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When the size of Amber Rose’s breasts started to negatively impact her health and well being, she decided to have them reduced — a decision she contemplated for nearly three years.

“I was scared that I wouldn’t feel sexy anymore, but it got to the point where I literally was in pain,” Rose tells PEOPLE. “Itwas almost as if I had like a heavy backpack on my chest.”Rose says her breast size also affected her ability to exercise, and to perform with Maksim Chmerkovskiy on Dancing with the Stars in 2016.

My boobs slowed me down. And, my partner, Maks, would be like, ‘Come on! Hurry up, faster, faster, faster.’ And, I’m like, ‘Dude, I can’t go any faster! I’m like in pain. I literally cannot move that fast,’ ” she says.Although Rose was worried about scarring, the model made the decision to go through with the surgery after the pain became unbearable.

“I got my boobs when I was 14, but I would say, over the years, as my weight fluctuated, my boobs fluctuated. And, so, after I had my son, I mean, my boobs, theygot bigger.They got way, way bigger. They definitely made me look older when I was a teenager, and also, I felt it made me look heavier as well because they were so big,”says Rose, whose breasts were a 36H cupsize naturally.

“They weren’t implants or anything like that and so, my back was hurting me. There was times I would just walk and juststop and be like … it would kill me.
And, so,at that point, I was like, this is more of like a health issue, where I have to get this done.”


Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Asogwa Alexandra Amuche Sandra popularly referred to as Alexhas taken out time to celebrate Nina on her 22nd birthday.

Though the duo have not been seen together mostly since they left the show, with insinuations in some quarters that they are not in a rather good terms, butAlexhas taken that aside and penned a lovely note to her colleague.

She shared a photo of herself together with Nina on her page and wrote“I’m not about posting them slay mama pictures. I met a girl that her character became a case study for me, I refused to give up and I realised that inside that human is asweet stubborn girl. Ittook me time to like you but we’ll,here I am.

This friendships became too special tolet beings destroy. Nina Onyenobi, being your friend taught me to overlook all and love. You are a bag ofwahala but guess what, nobody forced me to carry this bag, I carried and I’m still carrying it carefully.Hello moda, youtaught me that there is no friendship that can’t be tried. You aremy friend and will always be.No matter the thongs that piercethrough our skins,I have been there for u and will always be.

As you turn 22 today, I welcome you to my age. May God grant you those peaceful heart desires,May youexcel in all positive things you do. May allyou have In your life be positivity and positive people.

That place your enemies said you’ll never reach,May it be your starting point. May today bring you everlasting blessings.Happy birthday @nina_ivy_


Satya asks her to take him in her team and says I know why you are playing this game. Payalasks what do you know? Satya says you are doing this for love and says you love your daughter very much.

He asks her to take him in her shelter, takes off belt from his jeans andties in his neck and barks. Payalasks what you are doing? Satya says I always wanted to becomejamai raja and asks her to hold the belt, and make him her slave. Payal holds the belt. Satya stands up. Payal thinks she will drag him to street once the marriage happens.Satya thinks she believed on hisDog’s act. He says I am tiger in human form, and thinks see me roar when Mahi comes to know about your truth.

Payal says okay…you have to do whatever I say from today. Satya says okay…I will do whatever you say. He takes belt from her hand, and says you have done good thing in your life by taking me in your team. He asks her to be relieved, and says we have tochange the groom.

You have do a small thing, send Dhawal to back side of house, and I will handle everything. Payal looks on.Dhawal comes to marriage venue on the horse and signs atPayal. Payal signs him.

Naina looks tensed. Payal welcomes him with a tilak, and asks him to go to back side of the house to complete the ritual. Dhawal is about to go with his friends, but Payal stops his friends and sends Dhawal alone.Naina praying to God to stop this marriage anyhow. She tells Satya to stop the marriage and says Payal’s plan is going to be fulfilled.

She says I can’t see herlife getting ruined. Satya promises her that he won’t let Mahi’s life ruined. He says I won’t let this evil people succeed. He says I am going to do something, which may be wrong, and mahi will hate me after that.

He says if I don’t do this then Mahi’s life will be ruined and tells that he will teach a lesson to Payal. He shares his plan with Naina. Mahi in the room thinks she always got happiness in whatever she had done for Payal, but today she is feeling sad. She looks up in the sky andsays Maa…Papa if you would have been alive then you would have told me what is right and wrong.

She says I never asked anything from you both, and says today she needs their one sign so thatshe understands if she is doing right or wrong. She asks them to give her one sign. Satya comes and keeps hand onher shoulder.

Mahi looks on shocked and is about to shout. He keeps hand on her mouth and signs her not to shout. Tu Mera Khuda plays…..They have an eye lock. He tells her that today is the important day in herlife and everything will change today. He says I wish you wouldhave agreed on my words, says our relation is over and new relation will start now. Mahi recalls Dhawal accusing Satya and asks him to leave her.

He keeps hand on her shoulder. Tu Mera Safar continues to play. Mahi’s necklace gets stuck withthe thread on his neck. They continue to look at each other. Mahi frees her necklace from your thread dori. Koel comes there and asks what happened? Mahi says actually….she sees Satya gone.Satya climbs down. Goons are already waiting for Satya and attack him with stick on his head. They kidnap and take him in car’s decky. Dhawal comes there and locks him in car decky, recalls hearing Satya sharing his plan with Naina.

He asks Satya to get rotten in decky until he marries Mahi. Mahi is brought to the mandap by Mitul. Dhawal is sitting there already with sehra/ pearls veil on his face. Naina is still confused and thinks who is behind the sehra. Payal thinks Satya has played a trick, and thinks she will show his place tohim after marriage, and thinks she has failed Dhawal’s plan.
Pandit ji starts the mantras. Mahi is sitting thinking about Satya. Payal is happy and smiles, while Naina is confused and tensed.


Yesterday 30th of may former BBNaija housemates Leo Dasilva, Teddy-A and Bambam meets the ranting comedian, lasisi elenu.


The Federal High Court in Lagos has entered judgment against music video director, Clarence Peters, for alleged copyright infringement.

The judgment delivered byJustice Mojisola Olatoregunwas in favour of Uwana Victor and Akan Victor, trading under the name, Black Alliance.

According to reports,the judge, in the May 4, 2018 judgment, held that, “In the circumstances of this case, I have no doubt that the defendant (Peters) took advantage of the plaintiffs and infringed on their copyright.

“Both general and special damages are compensatory damages. General damages are loses which flow naturally from the defendant’s conduct and its quantum need not be pleaded or proved as it is generally presumed by law.“…I believe that the plaintiffs’ claim for damages amount to general damages andin the circumstance, I believe general damages will adequately take care of the loses occasioned by the defendant’s conduct.

The sum of N5m only is awardedagainst the defendant.”Peters has, however, headed for the Court of Appeal, seeking to set aside the judgment.



Big Brother Naija season 3 winner, Miracleis currently undergoing a serious bashing on his Instagram timeline.

He took to his page this morning to wish Nina a happy birthday, but his fans believe the message was so cold and poorly constructed. Miracle shared a photo of Nina and wrote May your Birthday bring a Smile to your Face, Happiness to your Heart and many Blessings to your Life.

Happy Birthday dear @nina_ivy_It didn’t take long beforethe fans began to react to the rather unemotional message:Miracle where are the “GOALS” you gave us? The “aww”, “kiss”,“hug”, “love, “romance” goals…that’s what made me your fan and why I voted for you…what’s this now?So you scammed us? A user wrote And another one:

Mimi why,so all d stories we ve BN reading is true, u just confirmed it,this is so embarrassing,too too bad, someone u had stuffs wit? it wld v BN better u didn’t even say abword n just post her pix n ask us too guess,she helped u to stardom bro,u don’t treat people like datAnd a fan came to his defence:

World people calm down, do u know the sweet words he said to her on the phone, do you know if he hasa surprise for her? Do u know the gifts he’s got for her? Do you know if they’re together as I’m typing? If he likes let him write heaven on earth epistle that will get people awwwning up and down, it can’t be compared to actions. Abeg you people should leave him. It’s better to be short than long stories.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Nigeria's reality television stars, Cee-C and Khloe were captured on camera as they recently observed Children's Day with some less privileged children in Lagos slum.

Cee-C and Khloe in Makoko
Former Big Brother Naija housemates, Khloe and Cee-C, on Childresn's Day, 27th May, used their new found fame as celebrities to impact the lives of the poor, as well as spending time with the kids on their day.

Clad in "K-Cee Happy Moments" T-shirts, the reality television stars, embarked on a journey to a Makoko community - a local slum in the commercial city of Lagos - to celebrate with the less privilege, and spent some quality time with them.
Cee-C took to her Instagram page to post photos from the event and wrote;


Khloe also posted the images and wrote; "What about children today living in abject poverty? No clothes, no shelter, no food, no single property…Most of them never had a childhood story…

Most of them never experienced the urban glory…To those kids, wherever they are…We see your halo…we see your star…And now on this special day…All we can say…Is…Happy Children’s Day.

Instagram...... | WATCH VIDEO

This is how myself @ceec_official spent our children’s day .... thanks to my bestie for helping @paycancook . Children’s are the Future, and the future is now .... #imperfectionisbeauty#K-Cee#k-CeeHappyMoments#bbnaija2018#doubl


Controversial Nigerian blogger and investigative journalist, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo has traced the historical antecedence of the feud between her and Linda Ikeji via a lengthy YouTube video.

Linda Ikeji and Kemi Olunloyo
Kemi Omololu Olunloyo aka Madam KOO has finally apologized to Linda Ikeji over her recent and renewed tirade against her after being advised to toe the line of peace, by an alleged internet fraudster, Ramoni popularly known as Hushpuppi as a condition to curry favours from him.

It would be recalled that Hushpuppi had promised to assist Madam KOO financially to cater for her health as she claims to be dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD which would require over $260,000 to treat.
According to Madam KOO who claims to be the first Nigerian blogger in the world, she crossed paths with Linda Ikeji when she had a s*xual affair with the fiance of her cousin named Adeola Olunloyo some 12 years ago.

"Linda and I have had a feud forever. Many of you don't know what this feud is about. Lets give an example, the average age of persons out here taking panadol for Linda's headache, cursing me on my pages is 25. 12 years ago, how old were you? 13. Did you know Linda at 13? No. You were a kid" she said.
She went on to narrate

how she visited Nigeria from the U.S in the year 2006 for the society wedding of her cousin named Deola Olunloyo, a journalist too who was set to get married to one high-profile Black American broadcaster, Dan Foster. Things reportedly went south when Deola learned about Linda's affair with Dan Foster forcing her to back out of the wedding which had already been fixed with food materials and drinks already purchased.

"Deola Olunloyo, my cousin was marrying a high-profile On-Air-Personality, Dan Foster of Cool FM. Dan was an American, good-looking....big wedding. My uncle, Uncle Diti...he is dead now and all the Olunloyos had prepared this big wedding. Food, cows and everything and Deola was going to get married, a high society wedding" she emphasized.

"About two and a half weeks before the wedding, everything was cancelled. Food was wasted, cows..everything. What happened? What could have happened? Deola broke up with Dan because Dan was having an affair and he was caught in the affair. With who? the bride's side was mad....with a model. The model's name was Linda Ikeji" Madam KOO said.

She added that all efforts to pacify Deola to forgive Dan and continue with the marriage failed as she felt it was a bad omen. From that point, Madam KOO claimed she drew the battle line against Linda and spoke to some tabloids attacking Linda. Linda according to her account later went on with her romance with Dan Foster and the duo broke up.

She also complained about how Linda Ikeji used her blog to spread falsehood about her. Madam KOO explained that Linda Ikeji once posted a picture of her holding an assault rifle - M16 and wrote that she was threatening bloggers. This according to Madam KOO led to her house being raided in Canada by the police and her reputation was left in ruins.

It would be recalled that Hushpuppi had promised to assist Madam KOO financially to cater for her health as she claims to be dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD which would require over $260,000 to treat.

According to Madam KOO who claims to be the first Nigerian blogger in the world, she crossed paths with Linda Ikeji when she had a s*xual affair with the fiance of her cousin named Adeola Olunloyo some 12 years ago.

"Linda and I have had a feud forever. Many of you don't know what this feud is about. Lets give an example, the average age of persons out here taking panadol for Linda's headache, cursing me on my pages is 25. 12 years ago, how old were you? 13. Did you know Linda at 13? No. You were a kid," she said.

She went on to narrate how she visited Nigeria from the U.S in the year 2006 for the society wedding of her cousin named Deola Olunloyo, a journalist too who was set to get married to one high-profile Black American broadcaster, Dan Foster. Things reportedly went south when Deola learned about Linda's affair with Dan Foster forcing her to back out of the wedding which had already been fixed with food materials and drinks already purchased.

"Deola Olunloyo, my cousin was marrying a high-profile On-Air-Personality, Dan Foster of Cool FM. Dan was an American, goodlooking... big wedding. My uncle, Uncle Diti...he is dead now and all the Olunloyos had prepared this big wedding. Food, cows and everything and Deola was going to get married, a high society wedding" she emphasized.

"About two and a half weeks before the wedding, everything was cancelled. Food was wasted, cows..everything. What happened? What could have happened? Deola broke up with Dan because Dan was having an affair and he was caught in the affair. With who? the bride's side was mad....with a model. The model's name was Linda Ikeji" Madam KOO said.

She added that all efforts to pacify Deola to forgive Dan and continue with the marriage failed as she felt it was a bad omen. From that point, Madam KOO claimed she drew the battle line against Linda and spoke to some tabloids attacking Linda.
Linda according to her account later went on with her romance with Dan Foster and the duo broke up.
She also complained about how Linda Ikeji used her blog to spread falsehood about her.

Madam KOO explained that Linda Ikeji once posted a picture of her holding an assault rifle - M16 and wrote that she was threatening bloggers. This according to Madam KOO led to her house being raided in Canada by the police and her reputation was left in ruins.

Madam KOO believes Linda is 42 years old and doesn't have a woman to carry a baby. She accused Linda of engaging in money-making rituals which came with the cost of her womb.

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It seems like Kendall Jenner has a new man… and a whole lot of drama!
The supermodel is now being linked to NBA player Ben Simmons , and has been "for a few weeks," according to an insider.

Unfortunately, Tinashe and the
Philadelphia 76er were just dating, though their split has only been revealed in the past few days!

While the songstress has made no mention of their breakup on social media, her brother Kudzai Kachingwe made sure to spill all the tea on Twitter. He wrote:

Never met you before in my life. days after u break my sis heart u do this... ppl all lied on her talking fake news about my sis *doing kardashian shit * u cheat on her w a Jenner DONOVAN MITCHELL ROY fuck nigga

Did Tinashe get left for a Jenner?? Yikes!! Remember, Kenny was once reported to be involved in a cheating scandal with Blake Griffin and his ex, which turned out to be untrue. Let's hope this is the same !


Haters will deny it, but Kim Kardashian is the diplomat we need right now!

The KUWTK star is set to meet with
Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday to discuss prison reform and pardoning first time drug offender, Alice Marie Johnson .

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Kim has been campaigning the release of the the 62-year-old , who is serving a life sentence without parole for a first-time drug offense, ever since the grandmother's incarceration caught her eye on Twitter earlier this year.

Before she meets with POTUS, Kimmy Kakes will sit down with Jared Kushner to discuss the case. Kush-balls seems up for helping the cause, as his father Charles' own incarceration in 2005 has inspired the First Son-in-Law to push prison reform high on his agenda.

Sounds like Kim really is determined to make this happen — so, it's probably a good thing Kanye West wasn't invited to the meeting!



Blacklisted actress Roseanne Barr returned to on Tuesday to beg her followers to stop boycotting ABC over the network’s decision to cancel her show.

Disney cancelled The Roseanne Show hours after she went on a bizarre Twitter rant attacking liberals such as George Soros, Chelsea Clinton, and former President Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, whom she compared to an ape.

The 65-year-old actress blamed the sleeping drug Ambien and begged her followers not to defend her actions.

Guys I did something unforgiveable [sic] so do not defend me. It was 2 in the morning and I was ambien tweeting – it was memorial day too – i went 2 far & do not want it defended…

Later, she grew defiant, defending her tweets and retweeting many tweets that defended her behavior.

Roseanne claimed she didn’t know Jarrett was “African American” when she compared the politico to one of the characters in ‘Planet of the Apes’ . (Jarrett is actually mixed race and identifies as Iranian.

I’m sorry 4 my tweet, AND I will also defend myself as well as talk to my followers. so, go away if u don’t like it. I will handle my sadness the way I want to. I’m tired of being attacked & belittled more than other comedians who have said worse.

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A 14-year-old Kansas boy learned a hard lesson about violating laws — even if the law seems unfair or unnecessary. Alonzo Taylor Jr. went to the theater with friends to see the movie Avengers.

Taylor was taken aside by the movie theater manager and advised to pull up his pants or be escorted from the theater, Vlad-TV reports. Sagging pants is a violation of a local ordinance.

Taylor reportedly defied the manager’s request and the police were called. When the police arrived, Taylor put down his snack to pull up his pants, but the Wichita police officer threw away the youth’s snack and cuffed him.

Now Taylor and is mother are making the rounds of local news stations, pleading for justice.

“I just don’t want my son’s record to be messed up over sagging and to be labeled as a trespasser,” said Taylor’s mother, Ruth Dennis.
Police are reviewing surveillance footage of the incident.


Sibongile Mani, a 28 year oldgirl, has been arrested by the police’s serious commercialcrimeunit, Anelisa Feni, spokeswoman for an elite police unit, the Hawks, announced.

Media outlets have gathered that Mani, a student at Walter Sisulu University in Eastern Cape province, appeared before a magistrate court on charges of theft on Tuesday, May 29.Sibongile Mani spends$1m mistakenly credited to her bank account andon that account was charged to court on Tuesday, May 29.

She qualified last year for 1,400-rand ($110) in monthly food allowances from the National Students Financial Aid Scheme, which aids underprivileged students.Instead, she was accidentally given $1.1 million in June and wenton a spending spree, splurging on expensive clothing, a smartphone and partying.It took the scheme threemonths to detect the error.

It recovered the remainder of the funds from her bank account.At the court appearanceon Tuesday, May 29, Mani was reportedly released on a warning and ordered to appear again on July 2.Meanwhile, it had previously been reported that an Epe magistrates court in Lagos state on Friday, April 20, sentenced an unemployed man, who impersonated a deputy superintendent of policeto defraud seven peoplein the guise of offering them jobs.

Magistrate Olumide-Fusika sentenced 34-year-old Ogunbajo Olalekan to 14 years imprisonment without an option of fine.The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Olalekan was arraigned on an eight-count charge bordering on impersonation and obtaining by false pretenses.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018


kiki Osinbajo, daughter of Vice president Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has shared her feeling on the relationship between superstar singers, Wizkid and Tiwa Salvage.

The Vice President’s daughter who shared pictures of the two singers on stage at the Afro Republik held two days ago, said she is in love with Tiwa Savage and Wizkid’s friendship and love.

Kiki is undergoing the compulsory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme.
In a short clip posted on her Instagram page on Monday, Kiki wrote, “Can I just say I’m in love with this friendship/love,” sharing photos of Wizkid and Tiwa holding each other on stage.

There has been rumour of the superstars dating each other.


In a private chat with Instagram blogger, Chinnysblog, aNigerian ladyclaimed that she was pregnant for Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel who she claims has been avoiding her since she told him the new development.

According to Chinny Ubak, Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe better known as Kizz Daniel who is still enmeshed ina legal battle with his former record label, G-Worldwide has been shying away from takingresponsibilities as her baby bump continues getting obvious.Here’s what she wrote below;“Hi Chinny I’m Chinny,please help me share this post.

I’m pregnant for a Nigerian singer Kiss Daniel but he has been avoiding me andignoring his calls and emails. My my peopleI heard he coming to Nigeria today, please help me share it so that he will see it and accept responsibility.

We made out few weeks ago before he traveled, I don’t even have anything since then he has been avoiding me.In a report few months ago, Kizz Daniel who might have had a baby mama on his door step, was linked to ‘Kedike’ crooner, Chidinma.  Chidinma Ekile, who addressed reports of her being in a romantic relationship with budding singer, Kizz Daniel after both were spotted in a bedroom,  said Nigerians will knowthe truth soon.

“I don’t like to speak about my relationshipor love life in public. There is nothing to talk about me and Kiss Daniel; people can say anything theywant to say. Whether I am in a relationship with him or not, everyone will get to know later.“I find it weird that I am always linked to one musician or the other.

At times, it takes extra effort for me to convince people that certain reports about me are untrue.”The duo however went ahead to get a matchingtattoo, which they showed off on social media.


According to Queen Haizel who lost her mum during the Atomic Gas explosion which happened on Saturday, October 7 in Accra,Ghana, sexual and romantic desire between females is wrong but she wants to have an experience.

The musician who is in her mid-20s also added thatshe has dated only three guys in her life.Other reasons she gave for her decision is beingdisturbed by her ex-boyfriends for a comeback, after they get to know that she is in a new relationship.

She stated that she believes this might affect her marriage.  The fast rising singer also said that if she finds the conditions andopportunities favorable, she will gladly say yes to any lesbian who asks her out.She however never disclosed if she is already one, since she is currently in a relationship and would want to remain faithful to her partner.

This is coming after Ghanaian actress AbenaGhana in an interview, revealed that she was a lesbian. Abena Ghana real name, Cecilia Konamah added that she used to practice lesbianism but stopped some years ago. According to her, she was introduced into the act by some friends.She emphasized that her husband is aware ofher past relationship with other women.“My husband is awareof that.

Yes, he knowsthat I was a lesbian and he is very comfortable with me in our marriage. He also said even if I hadonce stood on the streets as a hawker, he likes me as I am.”“I was introduced into the act by some friends. If somebody thinks she wants to bring it out just to break my marriage, then let me tell the person that my husband is aware” she said.


The accusations continue between Blac Chyna and the Kardashians.

The 29-year-old social media maven said that the first family of reality TV threatened to pull Keeping Up With The Kardashians from the E! network in a power play to call the shots on the fate of her show, Rob & Chyna.Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renée White, levied the accusations in court documents, TMZ reported, in her ongoing claim that Rob, Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner sabotaged their 2016 show amid her messy split with the sock designer.

The Washington D.C. native told the court she was not kept in the loop in regards to why decisions were being made.The salon owner said that the first seasongot such great ratings - even better than Keeping Up With The Kardashians - that filming had begun on the second season of the show, according to the outlet.

Chyna pointed to a January 2017 meeting that took place with the Kardashians and E! brass as the flash-point of the maneuverings that led to the show coming off the air.She said that false claims the family was making that she was abusing Rob was also a factor, according to the outlet.

Chyna has requested the court ask for documentation from the Kardashians and E! in regards what happened to with her show.The Kardashians have cited low ratings, as well as a restraining order filed by Chyna against Rob last summer, as the explanation for the show's cancellation.

Chyna had past said the family had no reservations 'about using their fame, wealth and power to take you down, including getting your television show cancelled ... and spreading lies about you,'TMZ reported in January.

The pop culture star claimed 'the unwritten rule no one told [her] when she began her relationship with [Rob] is that the entire family will come after you if you leave.'


Nigerians have got no chill mehn ����Just when the Internet is excited when thenews of Davido signing Sinzu to his label DMW broke, a Nigerian man knows as “Mr Kachi” is not cool with the news.

According to him, Davido loves signing Credit card thieves to his label and needs to be checked if he’s truly not involve in the game also.

First, it was Dammy Krane and now he just signed Sinzu, he rants further

See his Tweet below:-


She sees Mahi coming and starts acting talking to Ria and Neil. She says I miss you both and cries fakely. Mahi falls in her trap and says you are best mom of this world. She hugs her and says nothing is important to me than your happiness.

Payal says I will be happy when I see you happy. Dhawal comes and asks can I call you mom. He hugs her too. Payal is irked, but bears him. Satya is angry. He tells Naina that Payal and Mahi should listen to him. Naina asks him to get proofs against Dhawal so that he can prove his truth. Satya decides to expose Dhawalbefore Mahi.

Dhawal gets call from his friend asking him to come to party before his marriage. Dhawal agrees to come and says he willpractice for the wedding night tonight and laughs. Satya is seen keeping fake gun on Dhawal’s friend head making him call Dhawal. Satya smiles.Dhawal comes to the party and dances with a girl.

He asks the girls to have a drink before going to room. He calls waiter…..Satya says yes sir…he thinks your drink and dulhaniya is coming, which is not going to be yours…Naina gets emotional and tells Mahi that who will take care of her and take her to have icecream.

Mahi says I will come and meet you, and will also take you to have your favorite icecream. She gets emotional too. They come to have icecream at the hotel for a mid night icecream party. Mahi sayswe used to go to chaupati and asks why did we come here. Satya gives wine to Dhawal. Dhawal asks the girl to come with him and says he will take her to heaven.

Naina tells Mahi that they will take lift and pick one of her friend too. Mahi says okay. Dhawal takes girl to room.Satya in disguise of a waiter comes to room. Dhawal asks him to keep the tray and leave, and says he wants the room to be vacant.

Mahi and Naina are on the way. Door opens. Satya thinks Mahi have reached here andthinks now you can’t marry. Payal comes there and slaps Dhawal. She asks how dare you? Satya thinks it is good that his truth come out infront of sasumom.Payal throws water on his face and says she don’t want her plan to be ruined before tomorrow. She says you can do anything after your marriage. Satya is shocked.

Dhawal asks Payal to relax and says everything is under control. Mahi will not come here. He asks her to drink wine with him. Payal says I will drink when you gets married to her, and then our plan will be successful. She asks him to hold Mahi tightly and says she won’t have any hurdles to come. Satya thinks Payal and Dhawal are together and Mahi doesn’t know. He records their conversation in hisphone. Payal asks the girl to go, and not to meet Dhawal for few days.Satya prays God please send mahi here. Payal hears Mahi sneezing and and hides with Dhawal.

Naina says she has an allergy with rose and asks the man to keep it far. Satya nods Naina that they have gone. Naina tells Mahi to come, and says her friend is staying at some other hotel. Satya sees the recording and thinks it is notclear. He thinks Mahi doesn’t know her mum is pushing her tohell and thinks if she marries Dhawal then her life will be ruined. He determines to do something. He comes to meet Mahi. Mahi doesn’t listen to himand asks him to go. She is about to fall, but Satya holds her…They have an eye lock while a song plays………….Dekha Hazaron Dafa Aapka…….She recalls Dhawal telling that Satyais a bad guy and wanted to do bad with her and was clicking her pics.

She asks him to go. Satya asks her to see a video and you will know about your mum.Mahi breaks the phone and warns him not to say anything against her mum. She asks him to get lost. Satya asks what you have done.

This was the last proof with me. He tells Naina everything and says Mahi’s life will be ruined if she gets married. Naina says payal hatesMahi. Satya says I heard them talking about their plan and there is something big going on.Naina says she is meeting lawyer for the redevelopment, and kept papers in the locker. Satya thinks to unlock the locker and know the secret.

Payal makes Mahi wear her necklace. Mahi says why you are giving your necklace to me. Payal says whatever is mine is yours, and thinks whatever is yours is mine. She thinks once you get married, everything will be mine. She tries to tight the necklace lace. Mahi feels suffocation and gets hurt.

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Monday, 28 May 2018

Kim Kardashian just wants her sisters to be happy and healthy, which is why she’s wishing for the end of Khloé’s relationship with her cheating boyfriend and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. 

According to the Hollywood Life, Kim is “counting down the days” until Khloé and baby True get the hell out of Cleveland and return home to Calabasas.Ever since news broke that Tristan had cheated on Khloé, just days before she gave birth to their daughter, reports about Khloé’s well-being have been contradictory: Does she feel like she’s “living in hell?” Is she trying to make things work? Is she lying about everything?One person who has been explicit and steadfast in her sentiments is her sister Kim, who last month called the whole scenario “fucked up.” 

And, according to a source close to the Kardashians who spoke to Hollywood Life, Kim’s feelings haven’t changed.“Kim is counting down the days ’til Khloe gets her shit together and kicks Tristan to the curb,” the source said.

“It’s driving Kiminsane that Khloe is still with Tristan because she deserves so much more. ButKim knows that she can’t tell Khloe what to do — she has to make that decision alone.”The source also revealed that Kim has been trying to convince Khloé to go to “intensive therapy” to help her with her “chronically low self-esteem.
”The source continued, “Until she fixes thatissue, she’s going to continue to fall in love with men that aren’t emotionally available and giving.”

Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma Avril has tappedinto a prayer that the duo will grow old together. After a fan prayed that she and her boyfriend, Davido will grow old together, Chef Chioma happily said ‘So be it’ to the prayer.

A photo was shared on a social media page of an old couple all cuddled up, with the caption;“oh dammit, who’s growing old with me?”And a fan, who’s obviously in love with Davido and Chioma’s relationship commentedthat the picture will be Davido and Chioma years later while taggingthem.

Upon seeing the hearty comment by the fan, Chioma quickly tapped into blessing and claimed it as she wrote amen in response to thecommenter.

See the post below;
Earlier today, a follower accused Chioma of being a full time girlfriend and abandoning her cooking. The follower who reacted to the photo of the goody bags Chioma Avril received from Dunes, a brand she is an ambassador to, wrote; Chioma you have gotten assurance youno longer cook and upload photos, e no kukuma concern meReacting to the comment,

Chioma wrote; Exactly! E no concern youChioma “chef chi” who signed cooking endorsement deal with Dunes the deal worth over 60 million naira, would later on post a picture of her running a cooking test in the kitchen with a camera man taking video coverage.


A Nigerian Muslim lady has come out to blast Falz for using ladies on Hijab as dancers in his trending, This is Nigeria,music video.

Over the weekend, Nigerian rapper, Falz The Bahd guy released a new video, “This is Nigeria” – which is a cover of foreign rapper, Childish Gambino’s “This is America”. Sinceits release, the song hasbeen trending and drawing all sorts of reactions from the public.

Obviously the reactions have been both positive and negative.His video has been buzzing all over social media because of its contents and the messages he passed across through it.While some people are showering him encomiums, as even popular american musician, Diddy, showed his love for he cover, a particular Nigerian Muslim lady is not quite happy that he used dancers wearing Hijab in the video.

The lady says his actions has trampled onher dignity and pride. In her own words, she said;I really am disappointed. Why of all things to use, he decided to degrade the hijab. It shows hislevel of social etiquette. No matter the message passed across, he has trampled on our dignity and pride…

He went overboard thus time around Some don’t quite agree with her though, as a particular user hit back at her for feeling entitledto speak about the Hijab.See her post and reaction below;

Sunday, 27 May 2018


Actress Mide Martins’ husband, Afeez Owo, has, for the first time, spoken about the event that nearly ruined their marriage, many months back, after his wife called him out on Instagram.

In 2016, his wife had claimed on social media that he had abandoned her and the kids. However, in a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, Owo said his wife of 17 years, took the wrong advice from friends who wanted to cause havoc in their home.

The film-maker said, “There will always be challenges in a home but it depends on how you handle them. Friends nearly ruined our marriage; my wife was wrongly advised. As we speak, she still regrets all those things she did or said. .

Couples will always fight, but they don’t need to let their neighbours know about it. We’ve made our mistakes and we have learnt from it. We don’t pray for that anymore.”


Sean Combs aka Diddy, has hailed Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana over his new single, ‘This is Nigeria’, a cover of Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’.

Mirroring the concept used by the American musician/filmmaker born Donald Glover, Falz, who’s also a multi-faceted entertainer, used his song to address a number of societal issues in Nigeria.

The video which was released late on Friday was received with widespread acclaim, and criticism from some quarters, largely due to the topical issues highlighted in it.

Reacting to the video which has since gone viral, Diddy, owner of Revolt TV and Bad Boy Records, posted a short clip on his Instagram page.

While acknowledging the Nigerian rapper/comic-actor, he wrote: “#Nigeria LETS GO!”
‘This is Nigeria’ was produced by Wande Thomas and the video was directed by Prodigeezy.

On the song, Falz raps about the menace of Fulani herdsmen, codeine epidemic among Nigerian youth, the much-panned special anti-robbery squad (SARS), internet fraud also known as ‘yahoo yahoo’, the Chibok and Dapchi schoolgirls abduction.


New mom Khloe Kardashian posted a sweet new photo of her newborn daughter True Thompson on Saturday.

Wearing a shirt that says "Always Believe," the reality star was all about giving the world a glimpse at her baby—this time sans filter (although KoKo did have a filter over her own face), holding the wee one in her arms.

Along with the image of Khloe and her sleeping baby, the Keeping Up With the Kardahians star wrote, "Mommy's Little Love."

The proud mama has given her rabid fans very few glimpses of the wee one since she and NBA player Tristan Thompson welcomed their daughter on April 11.


Scott Disick's 19-year-old girlfriend Sofia Richie has given her main man some love on his 35th birthday.
The teen took to Instagram to post a sweet photo of the two while the unlikely duo vacation in St. Bart's together on Saturday.

The photo shows the twosome in the ocean and snuggling tight. The birthday boy has quite the beard on him and his lady love is rocking a black bikini.

Scott also posted some images on his Instagram from his birthday trip, sharing images of daughter Penelope writing "Dad" in seashells on their porch.

The bearded personality also posted a snap of him and one of his kids, who is wearing a "35 and Alive!" shirt and also from the "Lord's Lunch," showcasing a lobster meal.

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Rita Ora paid an emotional tribute to dance producer Avicii as she opened up the third day of the BBC's Biggest Weekend festival in Swansea.

Avicii's name flashed up on the video screens as Ora sang their collaboration Lonely Together - the final single the DJ released before his death in April.

"Thank you for singing that with me," she told the crowd as the song ended.
"It's always hard for me to sing that, so thank you so much for singing along."

Ora has previously said described Avicii as "a really good friend" who "changed my life".
The Swedish musician, born Tim Bergling, died last month at the age of 28.

A statement released by his family seemed to suggest the cause of death was suicide.


Eedris Abdulkareem of the defunct The Remedies music group speaks on the formation of the group, what led to its break-up, and other issues

How did Remedies come about?
I used to be known as Mr. Remedy before I left Kano. Everyone who knew me in Kano then called me Mr. Remedy. When I was leaving Kano, I told my mother that I was going to Lagos to meet with Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo Adeneye, and that once I saw them, I would become successful.

She advised me not to sleep with another man’s wife, not to backbite and that I should be prayerful.
When I got to Lagos, I couldn’t go to my father’s house because he is a polygamist.
I have learnt so much from that experience and I would never advise anyone to marry more than a wife.

Though we are in good terms now, it wasn’t easy then.
When I came to Lagos, I slept under the bridge at CMS, Lagos Island, for six months. God later directed me to go to Raypower in the Alagbado area of the state.
He told me that I would see Kenny Ogungbe or D1, and that one of them would help me.

On getting there, I couldn’t just walk in since I didn’t know anyone there. Meanwhile, there was an uncompleted building in the area, and I started living there. From there, I monitored Kenny and D1’s cars. One day, the late Steve Kadiri called me and asked what I was doing there.

I told him I wanted to meet Kenny and D1; that I had an idea I wanted to sell to them. Since they were having a concert at the Yaba College of Technology that day, he asked me to come along.

He introduced me to Eddy Montana and asked Gbenga Awe to produce a beat for us. He advised us to stay together, but that in the future, we could decide to go our separate ways. We went to a studio in Alagbado and we recorded Shakomo.
While I was still staying in the uncompleted building opposite Raypower, Eddy went back to his family house. With the help of Steve, I was eventually able to see Baba Keke one day. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in a good mood and he sent me out of the studio.

When Steve returned a few hours later, he asked me to come in again and that was how Shakomo was released. Eddy heard it and rushed to the studio. That was the revolution that created Nigerian hip-hop today.

What lessons did you learn from the breakup?
It was a win-win situation for the three of us, but I think the person who benefited most was Tony. He was not a musician at the time we met in Ilorin at an event. He just loved showbiz and wanted to be successful.

He came up with the money and we needed it to grow. Despite not being a musician at the start, he developed himself. Whenever I was writing songs, he would always watch me. As a result of his passion, he came out with a solo album and made a nice career for himself in the music industry.
Eddy and I also took our chances.
Would it be right to say that the group broke up when money started coming in?
Yes, it was money. It couldn’t have been women because I wasn’t interested in women then. When money came, each person started feeling he could do things alone.


Whitney Houston‘s cousin is hitting back at Kanye West for using a photo of the late singer’s drug-covered bathroom as the cover for Pusha T’s new album.

Damon Elliott spoke to People about the rapper’s decision to spend $85,000 on a photo that depicted Houston’s bathroom covered in drug-covered spoons and drug paraphernalia for Pusha T’s album DAYTONA — which West produced.

Elliott says he didn’t find out about the album artwork until his daughter called him. “[She was] frantic. She sent me this picture from the album cover and I immediately got sick to my stomach because it took me right back to six years ago,” says Elliot.

“I was actually in shock because I’m in the music business,” he continues, adding he had worked with West, 40, on a Keyshia Cole song.
“I’ve watched the train wreck happening, but I didn’t think he’d go this far in invading someone’s family privacy,” says Elliott, referencing West’s recent scandals on social media.

“To do something for a publicity stunt to sell records, it’s absolutely disgusting,” he continues. “It hurt my family and my daughter. It’s petty. It’s tacky.”

Elliott says Houston “never did anything to him” which made the use of the photo first published by the National Enquirer in 2006 all the more hurtful.
The music producer said he didn’t hear from the “Power” rapper before he licensed the photo nor after the news broke.

“I just want him to tell me why he did it,” says Elliott. “What is the creative side of this? What’s the point? It shows no creativity.”
Elliott says he hasn’t heard from Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston, but that he did try to warn his own mother, Dionne Warwick, saying, “She had no idea. I’m sure she knows about it now, though.”

He says he wants an apology from West, as well as a promise to switch out the album’s artwork with something else. Elliott is prepared for what he will say to West if the rapper calls him, however.

“What were you thinking? Did you think this through? And if you did, why did you do this?” says Elliot. “Because you’re hurting people. It knocked the wind out of me last night. When someone passes, you try to mourn and move on and remember the good times.”
“Why are you going to pay $85,000 to bring something to the forefront?” he asks.

Saturday, 26 May 2018


Creative music platform, ‘CREAM’, pioneered by popular Nigerian music superstar, Daniel OladapoOyebanjo, popularly known as D’banj, has signed a partnership deal with Access Bank Plc.

According to Damian Ifeanyi Okoroafor, CEO, DKM Digital, the partnership is aimed at discovering more talents in the Nigerian creative industry.

“Our new deal with Access Bank is designed to reach out to more talents and to expand the categories from only music to others such as agriculture, education, entrepreneurship, sports amongst others”, he remarked.

Founder of DKM Media, D’banj, expressed excitement about the new partnership. He revealed that more partnerships are in the offing.

“Today we are proud to announce yet another landmark in this journey, as we partner with Access Bank to make the CREAM platform more accessible to a wider audience. In the coming weeks, we will activate more partnerships and with over 3million subscribers and counting, we are only going to better with time.

With Access Bank coming on board, there will be a lot of value added to our subscribers and participants as Access Bank will be giving 10 lucky winners N1 million weekly for 10 weeks, as well as train 10 entrepreneurs within the 10 week period”, he said.


The joint venture of Toyin Abraham and Samuel Olatunji in the production of ‘The Ghost and the Tout’ movie appears to be paying off as the movie which debuted in the cinemas on May 11 have now made over 30million in its one week of release; an incredible feat, considering the
stiff competition from ‘Avengers’ and ‘Deadpool’.

Fillers from the distributor of the Tout movie have beenthat should the movie continue in thistrack record, it is set to bethe highest grossing release of 2018 so far. Despite being an international blockbuster and super-hero movies, Avengers and Deadpool have not been able to affect The Ghost and the Tout sales as earlierpredicted by many.

The movie which has witnessed multiple sold out viewings in Lagos,Benin, Ibadan, Enugu, Akure and several other cinemas across thecountry, tells the story of Isila (Toyin Abraham), a youngwoman from the ghetto who encounters a ghost in need of her help to communicate with the people he left behind.

At the ghost’s request, she becomes tangled in solving a murdermystery and her life takes an interesting turn.
The roll call of actors in the movie include but not limited toRachealOkonkwo, LasisiElenu, Femi Adebayo, SambasaNzeribe,Josh2funny, ChiomaAkpotha, Bobrisky, Dele Odule, ChiwetaluAgwu andseveral others.

Speaking to Showtime Bonus, the talented actress said; “It would be my pleasure to see many people make The Ghost and theTout their Children’s Day and democracy day movie choice.
The reception has been amazing really and I am grateful for all the lovepeople have shown me in different states.
I am nothing without myfans. They are the reason for Toyin Abraham.”


With Alden Ehrenreich playing the younger version of the character, many are looking back at Ford’s now legendary performance.
But he wasn’t the only actor in the frame for the gig.

Kurt Russell and James Caan have been previously revealed as being in the running before Ford bagged the job, and now it seems Kelsey Grammar was also met by George Lucas.

Speaking to Conan, he spoke about when he was 20-years-old and recently kicked out of drama school Julliard - and his agent managed to get him a meeting with the Star Wars film-maker.

“I walked up there, and I sat down and there's Lucas sitting there,” he recalled.

“He explains to me that they're doing this movie about a fairy tale in space. He said, 'There's two guys in it who go and rescue a princess.

That's pretty much it,' and he said, 'I think maybe you're a little old for the younger guy and maybe a little too young for the older guy, but you might make a pretty good, sort of like a John Wayne character.'

“I thought, 'Oh I can do that,' and he said, 'Well I'll think about it,' and then that's the last I heard of it.”

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Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union took a much needed vacation in The French Riviera AKA La Côte d’Azur in the South of France on Thursday.

The power couple showed some PDA while basking in the sun along the rocky coast.

Wade, 36, surprised Union with a trip to France. All expenses were paid through Wade’s partnership with .

The 45-year-old ‘Breaking In’ actress stunned in a neon green monokini and a multicolor beach duster. It must be nice!


Popular Nigerian cross-dresser, Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, AKA Bobrisky, has berated Kemi Olunloyo for attacking top blogger, Linda Ikeji.

DAILY POST reports that Kemi Olunloyo accused Linda of wearing a prosthetic bump after she revealed her six-month-old baby bump on Sunday with a lengthy emotional post, chronicling her journey and her excitement when she found out she was pregnant.

She said Ikeji was neither engaged nor pregnant.
However, Linda in a post addressing Kemi Olunoyo’s claim queried why someone who she helped while in prison could utter false claims about her pregnancy.

Speaking on the recent face off, the cross dresser urged Kemi Olunloyo to stop insulting her. He said Linda does not deserve the insult hurled at her.

Bobrisky wrote, ”’I’m one of the people who mind my business a lot not because I don’t enjoy drama or trouble, but because I want peace in my life with the little change God has given me.

”Mummy (aunty Kemi) I call you mummy because I love you from my heart just because sometimes you defend me when people write shit about me. But deep down my heart, I’m not happy with the issue you are having with Linda Ikeji. I met Linda just once in her office when she invited me over.

”Trust me, when I met with her I was surprised because she was awesome to me. I’m not trying to kiss anyone ass, but when we see the truth we should always speak it.

”@officiallindaikeji does not deserve all what you are saying about her. Mum, you need to leave Linda alone please ma, let’s grow love among ourselves, not hate.”


Meghan Markle’s wedding gown is the subject of rumors that the gown was pieced together based on designs from other famous wedding gowns. But at least one designer doesn’t think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Meghan and Prince Harry tied the knot on Saturday, May 19, at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in England.

When the former Suits star walked down the aisle in a $200,000 Givenchy wedding dress, many social media users noted the similarity of her gown to the wedding dress worn by Princess Angela of Lichtenstein in 2000.

Some say it’s no coincidence that Meghan’s designer copied Princess Angela’s gown, because Princess Angela was the first commoner of African descent to marry into European royalty.

Now Emilia Wickstead, one of Kate Middleton’s go-to designers , believes Meghan’s wedding dress is a ripoff of one of her own wedding gowns.

“Her dress is identical to one of our dresses,” Emilia told the Daily Mail. “Apparently a lot of commentators were saying, ‘It’s an Emilia Wickstead dress.'”
Emilia criticized Givenchy’s creative director, Clare Waight Keller, for designing the ill-fitting frock that was too loose in the bust and hips areas.
“If you choose a simple design the fit should be perfect. Her wedding dress was quite loose,” she said.

Friday, 25 May 2018


Nigerian author and Instagram [email protected] also reacted to the pregnancy report of celebrity blogger,Linda Ikeji, who has been subjected to several troll attacks since herpregnancyphoto went viral.

According to @funtoibuoye, in this generation of baby mamas, getting pregnant out of wedlockis now something we celebrate and even buy aso ebi for, she really needs to shake the table. She also accused Linda Ikeji of preaching celibacy and justifying her pregnancy with “I NEVER said do not have sex before marriage… Only have sex when youmeet someone you love and loves you back.

”Here’s what she wrote below;I need to shake a particular table tonight, if not, I won’t sleep well… So I heardthe gist about Linda Ikeji getting pregnant and all and that’s really her business, I mean, in this generation of baby mamas, getting pregnant out of wedlock is now something we celebrate and even buy aso ebi for… But that’s not what I’m here to talk about tonight.. It’s really herlife and at the end of it, she’d stand before God not me… But what is burning my soul right now is this her response that I just saw on her page….

So you preachcelibacy and millions of people follow you to practice celibacy, then you get pregnantand now come to say you “NEVER said do not have sex before marriage… Only have sex when you meet someone you love and loves you back.”SERIOUSLY???? I’m lost here! So I meet someone I love and have sex, years down the line it doesn’t work out, I meet another person I love and loves me back and we have sex.. Six months later we break up and I meet another person I love and the cycle continues…

Is this what celibacy is about??? what sort of double standard preaching is that???? Following a cause only when its convenient… Preaching something and not practicing it.. And then I see the comments and I’m SHOCKED at people I expect to know better congratulating her and clapping for her over the rubbish she’s saying, leading young girls straight tohell..

I’m so vexed in my spirit right now… Linda Ikeji is not God and God has not changed His laws to suit our generation, FLEEING from sexual immorality hasn’t been deleted from thebible and it won’t be now that Linda is pregnant! DO NOT HAVE SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE!! SEX SHOULD ONLY HAPPEN IN MARRIAGE!!

I don’t care how many billions Linda is worth, having billions of money does not equate success in God’s kingdom, so if she likes she should buy the entire BananaIsland, good for her.. What is wrong is wrong, let’s stop celebrating rubbish and nonsense because someone is “successful” and we clap at every rubbish she churns out while an entire generation of young ladies are being led straight to destruction. And if weChristians won’t talk about these things, then what’s the point of our Christianity???


Few days after it was reported that Nigerian singer,Niniolawas robbed inSouth Africa, a report she later debunked in tweets, ace Nigerian producer Gospel Chinemeremu Obi a.k.a GospelOnDeBeatz, havealso been robbed at ahotelin South Africa, a report he confirmed in an Instagram video.

According to GospelOnDeBeatz who is currently in South Africa for a shoot, he got robbed of 7,000 Rands in his room in Maslow Hotel, South Africa, leaving him with literally nothing for the remainder of his stay in the country.

He further added that he asked the hotel to release the CCTV footage of the incident, but they refused.GospelOnDeBeatz who has been asked to moveout of his hotel room because he is unable to pay for a room after his money was stolen, was checked into a room in the hotel where he unpacked all his things, putting his money in a drawer.

He was however later moved to a different room at about 8pm yesterday, but he forgot to remove the money from the drawer as he moved. Hethen left the hotel for a shoot only to remember the money later on.Upon remembering the money, he reported the incident to the hotel authorities and was granted access to his former room to search for the money but it wasno longer in the drawer. However hotel record shows that someone used the key card to gain access into the room at about 10pm, two hours after he left the room.

He has asked the hotel to check CCTVfootage to know who went into the room but his request was denied. Instead, the hotel promised to carry out investigations later.

INSTAGRAM | They want to take my gentleness for granted! #DeletingSoon
A post shared by GospelOnDeBeatz(@gospelondebeatz) onMay 25, 2018 at 7:09am PDT

Few months ago, Five South African policemen were arraigned in court for allegedly robbing a Nigerian man of the sum of 61,000 US Dollars.Four of the accused have since been dismissed from the police service over the incident, and are also currently being prosecuted following aninvestigation by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate(IPID).


Former Minister of Aviation and PDP Chieftain Femi Fani-Kayode and his beautiful wife, Precious have welcomed a set of triplets this morning.

He took to his twitter to announce the good news to his followers and according to his post, he has already named the boys: Ragnar, Aiden and Liam.

He wrote on his twitter: I give thanks to God for the birth of my three beautiful sons Ragnar, Aiden and Liam this morning. They are so beautiful. Precious and the three boys are doing very well.

Today is her birthday: What a wonderful birthday gift that the Lord has given to us. To God be the glory!And it is just a double celebration to Femi Fani-Kayode as today also happens to be his wife’s birthdayHe had earlier taken to twitter to congratulate her on her big day and not knowing the biggest birthday gift was coming on the way.

He wrote: Happy birthday to my darling wife @Snowhitey1. May the Lord continue to bless you and be withyou, may His Holy Spirit guide and lead you and may He cause you to excel, flourish and prosper. Thanks for your love and kindness and for being such a wonderful wife to me….1/


BBNaija2017 star Debbie Rise,Oluwarise Deborah Ebun is a professional guitarist Rise shared lovely photos she snapped with her sisters on instagram She appeared excited as they rocked identical clothes together.  

Debie-Rise songs have claimed hearts of Nigerians.This Ex-Big Brother Naija superstar can really surprise her fans.She is a little bit of everything you can imagine when it comes to an African artiste  Oluwarise Deborah Ebun or as she is knownto the public – Debbie-Rise.

She was born on December 20th. Her native state in Nigeria isKaduna. Some peoplecan`t believe that beauty can be mixed with brains, but Debbie Rose proves it!She is a smart girl who graduated with a degree Computer Science and amajor in Graphics and Web Application Development.

Her Alma mater is the Federal University of Technology, Yola.Debbie Rise can speak three different languages – English, Hausa, and Yoruba. She is passionate about sport and health. Some her fans call her a fitness freak.Her sports hobbies include dancing, football and even Taekwondo.

Debbie Rise music is something that you certainly need to hear. During her career, she recorded several singles that became hits in Nigeria.Video clips for her songs gathered millions of views on YouTube. Debbie Rise songs, like Winner, Can`t stop, Gagabu and No Cunny Cunny have been heard on basicall every mobile phone.

Debbie-Rose is a singer, guitarist and a talented person. She was a strong contestant of the reality TV show Big Brother Naija.


Jamie Foxx will be front and center this summer. The Academy Award-winning actor and comedian will host the 2018 BET Awards on June 24, reports Billboard.

Foxx, who hosts the game show “Beat Shazam,” last hosted the award show in 2009 – just days after Michael Jackson died.

“This year’s @BetAwards are gonna be a party and celebration all in one cuz your boy is hosting and I’m #BackOnMyFunnySh-t so get ready,” Foxx, 50, quipped on Instagram. “We’re just gonna celebrate greatness and have a phuckin good time.”


She can constantly be seen in provocativelooks. But Bella Thorne gave fans another reason to raise their eyebrows.

The 20-year-old actress was spotted showing off her unshaven armpit hair while out and about in New York City on Sunday.

The talented star was seen lifting her arm to handcomb her hair as her other bodily hair was in plain sight.The unconventional body hair should come as no surprise as she is often seen showing off the fuzz in her underarm.