Ariana Grande ‘Heartbroken’ Over Mac Miller’s Death Despite Being Her Ex

Ariana Grande is devastated following the death of her ex, Mac Miller. A source close to Ariana told HL EXCLUSIVELY how hurt she is over his passing. Ariana Grande is “trying to make sense” of her Ex Mac Miller‘s tragic death from an apparent overdose.

A source close to the singer told us EXCLUSIVELY how she’s holding up during this understandably difficult time. “He was there for her in her time of need after Manchester, and she will always love him for that,” our source told us. “She is having so many mixed emotions flow through her because she really wanted him to find the help that he needed. It’s a major punch in the gut and trying to make sense of it all is heartbreaking and very trying.

”When it comes down to it, Ariana hopes Mac is resting easy now. “She is hoping hehas found the peace he so desperately needed,” our source went on to say. “This is really going to hurt her for a long time.” Other reports have echoed Ariana’s heartbreak over Miller’s death. “Although the two ended their relationship, Ariana always shared a deep connection with Mac and wanted nothing but the best for him,” a source told ET. “Ariana is very upset.” Another source told the publication, “Despite their split, Ariana had always been supportive of his sobriety.”Since his passing, hundreds of trolls and haters took to her Instagram to cruelly blame her for his death. After that, Ariana deactivated her comments for a short period of time.

However, she then re-activated them hours later. We’ll keep you posted on whether Ariana responds to Mac’s death. Our hearts continue to go outto Mac’s family, friends and loved ones following his tragic loss.

via hollywoodlife

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