Mac’s memory would be to put aside past feuding and strive to make amends for petty behavior and build bridges, try to be a better person,” our source went on to say.

“It’s basically what Mac was all about. Drake’s hoping that he and Chris can actually get into the studio together at some point in the future and lay down some tracks together, but it’s baby steps, so right now they’re just making peace.”When it comes down to it, Drake thinks Mac would approve of his friendship with Chris beginning again, now that the two music stars are following each other again.“It’s something that would make Mac genuinely really happy, and Drake hopes that he’s looking down from above and smiling, happy in the knowledge that his legacy of kindness and tolerance lives on,”our source added.

SOURCE - via hollywoodlife

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