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Looks like Tobi Bakre is regretting his actions, after he put up the pair, Ceelo (Cee-C and Lolu) up for eviction, and saving Bamco (Bambam and Rico Swavey) in the process.

He also feels bad for bad-mouthing his former strategic partner, Cee-C in the house.. Now, it seems as though he is ready to make things right with her. During his diary session this evening, the current head of house revealed that he’s really feeling bad, and the same time, amazed that cee-c is still cordial with him even after his unprecedented on Monday.

Tobi also says, he looks forward to starting over again with Cee-C even when they leave the house.He further pleaded with Biggie to give him a box of chocolates and flowers to aid his apology to Cee-C.In response, Big Brother reminded Tobi Diamonds are a girl’s best friend so he should save his apology for later.

Tobi laughed and revealed he would have to win the N45m and would definitely do that for her. During Cee-C’s diary session, she said she was completely shook by Tobi’s decision to put her up as she thought that their friendship was strong enough to surpass any disagreement.

Some reactions below, after Tobi’s diary session yesterday;

@Shingiraitadzi1:“Both Tobi and Ceeci are sweet and they deserve each other. People dont understand what real love is. There is love between Ceeci and Tobi. I hope Biggie wil grant Tobi his request to cool down Ceeci. Im now giving Ceelo my 800 votes now. I want him to stay but im Tolex”

@octosixj:“The bible teaches us to forgive yet we encourage unforgivness and hate then on Sunday you will go to church and be begging God for mercy.

”@sarahjonathan01:“At this point of the game he need people who can be for him and not against him, he is doing it to win her trust nothing more. Tobi is smart

”@Shingiraitadzi1:He is trying to play it smart and i lyk it. His diary session was sosweet, thats why Ceeci is dying to bring him back. Tobi has got good choice of words when he is talking and he is too fast. I think Tobi match Anto when it is how to speak and choice of words

@AsmahSo:“CeeC is just bad news and she will never change. The only thing she wants in relation to Tobi is to get him to beg her. So here we go again, he even wants Biggie to help him beg her. That is not a relationship. CeeC should go home.

”@TENIOLAIDERA: Tobi has always been nice to her,if she had reciprocated by staying humble and not let her pride and ego ruin everything,dey would have made the best couple…but attitude is everything!CC attitude sucks!Biggie pls giv her chocolate oh,make she no dey swear for him wit her biebie

@jecciluscious: I’m sure that he became uncomfortable when Teddy asked him why and other housemates surprised at his decisions.

He feels he betrayed Cee-C but on a second thought, he just doesn’t want love to rob him of the 45m… Me sef can’t allow love to rob me of the mola. 45M FIRST!


Still on the matter.......!

Ace Music Producer and Mavin Boss, Don Jazzy has reacted to the Bambam and Teddy A sex video making rounds on social media. Recall that the Big Brother Nigeria housemates were captured by the cameras having sex in the toilet early this morning, and it came barely a day after Teddy A denied accusations by other housemates that they were among the couples having sex in the house.

The video quickly went viral. The couple trended the whole day, stirring mixed reaction among fans; while some prudes condemned the housemates, other dismissed the video as simply consensual sex between two adults.

Now, Don Jazzy has reacted to the trending video. First, he posted a video of himself singing to Sister Nancy’s hit song, Bam Bam, then he encouraged his fans not to judge the couple.

I’m not even judging. Last last body is not fire wood o. U never use toilet before??? Cast the first stone ♂️♂️He shared the video Below and captioned it WataBamBam;

Donjazzy Instagram Post | HERE


Five students of the Government Girls Science Technical College (GGSTC), Dapchi, in Yobe State, who narrowly escaped abduction by suspected Boko Haram terrorists last Monday February 19th, have returned to their school.

In an interview with Channels Television, one of the students Sadiya Mohammed, who spoke in Hausa, narrated her experience.“Honestly, we are saddened with the abduction because we don’t really gain; sitting idle at home with the value of education in our modern world cannot be over-emphasised.

110 of us were abducted, including my best friend, Zahra Mohammed, who we do all things together. I call on the government to look at the pathetic situation to intensify efforts towards the rescue of our colleagues.”Sadiya says she hopes that her friends return safely soon. It's been 10 days since the students were declared missing by their school authorities, as their parents have called on the Federal and state governments to ensure their safe return.

President Buhari has assured the parents of the abducted girls that the Federal government was working to ensure the safe return of their daughters.


It came as a shock to viewers as Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Tobi, who is the current head of house, put up his estranged girlfriend and (kryptonite) in the house, Cee-C up for eviction.

He has however apologized to her for his action and given reason for doing such.

Cee C and Lolu had earlier escaped eviction only for Tobi, the new head of house to choose Bamco (Bam Bam and Rico) over Ceelo. This was quite unexpected.

Tobi Bakre has however, in a lengthy discussion with Cee-C apologized to her and gave her reasons why he had no other choice than to put her and her pair up for eviction.
He said it was a very difficult decision for him to make but he simply had to do it just because of his principles.

According to Tobi, he claimed he heard from angel what Cee-C said about him and that was the reason he decided to act.
He said that, Cee-C vowed to report him (Tobi) to Big brother, if he comes close to her. And he went further to say that he wouldn’t be needing the negative energy around him since she has even refused to talk to him.

Meanwhile Cee-C said she would never understand why he is acting the way he is but holds no grudge against him and hopes they could move forward. She asserted that there is nothing he can say to justify his actions.


Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Alex on Tuesday begged fellow housemate, Leo, for nominating him for eviction.

Speaking with Big brother during the diary session, Alex begged that Leo should not be made to leave.
According to her, she won’t forgive herself if Leo is evicted.

“I feel bad for putting Leo up for eviction and I won’t forgive myself if he leaves.

“I beg that he is saved, he is a real person, though most people don’t love him because they feel he’s too smart.
“What do you expect of some one who had a good level of education?” she said.

Leo was nominated for eviction this week alongside Cee-C, Lolu, Ifu Ennada, Ahneeka and Angel.
Reacting to his nomination, Leo had told Cee-C that Alex nominated him because she sees him as a distraction.


Teddy A and Bambam are currently trending on social media, after the former strategic partners had live sex in the Big Brother Naija House toilet.

This is coming after they had a moment under the duvet on Saturday night.. But this time around, it was raw and aired live.. Teddy sat on the toilet sit, and BamBam rode to the heavens!
Former Big Brother Africa contestant, Tayo Faniran, has now commended the event that went down in the toilet.. Tayo, a father of one, tweeted that he likes what Teddy did to Bambam.

He wrote on his Official Twitter page;
“I would say I like what Teddy A did, girls like bam bam would form holy holy in the beginning, meanwhile every good girl loves a bad boy,just like her name BAM BAM dat tattooed Boi gave it to her from behind BAM BAM #BBNajia”


Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Miracle has hinted that fellow housemate, Nina may be the reason he is still on the reality television show.

Miracle, who is a former strategic partner with Nina made the remark during a chat with Alex, on Monday.
He also faulted fellow housemates for describing Nina as “weak.”
The following conversation ensued between Miracle and Alex.

Alex: “I feel that Nina is weak.
Miracle: “why do you people feel that, do you know how that pains me when you people say that.
Miracle: “Everybody assumes that it is me who saved Nina, they don’t even know that maybe it is Nina who saved me.”


Italy goalkeeping legend Gianluigi Buffon confirmed on Tuesday he is ready to come out of international retirement if he is called up for friendlies against England and Argentina.

Buffon called time on his international career after Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup in Russia, losing a two-legged play-off to Sweden to miss the tournament for the first time in 60 years.
But Italy interim national coach Luigi Di Biagio said on Monday he was ready to recall Buffon for friendlies against Argentina and England in Manchester and London on March 23 and 27.

"I had thought about going on holiday for a few days with my family, but when the national team needs you, you must be present and not desert them," Buffon told Italian programme Tiki Taka. There's nothing to add to Di Biagio's words other than I feel a sense of responsibility and loyalty which I must give to the national team in this transitional moment," he continued. "I repeat, it's a way of showing loyalty and a sense of responsibility towards Italy.

A new national team is being born and the first games are not comfortable ones because we will face Argentina and England. I think that any experienced player can be useful at the start, even if it's just to give advice to the young ones."
The 40-year-old Juventus goalkeeper has represented the Azzurri for 20 years, winning the 2006 World Cup title, and earning a record 175 caps in a brilliant career. He had been bidding for a record sixth World Cup appearance.
Juventus captain Buffon, who has said he intends to retire as a player at the end of the season, said he will announce his final decision in due course.

"The only thing I have to do right now is focus on the end of the season," Buffon continued. The thing I can tell you is that I'm sure and I'm very happy with what will be my choice, together with the club, but we'll announce it when the time comes. Right now it's a point in the season where we have to be very focused."



Blac Chyna landed back in the news with the recent leak of her sex tape. But she has put it all behind her as she enjoyed a night out in Studio City with singer YBN Almighty Jay, 18. The reality star, 29, was wrapped up in her pal’s arms as they went bowling together.

Blacwas seen stepping outside of the bowling alley with her friend, whose real name is Jay Bradley. She wore a bold sporty jacket and had a red scarf wrapped around her head. Blac rocked a black scoop neck top, leggings, high heels, and wore her blonde hair down in a sleek style. She carried a small black purse and glammed up her look with a glittering choker necklace and watch.

According to reports’ Chyna is worried that more sex tapes could becoming out in the future. The source added that it makes Chyna nervous not knowing what could surface. Her lawyer LisaBloom said Saturday that authorities have been contacted over the recent leak of a sex tape.‘Revenge porn is a crime, almost always designed to humiliate a woman,’ Bloom tweeted. ‘This morning Blac Chyna, my co-counsel Walter Mosley and I filed a police report about the sex tape of her that was posted this week without her consent. Thank you LAPD for your professionalism.’Bloom’s statement came after the leak of two separate clips this week: one depicting Chyna and her ex Mechie engaged in oral sex, followed by 13-minute tape depicting a woman having sexual intercourse with a man.

Bloom took to Twitter following the leaks, writing,‘Revenge porn – posting explicit images without the consent of everyone in those images – is a crime, a civil wrong, and a form of domestic abuse.‘It’s also a way to try to slut shame women for being sexual. Girls have killed themselves over revenge porn. It’s not a joke.’



Housemates in the Big Brother Naija 2018reality show, Tobi and Cee-C have made up again.

Cee-c and Tobi, were both strategic partners right from the beginning of the show until Big Brother separated them.

They have also been caught making love in the house. Late last week, Cee-c told fellow housemate, Angel that she would not hesitate to report Tobi to Big Brother if he (Tobi) comes close to her again. Tobi had also complained about her to other housemates, vowing to have nothing to do with her again.

But last night, the two housemates were seen making up, with Cee-c begging Tobi to forget whatever that had happened between them.

Tobi on his own, also told Cee-c not to think he’s running from her because he had sex with her. According to him, “I lost trust in you. Really I was scared judging from what Angel told me.“When you began to tell people you’re taking me to Big Brother.

See, you took it to this height.“Anyway, I don’t want you to think maybe because of what we’ve had that I’m now running away from you.”Cee also apologised saying, “You misunderstood the whole thing. Everyone in the house knows what I feel for you. Right now I feel betrayed.

“I’m sorry for whatever you think I might have done. But we can’t continue like this.“Even if were not together, we can still talk to each other.”

Source -


Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Angel has won an all expense paid trip to London for the one Africa music festival. Big brother announced the reward after the live nominations show on Monday.

Housemates had earlier picked boxes for rewards. Angel luckily picked the reward box with an expense paid trip.

Angel will be attending the festival with his strategic partner, Ahneeka. Recall that Angel and Ahneeka are among housemates up for eviction this week.


Comedian and TV personality, Owen Gee, has joined the campaign against Nigerians committing suicide.

While speaking at a new initiative,  Live and Not Die, charged with the responsibility of campaigning against suicide, Owen Gee revealed that in 2017, he attempted suicide a couple of times when he passed through very difficult times.

I have had suicidal tendencies. Last year, I tried several things, but they did not work out. It was not because the ideas were bad, but the people I was working with just didn’t let them work out. Then anxiety and depression set in. It was then I realised that no drug could calm depression. There was hardly anyone I didn’t take. There was a time I was sleeping on drugs. There was a particular yellow tablet that, if I took it on Tuesday, on Wednesday I would only be prompted to barely wake up, eat and go back to sleep even before I finished eating. I would not wake up until Thursday.” he said

The comedian said he had to find a way to tackle his depression so he could live life better not just for himself but for his family. He appealed to Nigerians to stop leading fake lives which he said is very prevalent in the entertainment sector which he is a part of.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Leo has reacted to his love Alex not saving him from facing  possible eviction this week.

Leo was nominated for eviction this week alongside Cee-C, Lolu, Ifu Ennada, Ahneeka and Angel.Leo speaking to Cee-c about the nominations said Alex sees him as a distraction.‎

“Alex nominating me is a strategy , I feel she just wants me to go in order to avoid any distraction.“I don’t trust anyone in this house anymore,” Leo said.
Recall thatAlex declared her love for Leo on Sundaywhile speaking with the Big Brother Naija host, Ebuka


Davido has just gone on Instagram to share jaw dropping photos of his new customized OBO diamond Necklace and ring costing up to $200,000.

He got it customized by a very expensive jeweler, Ice Box, Joels Blog gathered that the quality of the Diamond and price of the stones. Summed a whooping $100,000.


Big Brother Naija housemate, Nina, has revealed that she told his boyfriend that there is the possibility of cheating on him before entering the show.

Nina said, “I told him everything. He knows that something can happen. I will also tell him everything that happened, trust me. That’s me in a relationship.“I’ll get my boyfriend back. It’s a must. I told him anything can happen here.

”Nina and Miracle, are into a romantic relationship in the Big Brother Naija reality show. 

Recall that both Housemates have been caught in the act on two occasions within one month of the stay in the show.

Nina had confessed that she has lost sight of the N45 million grand prize and has now fallen in love with Miracle.


Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi who's awaiting for the birth of his third son was pictured enjoying a stroll with his heavily pregnant wife Antonella Roccuzzo in the town.

The childhood couple who were dressed casually for the outing were also pictured with their youngest son Thiago.


Hmmmmn, she wants him to fold it back and put it in his pocket!


Last night, #BBNaija housemates, Bam Bam and her ''Boyfriend'' Teddy A, finally let the steam off themselves as they had sex (doggy style) inside the toilet while their fellow housemates were sleeping.

Watch the videos as shared on twitter below Video -

Watch BamBam & Teddy A !!! Inside the Toilet last night ... click  HERE


Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates, Bambam and Teddy A were on Sunday night caught having sex.

This is coming after Miracle had accused all housemates of having sex, noting that it was the reason for the missing condoms. However, viewers have questioned the video of bambam on top of Teddy A seen online after light out, suggesting they had sex.

While some are of the opinion that they had sex, others argued that they were just touching each other. Here are some comments:

@sexymuna “They have fucked and I’m sure you are there dying in shame, you guys never expected it

@harveypel “Teddy n bambam are already asleep, but I can see the duvet running an autonomous operation

@bbnaijaupdate “Bam is fully naked on Teddy & he is doing it gently so we wn’t code if I hear say Miracle lie again ogun go fire d person

@foreverarmani “Bamteddy having their clothes on doesnt mean they didnt have sex… dey re under the duvet, are u seeing down there? No… If its like that, Nina and Miracle didnt have sex. Period

@sexymuna “Bam is fuly naked on Teddy& he is doin it gently so we wn’t code if I hear say Miracle lie again ogun go fire d person

@angie “For Mina the other housemates even witnessed it.facial expression n waist movements were evidence.u n I knwthis video of bamteddy circulating is false accusations.

@deeyune “Me i don’t know why#BAMTEDDY having sex or not should be my own problem or what I want to fight over, I don’t care all they do,I don’t even care watching the show anymore. all I want to do is to vote for both whenever it’s time to vote.

“It’s sweet to dish shit out to other people but you cannot take it. Bamteddy had S3X last night and that is it. NOTHING y’all gonna do bout it

@thyzeek “If they don’t want to do it, why is Bam Bam topless and naked on top Teddy. This people too fake and camera conscious

@sexymuna “They just finished having sex #bambam and she went to clean up. Hope y’all saw what she is wearing for easy penetration.”

@ogasmooth ” Oga knacking nah Knacking. U can’t defend this. God Don expose una finally. If nah other house mates Unah for Don dey talk rubbish.

@shinemuni ” Both BamTeddy had their full cloths on. How can you say they had sex. How can you have sex with your cloths on. Bambam visited the washroom right after that full duvet covering them and both their cloths were on.

@bbnaijafanpage “Its a lie, bambam did it after she came back from the wash room, they are still on top of each other. Common don’t defend whats not it.


Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates on Monday have nominated and three pairs of housemates are up for possible eviction from the house this week.

Recall that Nina and Teddy A were exempted from nominations and eviction this week as compensation for winning best pair n the show.

The BBNaija housemates voted this way:

1. Tolex – Bambam & Rico Swavey, Ahneeka & Angel

2.Tena – Leo & Ifu, Ahneeka & Angel

3.Bamco – Cee-c & Lolu, Leo & Ifu Ennada

4.Lifu – Miracle & Anto, Bambam & Rico Swavey

5. Mito – Leo & Ifu Ennada, Bambam & Rico Swavey

6. Gelah – Leo & Ifu Ennada, Miracle & Anto

7. Ceelo – Leo & Ifu Ennada, Ahneeka & Angel


Last Sunday February 25th, actress Eucharia Anunobi, graduated from the Redeemed Christian Church of God's School of Disciples. In a post she shared on her IG page this morning, Eucharia encouraged everyone to go after their dreams despite any unfortunate incident. According to her, she was burying her son, Raymond, while taking her examinations. Recall that in September last year, Eucharia buried her only child, Raymond, who died in August.

On her IG page, she wrote

Beloved ones , join me and celebrate JESUS CHRIST , who saw me through the completion of the Redeemers School of Disciples course 2017 / 2018 session .
The devil wanted to stop me from finishing , for my son died while I still had four subjects / papers to sit for , but thanks to God who had promised that in these things am more than a conqueror ( Romans 8 : 37 ).

I graduated with 900 ( nine hundred ) other disciples last Sunday 25th February 2018 .

If you keep looking at the mountain , it becomes overwhelming , go to the base and start climbing , don't look down and don't look up , just keep at it , before you know it , you are at the top.

If I could finish my exams while burying my son , what is stopping you from completing your studies .
I prophesy as commanded may all satanic agenda put in place to stagnate your destiny be truncated now in JESUS name''.



The daughter of Bill Cosby, Ensa Cosby is dead. She passed away on Friday night at the age of 44.

TMZ reports that Ensa Cosby died in Massachusetts, where the family has a large estate.

A spokesperson for her father, Andrew Wyatt, announced on Monday afternoon that her death was caused by renal disease, with Ensa having suffered from kidney problems throughout her life.

Her passing comes one month before her father is set to be retried on rape charges in Pennsylvania this April.

This is the second child Cosby has lost, with son Ennis having been murdered in 1997 during a botched carjacking in Los Angeles.

Ensa is survived by her parents Bill and Camille, her siblings Erika, Erinn and Evin and her husband Martin McLean.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Big brother Naija 2018 housemate, Miracle, has revealed why there are missing condoms in the house.
Miracle, speaking to Tobi said condoms were missing because some housemates were having sex in the shower.
This is coming after some of the housemates last week disclosed that the number of condoms in the house had reduced and no one accepted to have used it.
According to Miracle, he noticed the reduction in the number of condoms even before he had sex with Nina.
Recall that Miracle and Nina were after last week Saturday party caught having sex under the blanket
Miracle, who is the head of house, while explaining his point, however, accused housemates, Bambam, Teddy A, Lolu and Anto for using the condoms in the bathroom because there are no cameras 
in the toilet.

Watch here

Tobi Bakre has emerged the new Head of House in the ongoing Big Brother Naija ‘Double Wahala’, beating housemates Miracle, Anto and Cee-C to win the title for the third time.

In addition to his win, Tobi also gets to enjoy the luxury room with his strategic partner, Alex.
Tobi won the title in the first and second week while he was still paired with Cee-C.

However, there were no evictions during his previous reign, so he did not get to use his power, which allows him to save a nominated pair and replace with another.

During his previous tenures as the HoH, the housemates lost their wager.
Tobi had come under fire for his relationship with former strategic partner Cee-C, whom viewers described as `toxic and controlling.’
Cee-C’s hold on Tobi triggered negative reactions from viewers who called for prayers to free him form Cee-C’s alleged manipulation.

The hastag #PrayforTobi became the trending topic on various social media.

It seems viewers prayers’ were answered when `Biggie’, owner of the BBNaija house changed the pair during the reshuffling in the house, leaving Cee-C to be paired with Lolu while Tobi was paired with Alex.
Tobi’s win comes after Miracle’s successful reign as the Head of House.

This season tagged ‘Double Wahala’, housemates are competing for prizes worth 45 million naira. (NAN)



Barcelona talisman Lionel Messi has broken yet another record, after putting two goals past Olarenwaju Kayode's Girona on Saturday 6-1 crushing at Camp Nou in their La Liga match and he hopes to maintain his level of fitness as Blaugrana aim for the treble this season.

The 30-year-old Argentina international latest comes as his goals against Girona this weekend have ensured that he has now scored league goals against more Spanish sides than any other player in history.

According to Sport, Messi has scored against 36 different teams in total and breaks the previous joint record set by him and Athletic Bilbao goal poacher Aritz Aduriz and Real Madrid legend Raul all three had previously scored against 35 different clubs.

Messi has netted 30 goals from 36 appearances for Blaugrana this season so far as the Catalan giants are leading La Liga table with 65 points and eight points above second-place Atletico Madrid and 14 over archrival Real Madrid.

Barcelona hos Chelsea in the Champions League return leg of last 16 against Chelsea March 14 and with Sevilla in the Copa Del Rey final.

Jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt has just tweeted that he has agreed to sign for a football club.

31 year old Bolt, who retired from athletics last summer after a glittering career in which he won eight Olympic gold medals, has always spoken of his desire to play football once his sprinting career was over, and on Sunday he tweeted to say “I’ve signed for a football team! Find out which one this Tuesday at 8am GMT.”

Bolt is known to be a Manchester United fan, and was due to have a trial with Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund next month.

He also trained with South African side Mamelodi Sundowns last month but at the moment, the football club he signed with is not known until he reveals it tomorrow.

Big Brother Naija's Cee-C is not appealing a lot of Nigerian viewers including male barbie Bobrisky.

The bleaching cream expert voiced his dislike for the housemate recently, in his post, he revealed that the Cee-C is a cheap girl and her hair weave is synthetic.
BBNaija's Cee-C is currently facing a lot of criticisms from Nigerian viewers including cross-dresser, Bobrisky.

The male barbie who is known for controversies is hating the type Cee-C is pulling in the Big Brother house.
In a recent rant, Bobrisky voiced his feelings about the new drama queen, stating that she's the dumbest person he has ever seen in her entire life.

This is in clear contrast to how he felt about TBoss who was also known to be a controversial housemate but got the love and support of the barbie. In his post rant, he said: "Hey guys, this girl is dumb, like she is the dumbest person I’ve seen in my entire life.

She says she dressed well, with your synthetic hair? You dressed well. With your eyelashes like labalaba, you dressed well? Excuse me, go and sit down. She’s even annoying, she said all the girls are jealous of her because she’s beautiful.

She’s this, she dress well, with your black bra? That bra is about #2500-3000 if I’m correct. Now I dislike this girl mehn."

Watch talk about the housemate below:    HERE


A group of Christians in the North, under the aegis of Arewa Christians and Indigenous Pastors Association has solicited the help of International bodies to help rescue Nigerians from the“bad leadership” of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Among the global bodies from which the association sought help are the African Union, the European Union, the Commonwealth of Nations, the United Nations and the United States of America.

President of ACIPA, Luke Shehu said president Buhari is“nepotistic”, while the “Nigerian ethnic nationalities and particularly the Northern Christians are under siege.” The organisation scored Buhari very low on security saying his government has failed in its primary responsibility of protecting lives and property.

Shehu said,“While we may not conclude that insurgency in Nigeria is state-sponsored, there is clear and obvious complicity by government officials in some quarters.“This administration should stop deceiving Nigerians that Boko Haram has been defeated.

The truth is that after three years, Boko Haram has yet to be defeated despite the pre-election promise to do so in less than six months.”

Konji is killing everybody in the Big Brother house, one way or the other, the housemates are sexually frustrated, and they really want to go down..
But then, they are all “vigilant” of the cameras… So to say.

Few days back, Miracle and Nina, legit had intercourse in the house. And then the next day, they were caught again, in a compromising position… This time, Nina was on top of Miracle.
Now, it’s Leo and Alex’s turn, as the latter was also caught on camera giving a hand job to Leo

Sunday, 25 February 2018


Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates, Tobi has blamed his former strategic partner Cee-C for ruining their relationship.

Cee-C and Tobi were the first contestants to fall for each other in the Big Brother Naija House, and multiple times, we have seen the former control the latter. Their “love” however, turned sour, after they were separated and re-paired with other housemates…. to the extent that Cee-C even pleaded with Big Brother to interfere and bring her and Tobi closer.

The duo came together on Thursday for a lengthy heart-to-heart talk during which they expressed their grievances.

Tobi complained that Cee-C often overreacts and turns around to blame him for everything. He expressed hurt and disappointment at her comment insinuating that he made unwanted advances at her.

According to him, “You must take responsibility for what is happening between us. I’m not holding anything against you.“I’m sensitive to your feeling but don’t hold responsible for all the while you have scaring me away.

“In real life, this wouldn’t happen. We would have space. You’ll enjoy your life and I enjoy mine. You just have to put whatever happens between us behind you.”

Recall that Leo admitted to his former strategic partner Alex that he has a girlfriend outside, and wanted them to be just cool as friends in the Big Brother House.
But ever since Alex was paired with Tobi, things haven't been the same with Leo and Alex. Last night, Alex broke down in tears while explaining to Tobi that Leo has broken up with her. In one of the videos below, jealous Leo is also seen tellingCee-C and Ifu Ennada, that it was because Alex has been too flirty with Tobi in the Big Brother house.
Watch the videos below.

Last night, Big Brother Naija housemates, Lolu and Anto were acting funny under the duvet, and many think they were stylishly having sex but made it look like they were playing in bed.

Watch the video below.



Big Brother Naija 2018 evicted housemate , Vandora in a new interview with NET, revealed that she literally ran out of the bathroom when she saw Bitto’s manhood.

Recall, while in the house, Bitto has been “caught” on camera, not once, not twice, not thrice either.
He had his first “public” erection, while he was comforting Nina.
He had another, when he was rehearsing with his strategic partner, Princess even a very shocked Ifu Ennada was surprised when she saw his thing.

Now, in a new interview, Vandora also confessed to seeing his thing, and she literally ran out.
In her words “You guys didn’t see me run out when i saw his thing, i literally ran out from the bathroom into the garden and ran back. Like he came in and i was like what’s this!!!”

Bitto in reaction said, he didn’t pack much stuff from his house to the Big Brother house, that he usually had something he uses to package his manhood to “one side”.

Watch Here


Big Brother improvised a surprise nomination for the Big Brother Nigeria Season 3 housemates.
Biggie unwrapped another surprise for Housemates and gave them half an hour to come up with the names of their two preferred Pairs.

Well Nominating four people altogether was no small feat for the divided House, as sizzles and sputters have plagued them over the past couple of days.
Upon receiving Biggie’s instructions, Housemates left the lounge in Pairs to retreat in a different area of the House and strategize.

The hardest part for them was to leave grievances aside and come together on a common set of names.

Ever since Biggie’s most recent reshuffling, Housemates are not gelling together like they used to, and they have to work much harder at building consensus to work together.

A voluble Alex started talking only for Tobi to hush her and pull her aside from eavesdroppers to a corner of the sofa.

It was Tobi from the Tolex (Tobi and Alex) pair who chose Mito (Miracle and Anto) and Tena (Teddy A and Nina). He made no attempt to try and salvage his ladylove Cee-C who is paired with Lolu (Ceelo).

In the upper bedroom, Lolu tried his utmost to pacify an embittered Cee-C from her early cat fight with Ifu. As usual, Cee-C wouldn’t let go yet they managed to agree on Mito and Bamco (Bambam and Rico) before talking at cross purposes again.

The Head of House Pair Mito (Miracle and Anto) retired to the luxury suite, emerging from their closed session with Bamco and Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka) on their lips.

Here again Miracle made no effort to try and save his squeeze Nina, but their decision may have been influenced by Miracle’s disregard of Teddy A. Likewise, Nina and Teddy moved to the closet and put forward the names of Tolex and Gelah. Neither Nina nor Teddy named as preferred Housemates their love interests - Bambam and Miracle.

Yet in the kitchen, as Rico was grating carrots with Bambam by her sides slicing potatoes for dinner, they casually dropped the names of Gelah and Tena, if only for Teddy A.
While Lifu (Leo and Ifu) came together pretty easily on Bamco and Tena, and Tena picked Tolex and Gelah. Representing Gelah, Ahneeka named Tena and Mito.

At the end, to keep the suspense, Big Brother informed them that the results would only be made known after the live Eviction show.


American singer and songwriter, Lisa Marie Presley is suing her former business manager after her $100 million inheritance fell so low that she now has only $14,000.

The 50-year-old singer who is the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley, inherited her late father's entire estate on her 25th birthday, in 1993.In a $100m lawsuit filed at the Superior Court in Los Angeles this week, Marie accused Barry Siegel, her former business manager of squandering her wealth “through his reckless and negligent mismanagement and self serving-ambition”.She also claimed Mr. Siegel’s “hopes of attaining his own celebrity in the entertainment industry” led him to place her assets in “risky ventures.

”In the documents, Presley claimed Mr. Siegel sold 85 percent of her interest in Elvis Presley Enterprises. He then allegedly began liquidating Presley’s assets in order to supplement her trust’s income.

Presley also claimed Mr. Siegel’s business decisions left her with $500,000 in credit card debt. Her ex-manager also responded with his own lawsuit, accusing Presley of squandering her famous father’s inheritance because of her lavish lifestyle. The lawsuit seeks US$800,000  in unpaid bills.

According to reports, both lawsuits follows the collapse of Presley's fourth marriage and her announcement that she was in a $16m debt. Presley's dad Elvis died in 1977 when she was just 9-years-old. He left her his sole heir and her affairs were managed by Barry Siegel, when she came into her inheritance.


The Edo State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) confirms the arrest of of a self-confessed Boko Haram suspect.  According to the Commandant of the NSCDC, Makinde Ayinla, the suspect identified as Sani was arrested in the early hours of Saturday. 

“Our men deployed to guard the premises of the Nigeria Television Authority,  arrested the suspect after he was spotted twice loitering between 2am and 4am.

Nobody knew how he gained entry into the premises,” he said.  He said that during interrogation, Sani claimed to be a member of the Boko Haram group.  Ayinla also said that Sani confessed to being in a group that speacilises in robbery, kidnapping, murder and selling of human parts. 

The commandant said that Sani confessed that his group operated with sophisticated weapons.  Ayinla said that when asked if Sani can lead men of the corps to his group’s hideout, he said the suspect said: “ only God can lead any person there.” 
The commandant said the suspect had been handed over to the State Command of the Directorate of State Services.


Professional retired boxer, Floyd Mayweather stepped out in style for the NBA game between Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks at the Staples Center on Friday night.

The 41-year-old who described his outfit on Instagram as the 'cowboy swag' rocked black boots which costs $50k, black jeans,a green shirt, a jacket and a black cowboy hat which cost$80k, to the match.

Captioning the photos on his official Instagram, Mayweathersaid: 'I heard Chris Paul had his cowboy swag on today and so did I.

I guess great minds think alike, be outside the box.'

Saturday, 24 February 2018


Nigerian record producer, Don Jazzy will never snub whatever gist that trends online, he’ll always have something to say about it.

Just recently, he joined the queue as a victim of the most wanted snake that recently became famous after swallowing 36million naira from JAMB office.

He has also reacted to footage from the ongoing BBNaija show in which one of the contestants,Tobi nosedived in reaction to a statement made by another contestant, Cee-C.

The relationship between the two housemates has been hot and cold, evoking reactions from Nigerians.Don Jazzymade an Instagram post to celebrate what seems likeTobi’s freedom from Cee-C’s domineering influence.

His post was caption,“

Ahn Ahn Tobi don Dey yinmu????????????? #bbnaija

Ahn Ahn Tobi don Dey yinmu??? ♂️♂️ #bbnaija A post shared by DON JAZZY (@donjazzy) on Feb 23, 2018 at 8:31am PST


This year, legendary Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba will celebrate 30 years on stage as an entertainer and he's offering to loan 30million naira to 30 young Nigerians with smart business ideas.

According to him,'In the days to come, as I kick off the celebration of 30 years on stage as a comedian, I will be revealing how 30 Nigerians below the age of 30 will benefit from my N30m intervention revolving loan'.

He added that,'you need to begin to structure your business now before September 30.

What kind of business are you into? Can your business give me back my N1m if I give it to you without interest in 1 year?'.

In the days to come... As i kick off the celebration of 30 years on stage as a comedian, I will be revealing how 30 Nigerians below the age of 30 will benefit from my N30m intervention revolving loan.

You need to begin to structure your business now before September 30. What kind of business are you into? Can your business give me back my N1m if I give it to you without interest in 1 year? 

A post shared by Ali Baba (@alibabagcfr) on Feb 23, 2018 at 1:20am PST


The new mum was spotted surrounded by fans and paparazzi as she ran errands in LA.

This is the second time she will be spotted out since welcoming her daughter...


From conclusive conversations to wins, the Housemates had an eventful day.

This morning the vibe in the House was much lighter and more upbeat than some of the events that transpired last night. Even though the Wager was won, tears were still shed.

It seems like Cee-C couldn’t handle the low key silent treatment Tobi has been serving lately. Her discomfort lead to a lengthy conversation between the former constituents of team Cebi.

They tried to iron out their differences but it seems the allegations made ran deeper than the cracks the allowed us to see. Tobi simply wanted a sincere apology but failed to voice that out. Cee-C couldn’t have guessed.
The Housemates were still caught up in the baby hype when Big Brother introduced the Safe Sex Awareness Task as an extension of parenting and responsibility.

They were to create a talk show and dissect the topic using real like challenges and theoretical examples as well as compose a song to further relay the message.
Although with half invested efforts, the Housemates were able to bag yet another Wager win, making this their second consecutive one; following two consecutive losses.

- Are we seeing a pattern here?
There was not much celebration as the Housemates expected a big fat L following Biggie’s criticism but the stars aligned in their favour this time around.

As the mini celebrations continued, Cee-C and Tobi excused themselves from the group and continued where they’d left off during the day.
They both said their peace, with Cee-C almost shedding some tears and it all was well as they hugged it out and Tobi promised to be more considerate of Cee-C’s feelings.
The Housemates continued with their conversations and feasted the early morning hours away.


Despite the lack of full-on participation, the Housemates manage to win the Wager.

The Housemates were tasked with dissecting one of the most sensitive topics universally. They were to create a talk show surrounding safe sex practices amongst youth, accompanied by a song that would further relay the message and promote awareness.

Although complete participation by all Housemates is arguable, some effort towards the Task was evident.
Rico Swavey and Nina were to deliver the rap part of the song while Teddy A and Bambam composed the rest of it and let’s be frank, there was very little preparation.
Ahneeka assumed the presenter’s responsibility and Lolu, Anto, Miracle, Angel and Tobi were the esteemed guests who shared their experiences varying from a partner’s refusal to use protection, undisclosed statuses, behaviour based on misconceived ideas and the use of birth control to substitute condoms.

These roles were used to depict everyday situations faced by young people and their inability to refuse acts that a deemed ‘fashionable’ in order to fit into their peers groups.
Of all the sub topics covered, the most important was that of parents finding a way to communicate with their kids without labelling anything on the table as taboo.

The ability to create favourable environments and use age appropriate language to bust myths surrounding sex and everything that’s a consequence of unsafe practices.

The lack of preparation does not take away from the message conveyed through the Task activities and although Biggie felt they should have done better and could have been better prepared, judging their parenting skills too, their use of day to day examples impressed the Oga and resulted in their second consecutive Wager win.
The message was conveyed and the objective reached but it seems not everyone expected HoH Miracle to pull a winning stunt.

While that’s another day’s gist, should Biggie have let them have their cake and eat it?

Source - Viatrends Blog

Friday, 23 February 2018


Big Brother Naija 2017 finalist, Tboss posted on her Instagram timeline that she attended church service together with Kemen this last Sunday.

According to Tboss who was the 2nd runner up of the show, coincidentally, the pastor at the church preached about forgiveness and she used the medium to mention to her fans that she has finally gotten over the saga in the Big Brother Naija house that led to the Kemen’s disqualification during the show in 2017.

She shared the above photo and wrote;

“#throwback to last Sunday when we went to church and coincidentally listened to an amazing sermon on#forgiveness. To forgive is to release a prisoner ONLY to discover that the prisoner was You! Don’t become a hostage to your past- it is time to move on.

@kemen_fitness we should have a repeat ��, I’m thinking maybe white soup or Afang this time around ��#richintheword #friends #icelebrateyou


Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Tobi Bakre has revealed at the age of 17, he contacted gonorrhea.

During their task this evening where they addressed sexually transmitted diseases and safe sex,he revealed he started being sexually active at the age of 12 and after awhile,he stopped having safe sex as he assumed he was clean.

However, during his second year in University, one of his sexual partners, called him and told him he needed to run a test as he had infected her .He said, true to her words, he found out he had gonorrhoea.

He said he was ashamed to let his family doctor know and resorted to quack doctors,worsening his situation.

He eventually opened up to his family doctor and got proper treatment for months .He says since then, he has always ensured he uses protection during sex.


Yet again another Big Brother Naija housemate showed off a bit too much skin in the house yesterday.

Before now, Evicted housemate Vandora was caught on camera flashing her nipples, also Alex showed off her boobs when she was dressing up, well she has just done it again.

Last night, her nipple was in full glare of the camera after Leo who she was in bed with, suddenly stood up and pulling the duvet from her body.

See photos below:


Chitrashi tries hard to copy Sona’s handwriting and finally succeeds and writes a letter and decides to place it in the hall. Chitrashi checks Sunaina is sleeping. At night Kanhaiya and family arrives and Sunaina opens the door. Siddheshwar sees the letter and hands it over to kanhaiya. Kanhaiya finds that Sona left the house forever. Chitrashi comes and says that she felt sleepy sometime before and sees everyone upset. Chitrashi reads the letter “I am leaving this house forever as i was hurt badly here and have decided that i will never be back here again and thanks for everything”. The brothers smiles and Shakuntala says Sona has so much of attitude that she clearly said she will never return and this means Munna will never be able to meet her.

Siddheshwar says whatever happened is for good and Chitrashi asks kanhaiya if he is alright. Kanhaiya says he is ok and babuji is right. If she had to leave after divorce then why not know and he knows one thing that Sona never loved him truly. Chitrashi sees the poison bottle near kanhaiya’s feet and intentionally falls at kanhaiya’s feets and cries for a sorry blaming herself as the reason for Sona leaving and saying so she smartly picks up the bottle. Kanhaiya says Chitrashi is not at fault and he ishappy and Sona is no more in his life and it will be better if now onwards no one talks of Sona to him and saying so he leaves.

Sunaina gets tearful and checks the letter. Chitrashi goest to her room and keeps the poison bottle in a drawl and tries sleeping and remembers how Sona took the poison and gets in tension. Then she feels Someone is at the door and getsscary and starts sweating. She gets Courage and starts moving forward when Shakuntala holds her back and she cries. Shakuntala asks why Chitrashi is crying like she has seen the ghost of Sona. Chitrashi says she is getting successful in her plan and once she marries kanhaiya, property will be hers and She will throw kanhaiya and family out of the house and will teach them a lesson.  
Shakuntala wonders how Sona suddenly left the house. Chitrashi gets tensed and decides not to tell anything to her mother . Chitrashi says Sona left as she accepted her defeat. Next morning Chitrashi prepares Rangoli and Shakuntala asks kanhaiya to take leave from work for 2-3 days. Kanhaiya gets angry and says what it means that if Sonajiis not in his life so he should leave his duty and then realizes and calms down. Kanhaiya asks Mummyji not to talk of Sonaji to him as he does not want problems in his and mummyji’s relation and Sona is nothing to him now. Chitrashi feels happy and looks at door and decides to make kanhaiya and Sunaina go away from hall as letter might come anytime. Postmaster comes and kanhaiya receives the letter and gives it to Sunaina since it was on her name.

Kanhaiya leaves for office and Sunaina asks Chitrashi to come with her to her room and holds her and takes Chitrashi to room and locks door from inside. Sunaina asks Chitrashi where is Sona? And Chitrashi gets shocked. When Chitrashi tries saying that Sona Left, Sunaina takes out Sona’s Suicide note and tells that she got to it yesterday and asks where is Sona’s body as inletter its clearly mentioned that Chitrashi is responsible for Sona’s death and Sona smartly posted the letter to her so that when police comes for investigation, they get the letter.Chitrashi gets fully panicked and Chews the letter. Sunaina says eating up the letter does not mean that Chitrashi will be saved. Chitrashi falls on Sunaina’s feets and reveals thatSona drank poison infront of herand died and she didn’t knew what to do in such situation andso she burried Sona’s body at a place near the river and Chitrashi cries. Sunaina had tears in her eyes and sits on bed.

Chitrasi falls on Suhnaina’s feet crying that if Kanhaiya knows Sona killed herself, he will not be able to forgive himself. And i don’t want him to be feeling guilty as Sona deserves it. Suhnaina pushes Chitrasi to go away. What you have done is not a small thing and i am only leaving you for Kanhaiya’s sake because if Kanhaiya knows about this, he can’t take it and Suhnaina cries. In the night at 3am, Chitrasi is sleeping and wakes up hearing a sound. Chitrasi asks why is Shakuntala keeps using her bathroom and Chitrasi gets no response. Chitrasi calls out Maa, why aren’t you saying anything? Whois it? Who is inside and Chitrasi walks closer to the bathroom and sees no one. Chitrasi sees a shadow of a person walking by the window and goes to the main hall.

Chitrasi sees the shadow again and steps on something and realized its the poison bottle that Sona took. Chitrasi bends down to pick up the bottle and starts feeling scared. Chitrasi opens looks up and sees Sona in white saree and shouts in fear and closes her eyes. Chitrasi says someone save me and Suhnaina asks what happened Chitrasi? Why are you covering your face? Chitrasi says i saw Sona there! She was standing there and Suhnaina says there is no one there. Its your guilyness that is making you see her even when she is not there. I am with you and if you get scared like this, everyone will suspect you and Kanhaiya will find out what happened. Now go to your room and sleep as there is no ghost and Chitrasileaves. Suhnaina enters her room and closes her door and sees Sona standing before SUhnaina and walks closer to Suhnaina. Both Sona and Suhnaina laugh and put their hands together.

Suhnaina says that finally Chitrasi is trapped in our game. Sona says yes mummy ji, after doing this drama, we have to surely catch Chitrasi and no one can stop us.Suhnaina says i wondered if we can pull off this act but not bad, we did it! Sona says mummy ji, no matter what game Chitrasi did, she would never have thought that the poison i took was not poison but a normal liquid. Even the bubble came because i kept a paste in my mouth earlier and she got scared seeing all this. But mummy ji, all this is thanks to your help. *Flashback* Chitrasi drags the sack with Sona’s bodyand wonders where will she get a spade and goes searching for it. Suhnaina comes behind with a sand bag and unties the sack and asks how is Sona feeling since Chitrasi dragged her so far. Sona says that she is fine and Suhnaina informs that Chitrasi had gone looking for a spade and she even locked my door from outside.

I somehow managed to come out and follow her. Luckily i came out or else i don’t know how far i would have need to follow her. Now come, lets put this sand bag into the sack so that she doesn’t suspects. Sona says how if she checks it and Suhnaina says she won’t as shewill try to dispose it as soon as possible. Suhnaina and Sona also adds a few rocks to make the sack heavier and leaves after tying it back. Chitrasi arrives with his spade and drags the sack while Suhnaina and Sona watches and hug each another *End of Flashback*Suhnaina says you need to be careful. I know the place you arenow staying is certainly not a place for you. Sona says its alright, i will stay there.

Sona is sad and Suhnaina asks what happened and why are you looking sad? You are thinking about Kanhaiya right? Sona says he must be hating me so much. Suhnaina says i know Kanhaiya well and it may seem that he hates you but he will never stop loving you. Now forget all this and only concerntrate on revealing Chitrasi’s truth and the truth needs to be revealed soon and Sona agrees. Kanhaiya looks at the letter written by Sona (the letter Chitrasi wrote) and Kanhaiya gets a message from Chitrasi where Chitrasi says thatshe is having headache and needs some medicine. Chitrasi is in her room thinking to herself that now when Suhnaina itself is by Chitrasi’s sode, no one can stop Kanhaiya from being hers.

Kanhaiya brings some medicinefor Chitrasi and Chitrasi says i don’t know how to thank you. My head was feeling so heavy and i had to message you. Kanhaiya says its alright, take this medicine and have rest. Chitrasi continues feeling headache and Kanhaiya says looks like your condition is bad, let me massage your head and you sleep. You will feel better. Chitrasi says the way you you take care of me, i don’t know how to thank you and Chitrasi holds Kanhaiya’s hand while Sona watches this and feels sad. Kanhaiya recalls massaging Sona’s head where Sona thanks Kanhaiya and asks him to stop it. Kanhaiya says i am your husband and its my duty. You should listen to me and only rest and Sona says sorry and they both laugh. Kanhaiya looks at Chitrasi’s face and gets up and leaves while Chitrasi wonders. Chitrasi feels someone’s presence at the door and Sona leaves while Chitrasi shuts the door.

Kanhaiya enters his room and looks at the photo of him and Sona together. Kanhaiya says you left me and went away.You took everything from me and left and only memory is left.I know that there is a meaning for it too. You must be happy to see me right? Look at how is your Kanhaiya suffering here without you. My heart is crying here and you must be happy elsewhere. You know i can’t live without you and yet you left me. I can’t stay without you. Keep smilling and feel happy and Kanhaiya looks at the photo andbreaks it. Kanhaiya cries and wipes his tears looking back at the broken photo and recalls hismoments with Sona. Kanhaiya tries to sleep.Sona stands at the room door and is in tears seeing Kanhaiya sleeping alone. Sona walks closer towards Kanhaiya and looks at the broken photo frame on the floor and cries. Sona walks to the photo frame and looks at Kanhaiya and starts picking up all the broken glasses. Kanhaiya turns and Sona gets scared and slowly remove the broken glasses and places the photo on a table and leaves the room in tears. Kanhaiya feels someone’s presence and looks at the floor clean and the photo on the table. Kanhaiya says mummy ji must have cleaned it and goes to sleep again. Sona stands by the door and cries. The next day, Chitrasi is watching the TV where Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se show promo is being shown. Kanhaiya comes looking for something where Chitrasi off the TV and Chitrasi asks what isKanhaiya looking for? Kanhaiya says he is looking for his phone diary and wonders where he kept it. Chitrasi asks don’t you have the number you are looking for in your phone? Kanhaiya says he had not savedthe number in his new phone yet. Chitrasi asks whose number are you looking for? Kanhaiya says Sona’s dadi’s number. Chitrasi asks but why? Kanhaiya says he wants to check how is Sona. I want to check with Dadi and see how is she. Let me go and look in my room and Kanhaiya leaves. Chitrasi says to Siddeshwar thatKanhaiya is very worried about Sona and he was looking for Sona’s dadi’s number. Siddeshwar asks why is Kanhaiya looking for her dadi’s number? Chitrasi says he is worried for Sona and wants to know how is she. I am scared that if he keeps thinking of her, he will keep getting hurt. Siddeshwar says you are right, let me speak to him. Kanhaiya brings the number and reaches to the landline to make the call and Siddeshwar asks what is this? Kanhaiya says he wants tospeak once to Sona.

Siddeshwar asks why? She means nothing to you know, so why are you worried for her? After she left, did she even call and say where and how is she? So many things happened and you are still worried for Sona. Suhnaina watches all this while Siddeshwar continues that Sonawas the one who brought the lawyer and asked for divorce. And without saying anything, she left the house. We can see how responsible is she and did she care how worried would yoube? She don’t care for you and its best if you realize this soon. Forget Sona. Even time wants you to accept Chitrasi as your wife and Kanhaiya looks at Siddeshwar. Chitrasi says babuji, don’t feel bad but why this now? Siddeshwar says i know what to say. Kanhaiya, please understand that your life does not ends when Sona left. She left you herself and please think of Chitrasi who waited all these years for you. Suhnaina isstaring while Siddeshwar says that now when Sona have left, i will not allow Chitrasi’s life to get ruined. Suhnaina ji, you ownself make him understand. If i am wrong, please say it. Suhnaina says you are right andKanhaiya says please give me sometime to think about it and Siddeshwar says take all the time you want but make sure its a yes. You could at least do this for me and Kanhaiya leave. Siddeshwar informs Chitrasi that he, Deva, Kamal and Bheema are going out for a work and will be back in the evening and leaves.Chitrasi thinks to herself that Kanhaiya will surely accept to marry me now and Suhnaina stares at Chitrasi and smiles to herself.

Chitrasi enters her roomsaying that she can’t believe that everything is happening so easy for her to Shakuntala. Chitrasi sees a spade with blood stain in her room and starts shouting while Suhnaina enters asking what happened? Your voice could be heard till outside. Chitrasi points to the spade and Shakuntala says this is just a spade, why are you getting scared seeing this? Suhnaina says i will bring the spade outside. There is nothing in this. Chitrasi says look at this stain maa ji. Its blood stain. Sheis back. Sona is back and Suhnaina says what are you saying? You are so brave and how could you be scared like this and Suhnaina leaves with the spade. Shakuntala asks Chitrasi what is happening between both of you. What haveyou been hiding from me? Suhnaina stands near the door and listens to the conversation where Chitrasi reveals everything that happened. Shakuntala says so much of things happened and you hide this from me while you told this to Suhnaina? This is not a small thing. Chitrasi says i am scared and what will happen now. A while later, Shakuntala says thatshe knows a tantrik baba and we need to do this prayers before Siddeshwar and everyone else return home. Chitrasi nods and Shakuntala says i am sure that the tantrik will get rid of Sona’s soul forever. Someone rings the bell and Shakuntala says this must be the tantrik baba and greets the tantrik to enter. Chitrasi getsscared seeing the tantrik and Shakunatal says that a soul is disturbing Chitrasi.

The tantrik looks around and says that this house has a very powerful spiritbut don’t worry, i will catch the spirit. But i need to do something before that. Lock all the doors in this room and off the light. The tantrik performs the prayers in the dark while someone keeps knocking on theroom door and Chitrasi is scared. The door opens and Sona is standing at the door andenters the room looking angry. Sona shouts why did you called me? Sona starts laughing while both Shakuntala and Chitrasi is getting scared.Sona points towards Chitrasi saying what did you think? You could catch me? The tantrik says yes i will and Sona says you will never be able to do this.And i will never leave this women alone! I will kill her and whoever who comes in betweenof us will also die. Chitrasi gets scared and Sona controls the tantrik where the tantrik asks Sona to leave him.

Sona says this is the first and last warning,leave from here before i kill you and the tantrik runs out while Chitrasi and Shakuntala cries and falls on Sona’s feet asking to forgive them.Sona quietly leaves the room and when Chitrasi opens her eyes, she says that Sona have left and keeps praying in fear.


The parents of first lady Melania Trump have become legal permanent residents of the United States and are close to obtaining their citizenship, according to people familiar with their status,and their lawyer.

Immigration experts said Viktor and Amalija Knavs very likely relied on a family reunification process that President Trump has derided as “chain migration” and proposed ending in such cases.

The Knavses, formerly of Slovenia, are living in the country on green cards, according to Michael Wildes, a New York-based immigration lawyer who represents the first lady and her family.