Trevor Noah breaks down why Oprah Winfrey is the"perfect opponent" for Donald Trump

TV host Trevor Noah has weighed in on a possible Oprah 2020 presidency. He believes Oprah is a more suitable opponent for the position than Donald Trump and gave reasons.

On Monday’s broadcast of "The Daily Show," Trevor explained why Winfrey could be the perfect opponent for Donald Trump in 2020. Noah said Oprah's speech at Sunday’s Golden Globes Awards "made a lot of people feel like Oprah wasn’t done achieving things quite yet.

"He also added: "She’s everything that he’s not."Before pointing out all of the above, he warned: "Whatever you do, Oprah, don't use emails.

Don't use emails!"The email bit was in reference to the Hillary Clinton email saga which led to an investigation, and to a large extent was used against her during the presidential campaign.

Watch Trevor make a case for Oprah for president below.

Tonight at 11/10c, whatever you do,@Oprah, don’t use email!

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow)9 January 2018

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