FACTS - Checkout, 5 Facts the Mainstream Media Don’t Want You to Know About Family Separation at Border

The mainstream media is falling over themselves reporting on families separated at the border. Here are 13 facts the mainstream media don’t want you to know about the situation at the border.

1. Trump Is Only Enforcing the Law That Was Passed in 1997
President Trump is under fire for separating children from their parents (mostly males) at the border. But more children were separated from their parents under the Obama administration. The media referred to the children as “unaccompanied minors”.

2. Barack Obama Separated Illegal Alien Families, Media Said Nothing
More families were separated under Obama than under Trump. When the liberal media began reporting on this manufactured scandal they used photos of children sleeping on mats in cages. Those photos were taken in 2014 — during the Obama administration. “Political journalism needs a bit of housecleaning on this child border crisis. I’ll start. It was going on during the Obama years in large numbers,” tweeted David Martosko (@dmartosko).

He added: “To my colleagues out there chasing Pulitzers over this: Why didn’t today’s critical mass form when we were looking at unaccompanied minors by the tens of thousands in 2014. Why didn’t those kids matter as much as these? Few of us chased those stories down with any vigor.”

3. Immigrant Children Can’t Be Housed with Adults
Illegals who cross the border are
breaking the law . Whether immigrants or Americans, children are never allowed to stay with lawbreakers in detention centers, jails or prisons. There has been a 300% increase in adults bringing children to the border in the past year. Many of the children are not related to the adults. Trump’s “zero tolerance policy” is a deterrent to this activity. Separating children from adults protects children from rape and other violent acts.

4. Asylum Seekers Not Breaking the Law are Not Being Separated
Asylum seekers who respect our laws, by turning themselves in at legal points of entry, are not being separated. Only lawbreakers who try to sneak into the country are being detained and separated.

5. Obama and Democrats Spread the Word That Minors Were Being Allowed Into the Country
The Obama administration incentivized the immigration crisis by spreading the word that families with children were being given asylum in America. This caused a sharp increase in adults bringing non-related children.

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