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Who said an African cannot have a sold out show at one of the UK’s most iconic venues? Well, Wizkid made history last night, September 29th by becoming the first African artist to sell out the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Tickets were even sold out two days before the concert.
The show was broadcasted live via Wizkid’s Facebook page so his worldwide fans could also get a piece of the action.

He joins the likes of the Beatles and many international superstars who have headlined at the Royal Albert Hall in London. British act Yxng Bane and Nigeria’s Wande Coal also performed at the concert.


Voice Nigeria Coach and singer Waje, who took to her Instagram page to congratulate Wizkid who made history last night after becoming the first African artiste to sell out at Royal Albert Hall in London, was however trolled on by a Davido fan.

Well, the singer slammed the follower and here's their exchange below;

Comedian Seyi Law’s daughter, Tiwaloluwa Oluwademiladeola Chidera Aviellais one year old today, September 30th, and the thankful dad has released lots of adorable photos to mark her day.

Read his birthday message to her below….“Great is God’s faithfulness,For His hands has dealt wondrously with us. Out of His will, He filled the womb,And in tempest storm, He preserved the gift.
In His time, He brought forth our Angel,And the tears of time past, He wiped away.
Our sorrows, He replaced with enormous Joy,With dancing, He blessed our feet.
Days, weeks and months screamed by,Goodly surprises, He made us see.
In the wickedness of men, He showed us love,And our Thanks will never be enough. Right before our eyes, our flower blossoms,In the covenant of God never to wither.
If our hairs were tongues, they still can’t praise enough.Glory for the time gone,Honour for the new chapter unveiled.It is a year already,For Tiwaloluwa Oluwademiladeola Chidera Aviella,Oh Lord, our God, we say, THANK YOU.HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Our Angel, TIWALOLUWA.Daddy and Mummy love You.”

Friday, 29 September 2017


Tonto Dikeh alleged that Churchill’s father was former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s gardener, that he had a hand in a miscarriage she had while with him and that he brutalized her.

Someone asked him his thoughts, and the businessman in a lengthy reply took at time to explain himself, he wrote;“I’ll take time out from my very busy schedule to address these lies quickly.  King’s mother had him through CS operation … it wasn’t a natural birth. Her healing process took 3 months and the doctor strongly advised against copulation for the said period.

We lived together for only six months and with 3 months without copulating a 4 months pregnancy that got terminated by domestic violence is an impossibility which clears me of the claims of being a murderer and causing her to lose the said pregnancy that was a figment of her imagination to make the false claims believable.

Secondly;the gold pedant she had on in the pictures showing her scars I bought from Switzerland and I handed that to her 1st December 2016.

Just 2 days after the incident at my mum’s house she held an event where she fixed roads for the disabled colony without make up and she had no facial scars; Dec 22 2016 which backs up my claims that I never raised my hands to her through out all the damage she wrecked; also the last time I saw this woman was in December .Google is free and you can graciously use that medium to confirm that what i just said is the truth and nothing but the truth.

About being the son of a gardener; my mum’s pictures are on the internet,she had being living in the U.K before I was born. Does she look like a gardener’s wife?So what if my father was a gardener? Which he apparently wasn’t, our Lord Jesus was born a carpenter’s son. Where you come from should never determine the limits to your greatness in life.

My father wasn’t a gardener; that’s very untrue. I never raised my hands against my ex wife. She was the one who violently attacked me with knives and weapons at every altercation.

I am a man of few words and I do not my fight at all neither can I cause bodily harm to any human.  I was raised better than that. Scornful people will stop at nothing to taint people’s image but it is God’s work tovindicate a man. People need to stop getting bamboozled by lies they read on social media; any one can lie about sensitive matters to get public sympathy but it takes real eyes to recognize real lies.

When things don’t add up from too many lies a person tells just to sound believable because they are aware they have becomea persona non grata on the internet and a laughing stock in the society at large. 6 months of marriage is too short for all these testimonies and claims.

As for domestic violent there should be at least witnesses, her younger sister stayed with us and nanny, where is the doctor that treated her?Does that she look like the kind of woman that you can beat and go to sleep, she will stab you before the next morning,and she doesn’t joke with evidences,if she doesn’t have one she rather sends you a false text message that you won’t understand as evidences without your replies,then she posts up.

The most painful part of all this is that I was warned by everyone not to getinvolved with her and look at what I get for giving her benefit of doubt. The only good thing that came out of that relationship was my King so I just take it all as one of those things that life throws at you.”


Nollywood actress, Joke Silva, who just turned 55 took to social media toshare the beautiful photos and also wrote;“Baba God…mo dupe.Another year begins.

I thank you for health I thank you for abundance I thank you for acceleration I thank you for peace of mind that passeth all understanding as it garrisons and mounts guard over my heart and mind in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you @yetundebabaeko for this lovely Photo”


Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage is excited after she made the list of BBC 100 Most influential Women.

Award winning Nigerian Singer, Tiwa Savage has called on women not to allow their gender limit them from attaining their utmost best in life.Sawage who was reacting to her making of the BBC 100 Most Inspirational and Innovative Women listsaid this on her instagram handle @tiwasavage on Thursday.“Don’t let being a woman hinder you, I have and still have to fight to get people to respect and appreciate my work and not limit me because I am female so this really encourages me to keep pushing and breaking boundaries.

It’s true when they say your brightest moments usually come after your darkest times.Keep your head up and work hard through it. The same people laughing at you will celebrate you,’’Savage said.“Do not let anything hold you back because you are a mother, wife, young, older or a female.“You can never leave a footprint that will last if you are always working on tiptoes,”she said further quoting Leymar Gbowee, popular Liberian female activist.Savage also urged her fans to put God first, enjoy life, love, be a good human and do what makes you happy.

The ‘Eminado’ crooner is a mother of one with several awards and a Sony/ATV publishing deal to her name.Also, Nigerian-British Anne-Marie Imafidon made the list for her role in supporting women to go into careers inscience, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).Imafidon founded and became CEO of `Stemettes’’ in 2013, a social enterprisepromoting women in STEM careers, and was honoured with an Member of the British Empire ( MBE) in 2016.At 15, she was admitted a degree program and became the youngest graduate with a Master’s degree from Oxford University at the age of 19.

The list also includes seven other Africans including Adelle Onyango (Kenya), Anita Nderu (Kenya), Chaima Lahsini (Morroco), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (Liberia), Marieme Jamme (Senegal), Naomi Mwaura (Kenya) and Talent Jumo (Zimbabwe).100 Women is a BBC multi-format series established in 2013.The series examines the role of women in the 21st century and has included events in London and Mexico.This year’s event which will last for one week will include broadcast, online reports, debates and journalism on the topic of women.Women across the world are encouraged to participate via Twitter and comment on the list, as well as the interviews and debates which follow release of the list.

Source - NAN


A popular pastor has been arrested by the government after he was found to have made certain outrageous comments about the Islamic religion.

Victor Ajisafe, a popular Nigerian pastorhas been arrested in Sierra Leone after recordings of a sermon targeting Muslims went viral on social media, sparking widespread outrage.

According to The Guardian UK, Victor Ajisafe, founder and leader of one of thecountry’s largest churches, in an address to his congregation on Saturday, called Islam a“violent religion of lies and deceit”and said Muslims have been responsible for“every terrorist act in the history of the world”.Sierra Leone’s population is roughly 78% Muslim, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center estimate.

Audio and video recordings of the sermon appeared online within three days, and were met with immediate and near-universal condemnation by both Muslim and Christian Sierra Leoneans.

Ajisafe was arrested on Tuesday, but has not yet been charged.“Everyone is very upset by his message,”said MB Kamara, head of Sierra Leone’s criminal investigations department.“We are a very religiously tolerant country and no one ever worries whether someone is Muslim or Christian. We all have lived peacefully for generations, and no one wants that disrupted.”An initial press release from the social welfare ministry said Ajisafe was being held for his own protection.

Kamara said Ajisafe would be held until a charge against him could be determined.Sierra Leone does not have legislation devoted specifically to hate speech, butincitement is prohibited under commonlaw. The attorney general, Joseph Kamara, is expected to make a decisionon Thursday.All six branches of Ajisafe’s Sanctuary Praise Church, one of Sierra Leone’s largest Evangelical communities, have been indefinitely shut down by the social welfare ministry pending further investigations.Police have been dispatched to each location to prevent anyone from entering after CID officials claimed that “credible information” indicated the existence of a plot to burn down the church’s Freetown headquarters.

Ibrahim Tommy, director of the civil society group Center for Accountability and the Rule of Law, said he was worried that banning people from Ajisafe’s church may constitute a violation of people’s right to free assembly.“It’s completely wrong what he said, and in some ways even criminal,”Tommy said.“He should be held fully accountable, but I don’t think that the government should shut down a whole church and disband its congregation just because of one person. People have the right to worship where they please, and we’re venturing into dangerous territory by limiting that right, even temporarily.“Besides, who says just because some hateful comments were said that suddenly every Muslim in the country is going to jump for an opportunity to destroy the man? By assuming so, the government is just reinforcing that stupid narrative about Muslims the pastor put out in the first place.”Members of the Inter-Religious Councilof Sierra Leone have condemned Ajisafe’s statements. The council’s secretary general, Reverend Dr Usman Jesse Fornah, said Sierra Leone’s Christians have lived“a peaceful coexistence with Muslims and want it to continue”.

The organisation’s president, Sheikh Abu Bakarr Conteh, emphasised Islam’s peaceful nature and urged his followers to forgive Ajisafe and refrain from passing judgement on their Christian neighbours.Ajisafe’s comments have been decried by Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad on social media. Some have demanded an apology, while others have called for the pastor’s deportationback to Nigeria.“Statements like his can bring chaos towhole countries, so of course we’re concerned,”said Emmanuel Lansana, alecturer in Freetown.“I come from a family of mixed religion. My father is a Muslim and my mother is a Christian. It’s the same with me and my wife, and we have happy homes. It’s as if [Ajisafe]wants to divide our country’s unique union at a time when the world needs us to lead by example. But I think he will be disappointed. We know how to love each other.”


Pragya thinking Abhi will gain consciousness now and gets happy. Saiyyara Re plays………….Nurse informs her that Abhi has gained consciousness. Pragya gets happy and runs to his ward. Sheasks Dadi, if anyone meet him. Dadi says no, and says you have first right to meet him, as you have saved him.

Tanu gets scared of the consequences of their meeting.Pragya is going there. Tu Meri Jaan hai plays……………Abhi sees Pragya. Pragya smiles seeing him. Abhi asks Nurse what is going on? He says I told you to call my family. He asks her to goand call his family. Nurse asks Pragya why did he say that, if heis not remembering you. Pragyais shocked and asks Doctor to check her. She tells him that Abhi is not recognizing her. Doctor says I will check him andgoes.Dadi asks what happened? Pragya says he is not recognizing me? Don’t know why? Dadi is shocked and asks her to have strength. Tanu and Aaliya looks on surprised.Doctor checks Abhi. They come out.

Dr. Sharma tells her that this is unfortunate, but truth. Hesays he can’t identify you, and itis not his mistake. Dr. Jatin says he is having retrograde amnesia..Dadi asks what is it? Doctor explains and says it is a memory loss. Dadi is shocked. Doctor says his mind was hurt which deals with short term memory. He says we can’t tell how much did he remember? Mitali says if he don’t know anything. Doctor says we don’t know. He don’t know anything about his accident and the thingbefore the accident. Aaliya asks him if he don’t remember anything. Doctor says he forgot few parts in life and asks everyone to meet him. Dadi says can we tell him who is the person. Doctor says it is not easy to make him remember and asks her to be careful. He asks them not to disturb his reality.Abhi thinks why my family is notcoming, and thinks if they came or not. Aaliya enters. Abhi sees her and says you…Aaliya says bhai. Abhi says you was in Australia for studies, then when did you come? Aaliya is surprised and says today I came. She asks do you remember me? Abhi says ofcourse, I sent you for studies. He says you should be there in Australia for your exams. Aaliya says exam was done, and even results came. Abhi asks why I couldn’t remember anything. Aaliya asks him not to stress hismind. Abhi says you must have top the exams. Aaliya says yes. Abhi hugs her.Dadi says what do you mean? Shall we not inform him that Pragya is his wife and have saved him. Doctor tells sometimes it happens that the patient forgets his loved ones orothers. Raj asks if there is any test to know when he will regainmemory or if there is any medicine. Doctor says no, and says if he has to get well then he will be fine else he will be like this only.

Abhi asks Aaliya abouthis accident and asks since when I am here. Aaliya asks himnot to take stress. She thinks Abhi don’t remember anything since January 2014, and don’t remember his marriage with Pragya. She thinks he has become like old Abhi. She thinks we got the Jackpot today.Abhi asks her to send Dadi. Aaliya says okay.Purab asks Doctor to tell what did he forget? Doctor asks him not to stress on his mind. Dadi gets worried. Doctor says this had happened with many famous people and now they are living normal life. Aaliya comes out and tells Abhi has lost memory since 2 and a half years ago. Purab asks how can you be so sure? Aaliya says I met him and he was asking me about my exams. I am assumingthat he don’t remember anything happened since last 2 years, and says even he didn’t remember that he was angry with me.Aaliya informing everyone that Abhi just remember the things which happened 2 and a half years ago. He just knows about my exams and his music. Doctor says it is good that you people came to know what he remembers. Aaliya tells Dadi that Abhi wants to meet her. Pragya thinks Abhi don’t remember her or their marriage.She recalls all the good things happened before his accident and gets teary eyes. Dadi and Purab go inside to meet Abhi. Abhi asks them how are you both? He asks why you didn’t come to meet me, and asks if you are upset with me. He says I should be upset as you went for a meeting on my birthday.

Purab says no….Abhi says I wasupset with you, but don’t remember why? He asks why I am here. Purab asks him not to stress his mind and get well soon. Abhi sees Dadi crying andsays he is fine. Dadi asks how are you. Abhi says fine. He asksPurab since when I am here? Abhi asks did I miss anyone chautha, barsi and marriage? Purab asks him to get well first.Abhi says I will perform in the concert and sings a song. Dadi says it is good. Purab says he went to that stage when he sang this song, and thinks he became like before. He thinks if Abhi forgets her then how she will leave. Tanu asks Aaliya if this is truth. Aaliya says yes, and says I am so thankful to God that everything is back. Tanu says now he loves me madly. Aaliya says he don’t remember that her engagement with Purab was broken and that he got married to Pragya? Tanu is very much happy and asks her to pinch her. Aaliya pinches her and says I am feeling very good. She says Pragya is out of Abhi’s life. Tanu asks her to hold her else she will faint with happiness. Aaliya says she will enjoy the life as she got the second chance.

Tanu says now I will marry him and get him. Aaliya says we will get everything.Tanu says I will go and meet him. Aaliya stops her and says you was a super model when hewas dating you, but now you arefat because of pregnancy and miscarriage. Tanu says I wanted to hug him and make Pragya jealous. Pragya comes and says you both must be very happy, but he will gain consciousness very soon. Aaliya says unfortunately it is retrograde amnesia and he will never gain his memory. Pragya says my heart is saying that he will get memory back. Aaliya asks her to search on Internet and says sometimes memory never comes back. She feels pity on her and says you are erased from his memory. Your identify, name, kumkum everything is gone and wiped, and the things will be like I wanted. Now he will be my brother and will love Tanu. She says your destination is clear, but you can’t walk on it.

Pragya is in shock.Pragya asks Doctor to do something as he couldn’t remember her. Purab says how to make him remember that he is married. Dadi asks if there is any way? Doctor says he will live now normally, but can’t recognize you. Pragya says this means that I shall leave the hope that he will recognize me. Doctor asks them to give him sometime and asks not to meet him whoever he doesn’t know inhis memory.Sarla is happy and keeps halwa for the puja. Beeji says I hope Mata Rani makes everything fine. Abhi gets flashes of the accident. Aaliya asks if he is fine. Abhi asks where did the accident happened? Aaliya saysit happened in Lonavala. She asks him not to stress his mind to remember, as he remembers his family and fans. Abhi says right.Pragya stands infront of God, and is about to fill kumkum in her maang, but stops. She says you have saved him, but he is not recognizing me. She says I am feeling very bad, as I can hear him, but can’t talk to him. She says now Aaliya and Tanu will not try to separate us, as I am not in his life now. She asks God to give her strength and says she is ready to wait for himall life.

She says when I fought with his enemies, I knew that he loves me, but now he don’t remember me. She cries badly.Tanu and aliya sarcastically taunt pragya that she has to leave. pragya is distraught and apalled and vehemently asserts about how she needs to be here, and that she may be out ofabhi’s memory, but not from his heart and soul. they continue to chide, and keep explaining as tohow her leaving here, is the right option, since he doesnt have any recollection, but has memories of the other relations,and suddenly seeing her would be wrong for her health. she says that she shall stay in hiding, but prevent him from evileyes, and then she can be assured of his safety and well being, without even having to bein front of her. but they tell her thats not possible, and continueto pack her stuff out, to throw it out of abhi’s room. granny comes and is apalled to see her being chided and teased like that. she rushedly takes her from there, while pragya continues complaining about whats happening to her, and how they are plotting yet again. she calms her down, while pragya continues to pour out, that she was the one who got him married to her, to keep his life happy and stable.

when she finds granny tensed and apalled, she asks whats the matter, granny begs for forgiveness and then explains how this is the only option, for abhi’s happiness, and asks her to make this ultimate sacrifice, for abhi, and assures that she shall merely be away and not actually separating from him. pragya is apalled, as granny extends her hands for pragya’s help. she is distraught when she gives into her request, and then walks out in a daze. grannycollapses on the bed dishevelled and distraught.While packing her stuffs, Pragyaencapsulating all the moments and experience she spent with Abhi in that room. She stands tensely, as a wave of memories passes in front of her eyes. Every items on the room takes her back in the time when she lived with her husband.

Although, she never had a happy married life but always shared a sweet and sour equation with Abhi. She gets emotional and nostalgic remembering those moments and leaves Abhi's room. Pragya takes along all the stuff related to Abhi, the photo, his jacket and everything associated to Abhi and Pragya's memories. After packing her stuffs, Pragya walks out of the house as everyone sadly watch her. She bids farewell to every member of the house.

Daadi is not happywith what she has done to Pragya. In fact everyone in the house is upset except Aaliya and Tanu.But Aaliya is not satisfied with all this and looks forward to givePragya a memorable farewell. She stops Pragya on the way and hands over her doll which used to be Abhi's favorite in order to make her remember what she was before marrying Abhi and asks her to get out of the house. This is the connotation that Pragya will relive her old life back without Abhi's love.

Thursday, 28 September 2017


Doctor informing Pragya that Abhi is no more and died before he was taken to hospital. He asks ward boy to fill the form and mention brought dead on arrival. Pragya is shattered and looks at Abhi. Banjar Hai Sab Banjar Hai plays…………………She recalls Abhi making her wear chunari, their marriage etc. a fb is shown of the same while the song continues to play. Ward boy brings white bed sheet and covers on him. Pragya says no, and asks Doctor to check him again. Doctor says we have checked him.

Pragya says he is just unconscious and will be fine if you treat him. She touches his face and asks him to wake up. She says I can’t wait any longer. Doctor asks other Doctor to come. Pragya asks him to give him shock therapy and revive his heart. Doctor says he is dead, you can’t understand. Pragya says he can’t die and asks him to treat him. Doctor says we are doctor, and not God.

Pragya says I have felt his heart beat. Doctor says we have to see other patients also.Pragya folds her hands and asks him to try to revive him once. Doctor checks and says no heart beat, no pulse…we are sorry at your loss. Dadi asks Mitali to drive fast. Mitali asks her not to worry. Dadi sees Om in the car about to slip. She says it is a bad sign. Mitali says nothing will happen. Nurse brings injection. Doctor says he is dead, and asks her to do the paper work. Pragya asks Abhi towake up, says you are a liar. Shesays you have promised to be with me, then how can you go….I won’t let you go. She saysI was fighting with everyone, and says I know you will not leave me….she asks him not to do thus and cries. She says I am very much scared, don’t joke, please open your eyes. She tells that she has applied kumkum and worn mangalsutra after many days, which will not let him go. Doctor says case is closed. Dr. Jatin says this is notcase, but a life of someone. He says we have to respect her emotions. Pragya asks Abhi to get up. Nurse asks her to calm down.

Pragya says he has to get up… Pragya says I won’t let him die even if he wants. She asks where is that injection. Nurse says this injection is to be givento heart, but now nothing can happen as he is dead already. Pragya gives him injection in hischest. She asks him to get up, and says you can’t leave me after asking me to wait, how canyou forget that I am your life. She asks him to take her with her and hugs him. She then feels his heart heat…..and informs Nurse. Nurse says whatyou are saying? Pragya says I am saying truth and asks her to check. Nurse checks him and goes out to inform Doctor that the patient is alive. Doctor says impossible he can’t be alive. Nurse says I have checked his injection and tells that Pragya gave him injection and then his heart beat started. Doctor is shocked and goes inside to check Abhi. He asks Nurse to shift patient to OT. He tells Pragya that they will try to makePatient alright, and says it is notless than a miracle. Pragya smiles cryingly.Tanu and Aaliya are tensed. Tanu says Abhi was not here, and that’s why we made plan. She says may be Abhi was with Pragya in that bungalow and gotto know all the truth. Aaliya saysI don’t know. I called home and Robin said that everyone went to hospital. She says we shall go to hospital.

Tanu asks have you gone mad? She says Abhi will get us arrested and says he will not leave me. She asks her not to go. Aaliya asks her to shut up and says he is my brother, I can harm him, but can’t see him death. She says he sent me to Australia so that I can learn from my mistakes. Tanu also cries, Aaliya says my brother is fighting with death and life and says I am going there. Tanu follows her. Pragya looks at Abhi from outside the OT door. Abhi is operated by thedoctors. Yaar Milade Saiyya plays…………………Nurse comes out. Pragya asks how is his condition. Nurse says he is critical. Doctor asks her to bringpatient report. Pragya asks if he is fine. Doctor tells that it is yourlove who will bring him back to his senses, just as he came back to life. He tells about Sati Savitri story and says what we are doing is medical science, but what you have done is a miracle. He asks her to have strength.

Pragya prays to God and asks him to bring him back to life.Purab, Dadi, Akash, Mitali and Raj reach hospital. They enquireabout Abhi. Pragya comes running to Dadi and hugs her. Dadi asks how is he? Is he fine? Pragya says he is wounded and had blood loss. She says Doctors are operating on him. Raj says he was in Delhi naa. Dadi asks if you both have fought? Pragya tells that they were happy in the bungalow andtells that he went to bring breakfast for her. She tells that she got a call that someone failed her car brakes to kill her, and then accident happened while he was talking to me. She says I reached there and brought him here. Dadi prays forAbhi. Purab asks her not to cry. Raj asks Dadi not to worry and says he will be fine. Mitali says he will be fine and cries. Purab signs Pragya that he want to talk to her. Pragya wonders what he wants to say........Aaliya and Tanu come to the hospital and ask about Abhi. Pragya tells that he had an accident and is in the OT now. They go there. Purab asks Pragya, why did you tell them? Pragya says Aaliya is Abhi’s sister. Purab says they are the reason for Abhi’s condition. He takes her to side and tells that Tanu, Aaliya and Nikhil have failed the car brakes and landedhim here. Aaliya asks Dadi to tell how is Abhi? Dadi ignores her. Aaliya tries to ask Mitali and others. Nurse comes out. Tanu asks how is Abhi? Nurse says he is critical. Tanu orders her to call doctor out and says she will talk to him. Nurse asks if this is a joke, doctor is operating. She asks them to maintain silence. Pragya comesback to Aaliya and Tanu. She slaps Tanu and Aaliya. They are shocked.

She says Abhi is in hospital because of you both…and asks them to get out. Sarla is worried for Pragya and Abhi. Purab informs her that Abhi met with a serious accident and asks her to come there. Sarla cries badly hearing about him. Beeji tells that we shall go there and asks her to come.Pragya holds Aaliya’s hand and asks her to get out. Aaliya asks what do you want? Pragya asks what do you want? She says I don’t understand how can a sister do this with her brother who is so loving and protective. She says he was ready to ruin his life and married me for your revenge. She says all my problems are because of me, shall I murder you? Aaliya is shocked. Pragya says your destiny is so good and have a family. You tried to kill him. Tanu says we didn’t come here to hear your lecture, but to see Abhi. Pragya says you came here to see that if he is dead or alive. Tanu asks her to stop nonsense and says we care for him. Pragya says you would have told him that the baby is not of him, and was partying with Nikhil and planned his death. Aaliya says how can I kill my brother? Pragya says you have failed my car’s brakes to kill me. Aaliya accepts to their crime and says we didn’t know that bhai was with you…Tanu recalls hearing Dadi and Purab’s conversation.Aaliya says this is just a coincidence. She says you should had been in that car, but your destiny is good and you was saved, but he met with an accident. Pragya cries and says my destiny was bad……Purab consoles her. Pragya says I should have died. Purab says they can’t feel any emotion or see your pain. Pragya says I don’t know what you people are feeling, but you will now feel what I will give you. She says I will punish you for doing wrong with Abhi. Aaliya feels bad for Abhi, but Tanu stands carefree. Nurse comes out and says operation is done. Doctor comes out and says he is out of danger now. Pragya thanks him.Doctor tells we have failed, and declared him dead, but you brought him back to life. He tellsthat they have put many stitches as the wounds are many. He tells Dadi that she is lucky to have bahu like her.Pragya, Purab and Raj insist to meet him. Doctor allows only Pragya to meet him after he gets consciousness. Pragya thanks him.

She comes to ward…..Tere liye duniya chod di hai song plays……………..She sits at his bed side. Sarla and Beeji reach there and ask Dadi about Abhi. Dadi says if Abhi is alive, then he is alive because of Pragya. She says Pragya’s love and strength gave him new life and praises Sarla’s teachings. Dadi praises Pragya. Sarla says our kids are with us. Dadi says they will be together always andprays to God to unite them. Sarla says I pray for their safety and unity. Beeji asks where is Pragya. Dadi says she went to see Abhi in OT.Pragya tells Abhi how can you heart stop beating..she holds his hand….and cries. Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays...............Pragya sitting at Abhi’s bedside,and recalls all the happy moments between them. A fb is shown. Milade Saiyya plays…………….Tanu are talking toNikhil on phone. Nikhil thinks to run away from there. Tanu says Abhi haven’t gained consciousness yet and just had surgery. She tells him that Aaliya has changed and have become a caring sister now. She tells Aaliya even fought withPragya to see Abhi and says that Aaliya will not leave you. Nikhil says it was not my mistake and tells that you said that Pragya is alone and when I checked, she was alone.Tanu asks him not to come there. Nikhil thinks Abhi will ruinmy career if he gains consciousness and gets worried thinking what to do? Purab tells Dadi that Abhi will gain consciousness in sometime and goes to bring injection. Dadi and Beeji are happy.Aaliya asks Purab, when will Abhi gain consciousness? Purab asks what does she wants? If she wants to fool Abhi with her fake tears. Aaliya says Ididn’t want to kill you. Purab says I know you tried to kill Pragya, but Abhi sat on that car.She says you know well that he can’t live without Pragya, and says if anything would have happen to her, then he would have died indirectly. He says I know you are acting and everyone also know. He says Bulbul have saved me from you, else I would have married you. He thanks God for sending Bulbul in his hand. He says once Abhi gains consciousness,all the misunderstandings will be cleared. He asks her to think about herself. Aaliya says you are taking it personal. Purab says I am not taking it personal, and says you are selfish woman. He says when we all have left you, your so called friends will also leave you one day. He asks her never to show her face to Abhi, stay away fromhim. He asks her to do a favor and stay away from Abhi and him.

Pragya tells you will be fine once you gains consciousness. She says everything will be good, our relation also…there will be no pain, and says God has returned her happiness. She says all your wishes will come true and we will celebrate all occasions together. She tellswe will have a daughter named Abhigya just as you wants, and says I have a son just like you. She asks him to get well soon, and come home. She says you have to start work too and perform in concerts. She reminisces how he applied coloron her during holi. A fb is shown…..Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays………….She talks to him while he is still unconscious, and then she sleeps near him. Pragya asks Sarla to go home and take rest. Sarla asks her to have food else she will get unwell. Aaliya looks at her and goes. Pragya thanks God for saving Abhi. Sarla says you have suffered a lot to get him.Pragya is happy and says I am happy that my kumkum is with me. She asks Beeji and Sarla to go home, take rest and come later. Sarla insists to see Abhi once he gains consciousness and then leave. Pragya asks her to come later. They leave after blessing her for happiness. Pragya prays to God and take the fallen flower as Prasad, and thank God. Tanu tells Aaliya thatwe shall not stay here and says lets go. Aaliya says I want to meet Bhai. Once he gains consciousness, I will meet him and then leave. Tanu says what do you think that he will hug you….he will not leave you and asks her to come in her senses. Aaliya asks her to stop chewing her brain. Tanu says it seems you have an idea to get away from Abhi’s anger.

Aaliya says you are right and says she will give her injection to make her slip into coma. Tanu thinks what to do, she thinks she can’t leave aaliya alone.Pragya tells Abhi that she got his dream and he was trying to say something….Suddenly Abhi holds her hand. Pragya gets emotional and calls Nurse. Nurse says you will bring him in senses with your love.


Bayern Munich have sacked Carlo Ancelotti after Wednesday's 3-0 defeat to Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.

BREAKING:@MrAncelottisacked [email protected]FCBayern, according to Sky— Sky Sports News (@SkySportsNews)September 28, 2017

Following Wednesday's 3-0 ChampionsLeague defeat by Paris St-Germain, Bayern Munich Football Club's board has sacked its Italian manager, Carlo Ancelotti who replaced Pep Guardiola at the start of last season.The club's chief executive, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, said;“The performance of our team since the start of the season did not meet the expectations we put on them.

Carlo Ancelotti has been sacked as manager of Bayern Munich— BBC Sport (@BBCSport)September 28, 2017

“The game in Paris clearly showed that we had to draw consequences. [Sporting director] Hasan Salihamidzic and I had an open and serious discussion with Carlo today and informed him of our decision.“I would like to thank Carlo for his cooperation and regret what has happened. Carlo is my friend and will remain so, but we had to make a professional decision for the benefit of FC Bayern.

I now expect the team to have a positive development and absolute performance, so we can reachour goals for this season.”58-year-old Ancelotti, helped Bayern win the Bundesliga last term, but they only reached the last eight of the Champions League and the semi-finalsof the German Cup.


Hugh Hefner’s wife Crystal Harris will inherit nothing after signing an ironclad prenup before their wedding and was never added to his will, it has been reported.

The couple, who shared a 60 year age gap, tied the knot on New Year’s Eve in 2012 at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. Before the nuptials, Harris was said to have signed an ‘ironclad’ prenuptial agreement.A source told US Weekly that while the blonde beauty will be taken care of, she won’t receive a penny.

Instead, his fortune, estimated at $43million, will be divided among his four children, the University of Southern California and a list of charities.


For security reasons, there is a need for one to wipe off his personal data from his mobile phone before transferring ownership as it could be detrimental.

A new version of iPhone will soon be available in the stores nationwide. Apple just launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with upgraded features and it started shipping on September 22.

The phones come with 64GB or 256GB storage. Come November 3, the company will also start receiving pre-orders for iPhone X to mark its 10th anniversary.
Which of the latest version of iPhone has caught your fancy? Are you planning to trade in your old phone for a new iPhone? Whichever version you decide to buy, remember you will need to backup all your information on the old one. Your pictures, videos, documents, emails, contacts, and other personal information should not be shared with the new buyer.
Follow these simple steps highlighted by to make sure that every trace of you and your life has been wiped from the phone.

Make a backup of your iPhone’s data
If you are getting a new iPhone, you will need to make sure that your old one is backed up so that when you restore the data to your new phone. Everything will be current and you won’t have to start from the scratch.
Depending on which version of iOS you are using and your sync preference settings, you should either backup to your computer or the iCloud service.

Currently, the iCloud service will backup almost everything that you need to restore your iPhone but it is possible that some apps will not support backup to the iCloud.
Also, some really old versions of iPhones such as the original iPhone and iPhone 3G don’t have access to the iCloud service so you will need to use a computer as backup using the iPhone’s docking cable. Follow the steps below to do this.

- Connect your iPhone to the computer you normally sync it with.

- Open iTunes and click on your iPhone from the left-hand navigation pane.

- From the iPhone’s page on the right side of the screen, click the “Back up to this computer” check box.

- Right-click the iPhone from the window pane on the left side of the screen and click “Back Up” from the pop-up menu.

Note: If you have purchased some items on your phone and haven’t transferred these purchases to your computer yet, right-click the iPhone and choose “Transfer Purchases” to transfer the purchases prior to backup.

Make sure the back-up process succeeds before performing the following steps:

Erase all of your iPhone’s data and settings
Since you don’t want the buyer to have access to your personal data, you will need to wipe the phone clean of all of your personal data. Follow these instructions to clear the data on your phone.

- Tap the settings ‘gear icon’ from the home screen or any other page it is located on your iPhone.

- Tap the “General” settings menu item.

Choose the “Reset” menu item.
Tap on the “Erase All Content and Settings” menu item.

- The process can take between a few minutes to several hours so it is probably something that you don’t want to do while you are waiting in line to trade your phone in.

I found the hard way that just because you wiped your iPhone’s data doesn’t mean that everything linking you to the phone has been removed. There are some apps that may still be linked based on your phone’s unique hardware ID.
If you use any apps that allow you to authenticate based on your iPhone’s unique hardware ID, you should visit the apps websites to unlink the phone to your account. This is because some apps retain your personal information as long as they are still linked your iPhone’s unique ID. You can link your new phone to your account after you install the apps on your new iPhone.


3-year-old TV Host Wendy Williams has weighed in onCardi B hitting the number one spoton Billboard Hot 100 with her hit single, Bodak Yellow.She says though Cardi B has made history, she may be a one hit wonder like Iggy Azalea. Speaking on Hot Topics,

she said;“Cardi B congratulations.So Cardi B whose been here on our show.I like this girl, I really like her. Just made history to be the first solo female rapper in 19 years to top the Billboard 100. Lauryn Hill was the last star to do this. There was no Nicki Minaj in there.

Card I B jumped Taylor Swift from theNO 1 spot.The reality of the music business is, she might be a one hit wonder like Iggy Azalea.I don”t know whether Cardi B will have staying power. Nicki Minaj has diversified. I don”t know that Cardi B has that, the future will unfold.

”On Nicki congratulating her, she said;“Nicki usually doesn’t congratulate any girls, so I’m thinking maybe Nicki’s account was hacked by her publicist or something.”


Big brother Naija reality star, TBoss was in Zanzibar, Tanzania last week, and have shared these beautiful photos on her Instagram page.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola has taken to Instagram to gush about her encounter with Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote.

The meeting happened at the party hosted by Barrister Festus Keyamo to celebrate his newest attainment as a SAN in Nigeria.

She wrote: ” I was standing when l was introduced to Dangote by Keyamo, but to my surprise, he stood up to greet me. 
The wealthiest human being on the continent of Africa stood up to greet me. What a rare humility! What an uncommon virtue from the golden man of Africa …He was the richest among us, but sat in our midst and interacted with us like the poorest…”

– Foluke Daramola Salako on the occasion of the reception party, hosted by Barrister Festus Keyamo to celebrate his newest attainment as a SAN in Nigeria on Sunday,September 24, 2017.


Miss Ahmed Abd El Aty, a 37-year-old Egyptian woman believed to be ‘the heaviest in the world’, has died in a hospital in the United Arab Emirates.

London Daily Mail quoted Doctors at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi  as confirming that the super heavy woman died from complications from her weight, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction early Monday morning.

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, from Alexandria, Egypt, weighed 1,100lbs before her surgery.

She had not left her bed since her pre-teens and had to be flown to India from Egypt on a specially-modified cargo plane.

She was later taken to the UAE hospital for surgery.

At the Dubai hospital, she was to reduce her weight by over 220 pounds in order to fit onto the operating table.

Afterwards,  she successfully underwent a gastric sleeve surgery and was reported in April to have lost 660 lbs – more than half of her bodyweight before her death.

While doctors said her unusual weight was due to a thyroid condition, her family claimed she suffered from elephantitis, a parasitic infection which causes extreme swelling in a person’s limbs and arms.

Daily Mail said the deceased woman has been heavy all her life, even as a baby and by the time she was 11 she was too heavy to walk, and had to crawl to get around.


Teebillz and Tiwa Savage are back on track as a couple.
Days after she shared a video of him dancing with Chris Martin on Instagram,he just shared this sexy photo writing "WcW forever...........❤️�� #Zaddy


It is no longer news that the business relationship between P Square may finally be coming to an end after a video surfaced earlier today which saw Paul and his brother’s Jude and Peter almost fighting.

Earlier, Peter had sent a termination letter to their lawyer Festus Keyamo (SAN), demanding for a termination of the agreement between Psquare.

In the letter, he defends his decision by making some serious allegations against his twin Paul and older brother/group manager Jude.

Peter Okoye who has obviously gone solo and he now refers to himself as Mr P took to twitter to make this fact known. 

Here is what he shared

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Lead actor in the popular comic televisiondrama, Papa Ajasco, Abiodun Ayoyinka, has revealed that his bald hair is fake, that he just shaves it off when going on set.

In an interview with GoldMyTV, he said;“The bald head is not original, it’s fake.

Anytime I’m going for my recording, I shave it off, for the past19-years now. At all, it will not grow. Because I’m so handsome with it.”


Days after Psquare Paul Okoye took to Instagram to blast an unidentified person, he has revealed that his one time planned Psquare United States/Canada tour with twin brother Peter Okoye is never going to happen again.

This conversation just happened betweenPaul & a fan on Instagram:
Fan asked: I was highly waiting for the Psquaretour of America/Canada this summer which they promised us in August/September, but till now no update about that…

Please I ask is it still going to happen @rudeboypsquare @peterpsquare @judeengees

And Paul replied;Sorry bro, is not happening


Abhi coming out of house, just then cat crosses him…He thinks about Dadi’s words that it is inauspicious to go when cat crosses way. He rubbish his doubts and thinks to go back to Pragya and tell her about baby name.

He then thinks he shall bring breakfast for her first. He sits in car, but it doesn’t start. Then he starts car and thinks about Tanu. He thinks he can’t bear to even think about her and thinks to take out his frustration on her, and calls her.

Tanu picks the call and tells him that she was waiting for his call and blah blah blackmailing about the baby. Abhi reminds her that baby is dead, and tells her that he knows all her truth now. He says you don’t know what I will do with you now. Tanu says what you are saying? Abhi saysjust Pragya loves me and you love just my money. Tanu says Pragya is lying and says that video is fake. Abhi says I didn’t tell about the video,and says the more you will try to prove that you are innocent then I will get more angry. Tanu says I have been loyal to you always, and loved you and not your money.

Abhi asks about her loyalty and sayshe has fulfilled their relation with loyalty, but not you. He thanks God as Pragya entered his life and made him understand true love. He says you don’t deserve me, but need punishment only. He says your boyfriend Nikhil…and your baby with him. He says I believed on your lies, and it have snatched my peace, and everything. He says I was crying thinking that the baby is mine, but you was partying with Nikhil. Tanu says that baby was yours and says Pragya had killed him. Abhi asks her to stop her lies and says you have always emotionally blackmailed me and made me doubt on Pragya. He says if you asked for money, then I would have given you. He says your kind of woman are family breakers and you don’t need babies as you think of baby as a burden. He asks her to give message to her boyfriend and says I will ruin him for playing with my life.I will tell him how to play a game andsays I will get him fired from his job and will make him bring on road. He says now your partner in crime Aaliya. He says I will not forgive her and not let Dadi forgive her. He says she is dead for us, and will not see her face. He says until I come back, don’t go anywhere…as I will come and kick you out and will send you toyour boyfriend’s house. He says I like cleanliness, but don’t like to dirty my hands. Tanu is in shock. Aaliya says how this has happened, says this is impossible. Tanu says Abhi will not leave me. Aaliya says Pragyahas planned to kill three of us. Tanu says Abhi will not harm you, and says she is at loss.

Aaliya says I can’t enter home now, and says you can go to your family. Tanu says even my family will not let me enter home. She says Abhi will ruin my career. Tanu says how can Pragya do this, and says if Abhi is with Pragya. Aaliya says you told that Pragya is alone, and even Nikhil checked. She says Pragya must have sent video on Abhi’s phone. Tanu says I told that we shall kill Pragya. They argue. Aaliya asks her to stop fighting and says let her think.Abhi is happy and thinks Tanu is out from his life and Pragya is in. He thinks he can’t wait any longer now and says wait for me…I am coming insometime. Kisi Khwab Ki Tarah songplays……………Purab calls Abhi. Abhi says this is called true friend and says hello. Purab asks him to hear him first. Abhi says I will always be under your favor and tells that he came to know everything how he supported Pragya along with Dadi. He appreciates him. Purab says let me speak first. Abhi says I will meet and hug you. Purab says I am very happy, but need to tell something more important than this. He tells that he heard Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil planning against Pragya and did something to her car. He asks Abhi not to let Pragya sit in car. Abhi is shocked and looks at the car. Purab asks him to call Pragya and asks hernot to sit in car. Abhi asks him not to worry and says I will tell her not to sitin car and says I can’t return your favors in this birth, and asks him to become his brother in next birth. Purab asks him to call Pragya.

Abhi thinks he might die before he could reach there.Dadi comes to Abhi’s room calling Robin and his photo frame breaks. She gets worried. Rachna asks her not to worry and says she will get another frame. Abhi asks Purab to take care of Pragya and Dadi, and always support them. Purab says I will do as you said and asks him to call Pragya first.Abhi trying to put car brake, but couldn’t. He thinks I can’t meet Pragya now and feels apologetic. Purab thinks to call Abhi again. Abhi thinks he can’t pick his call as he needs to call Pragya before anything happens to him. Purab wonders why did he cut the call. Pragya fills her maang with kumkum and thinks Abhiwill be very happy to see it. She thinks Sarla tells that married women are very lucky, and thinks today her kumkum and destiny are lucky. Abhi calls her at landline number. Pragya talks to him nonstopand asks why did you go out? She asks him to come back soon. Abhi thinks how to tell her that I can’t return. Pragya asks him to drive safely and says I know why did you leave me alone at home, and says I am missing you. She says I will do what you wants, we will celebrate all occasions again. She says this time, I don’t need to act for keeping karwachauth fast and asks him to come back fast. She says she don’t need breakfast but him. Abhi is driving car with much difficulty. He says he has understood the depth of their life. He says we were happy sometime back and says it is good that it is just him who is in destiny decision.

He says we were different from each other, but love united us, but now it is becoming reason for ourseparation.Pragya asks are you joking and asksif he is at home. Abhi says our love have united us, but made us separated. He asks her not to live lifewith memories and don’t wait for him. Pragya is shocked. Abhi asks her to move on, forgetting him and start a new life with someone. Pragya asks him to stop it and asks why you are talking like this, I am getting scared. Nikhil sees abhi’s carspeed up, and thinks to tell bye. He thinks Aaliya asked me not to alert Pragya and thinks to see danger in her eyes. He sees Abhi in car insteadand wonder how can this happen, our plan is failed. Abhi tells her that someone failed your car brakes to kill you. Pragya says you are driving it and gets shocked. Abhi says I love you too, and can’t risked your life..Now I got the chance to do something for you.Pragya asks him to stop car and do something. Abhi says he can’t do anything. He asks her to let him speak and asks her to promise that she will marry someone. Pragya asks him to keep quiet and says nothing will happen to you as I have applied kumkum of your name. Abhi says I have understood that lucky person are those who can live in loveand says we couldn’t live together, but will love each other only. He sayswhen we were separated, then also I have loved you always and forever. He says I will die, but my heart will keep on loving you. Pragya cries andsays nothing will happen to him. Abhi says marriage is the one for whom both people sacrifices, and says now I learnt the lesson of my life. He says I will save your life and says I love you fuggi….His car falls invalley. Pragya is shocked and her phone falls down from her hand.Pragya comes out of house while crying and asks a lady (Raina from Brahmarakshas) to give lift.

She tellsthat her husband is in danger. Raina asks her to have trust on her love and says your love will save him. Pragya says where I will search him. A man comes infront of the car and asks them to take a different route as they can’t go on this way as brahmarakshas hates married woman, sindoor and mangalsutra. Raina says I know a different way. That person gives her kamal ka phool and asks her to keep it. Raina drops Pragya somewhere. Pragya comes to the accident spot where people informs her that the man in the car lost balance and fell down in the valley. Pragya screams and is about to jump, but a woman stops her and says I will take you there.Purab comes to the house and sees door left open. He comes inside calling Pragya and gets worried. He sees Abhi’s jacket and says it meanshe was with Pragya, but why didn’t he tell me, gets worried. Tanu and Aaliya are in the car. Aaliya says whyNikhil is not calling. She gets his call.Nikhil says Pragya was not in that car which fell down in the valley and says Abhi was in that car. He says Abhi was driving fast and that car felldown the valley. He says Abhi died instead of Pragya…he is dead. Aaliyais shocked and tells Tanu that Abhi was in that car instead of Pragya and met with an accident…She says his car fell in valley and he is no more. She says I will not leave that Nikhil and will take his life. She calls him and asks how can you kill my bhai and says I will never forgive you. She asks how dare you kill my brother. Nikhil asks her to stop nonsense, and says you told me that he is in Delhi, and says it is his badluck and not my failure. He asks why she is getting emotional and asks her to keep her tears and emotions to herself. Aaliya says even though I have differences with him, but he was my brother. He lovesme truly and I couldn’t forget that. She says you have taken his life and asks him not to come infront of her. She asks don’t ever get close to me, my family.Purab searching Abhi. Pragya are in the car with the lady who is helping her and taking her where Abhi had fallen. Pragya says he shouldn’t have gone and cries. She recalls his letter and tells herself that nothing will happen to hm. Lady sees smoke coming out and tells Pragya. Pragya asks her to stop the car and gets down. She goes with the lady inside the jungle insearch of Abhi and says I am coming….She comes near the car. Lady says I can’t let you go near the car as it can burst. Pragya pleads with her to let her go, as Abhi is alone…and folds her hands. Lady also cries and asks her to understand. Pragya says I can’t leave him in this condition, let me go.Lady says I won’t let you go alone, I will also come with you. They go near the car. Pragya opens the window and don’t find him. She shouts where are you? Tell me….and cries. Ek Baar Milade Saiyya…..plays………….Pragya cries reminiscing their happy moments just before the accident. She tells lady that her husband is not in the car.Lady says if he is not here, then it means he must have fallen before this car fell her. We will search him together, he might be stuck somewhere on the tree branches. Pragya calls him and sees Abhi unconsciously lying. She gets shocked. Purab comes to the accident spot. A man informs her that car fell in the valley, and a man was driving the car, then later on his wife came and tried to jumped but was saved.

Purab shows the pics. Man confirms. Purab thinks this means Abhi was driving the car and that’s why he asked me to take care of Dadi and Pragya. He thinks why I couldn’t hear your sign. Purab asks where did that girl go? Man says near there. Purab says okay.Pragya turns Abhi towards her and asks him to open eyes. She says I have come….talk to me, and cries. She calls aunty. Woman says I am coming. Pragya says he is my husband..She checks her nerves andsays he is alive. Lady says we will take him to hospital. Purab thinks nothing shall happen to him. He gets Dadi’s call. Dadi asks if Pragya is fine…Purab says I went to Lonavala house and came to know that Abhi might be with Pragya. He says I thinkI came late. Dadi asks what happened? Purab tells her that someone failed Pragya’s car brakes and Abhi sat on that car, it fell down in the valley. Dadi is shell shocked. Rachna takes the call and asks what happened? Purab tells about Abhi’s accident and says he is going to search him. Dadi cries badly. Rachnaasks her not to worry. Pragya keeps him in the car and asks Abhi to speak to her. She says you wanted to celebrate all the birthdays and occasions with me. A fb is show, Abhi telling her that he will celebrate all occasions with her again. Pragya says you told na that you want a cute daughter, Abhigya….She says I like it, and asks him to open eyes. She cries and says nothing will happen to you.Lady thinks this girl loves her husband very much, and asks God tounite them. Rachna asks Dadi to get up and says may be Pragya took Abhi to hospital. Dadi cries badly andprays to God to protect Abhi and Pragya. Rachna says nothing will happen to him. Dadi says yes. Pragya brings Abhi to hospital and asks someone to bring stretcher immediately. They take Abhi on stretcher. Lady tells Pragya that nowshe has to leave and says nothing will happen to your husband. Pragya thanks her. She asks Abhi not to worry and asks Doctor to treat him, says she will complete all the formalities. Doctor says he is very critical and asks to shift him to ICU. Pragya is tensed.While Abhi is treated in the ICU/OT, Doctor tries to revive him. He comes out and tells Pragya “I am sorry…Abhi is no more”. He says he died before coming here. Pragya is shocked. Hamari Adhuri plays………….while she looks on stunned.....................Doctor informing Pragya that Abhi is no more and died before he was taken to hospital. He asks ward boy to fill the form and mention brought dead on arrival. Pragya is shattered and looks at Abhi. Banjar Hai Sab Banjar Hai plays…………………She recalls Abhi making her wear chunari, their marriage etc. a fb is shown of the same while the song continues to play. Ward boy brings white bed sheet and covers on him. Pragya says no, and asks Doctor to check him again. Doctor says we have checked him. Pragya says he isjust unconscious and will be fine if you treat him. She touches his face and asks him to wake up. She says I can’t wait any longer. Doctor asks other Doctor to come. Pragya asks him to give him shock therapy and revive his heart.

Doctor says he is dead, you can’t understand. Pragya says he can’t die and asks him to treat him. Doctor says we are doctor,and not God. Pragya says I have felt his heart beat. Doctor says we have to see other patients also.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Pragya sleeping holding Abhi’s hand.Abhi takes his hand back. Pragya asks if he is fine now and says rain isstopped, we shall go back home. He asks her to save his relation with Dadi and goes to make kada. Tanu scolds Robin for the bad coffee and calls it kada. Purab asks Dadi if Abhi called you. Dadi says yes, and says he said that he is going to Delhi for a contract. Purab asks about Pragya. Dadi says Sarla might know and calls her.

She says she is worried for her. Sarla says Pragya is in Abhi’s lonavala home. Dadi says okay and cuts the call. Sarla thinks she didn’t hear that Abhi is with her. Tanu hears them and thinks to inform Aaliya and Nikhil. Purab says what Pragya is doing there when Abhi is inDelhi. He says I will go there and supports Pragya to expose Tanu.Aaliya tells Nikhil that Tanu was talking badly with her. Tanu calls her and informs her that Abhi is in Delhi and Pragya is waiting for him at his lonavala residence. She says we are safe until now. Aaliya asks her to come to her hotel so that they can make plan. Purab hears Tanu askingdriver to take her to Aaliya’s hotel and opines that she is also with themin the conspiracy.Abhi thinks why Pragya is taking care of me, when I told her clearly that I will not hear her. Pragya steps on glass pieces, even though Abhi tries to alert her. Abhi says blood is coming out and asks if you are doingthis intentionally so that I care for you. Pragya asks him not to care and says tears her saree pallu to tie on the wound. Abhi says blood is even coming out and asks her to sit quietly. Pragya asks why you are caring me and asks him to leave her.

Abhi says your mum knows that you are with me, if she sees this wound then will blame me. Pragya asks whyhe is acting to break relation and says until we separate, we will keep on supporting each other. Abhi says nothing is between us. He ties cloth on his foot. Humsafar juda juda songplays………..Abhi asks her to clear her doubt and says I don’t want to talk. Pragya says relation can end, but notfeelings. She says the more you try to hide your pain, the more it will increase. She says you have love for me in your heart and asks him to give a chance. Abhi says there is nothing in my heart. Pragya insists. Abhi asks how to hear you again andagain. Pragya says I want to show you something and goes to get her phone.Pragya brings her phone and sees it broken. She tells that she couldn’t prove her innocence now, and says I couldn’t save our relation now. Abhi asks her to stop her drama and asks her to leave.

Pragya says I have hidden a big truth from you, thinking I will prove it infront of you, oblivious to the fact that our relation will end. She says I haven’t killed Tanu’s babyand says Tanu tried to kill me as she knows that I will tell you that she is pregnant with Nikhil’s baby. She says they tried to kill me, but I jumped from the way and they got hit. She says I took her immediately to hospital to save her baby. She says Tanu stopped me from telling you the truth and emotionally blackmailed me. When I came to tell you truth, you asked me to go. She assured me that she will take care and support you. She says I want to see you happy and that’s why left you. When I came to know that Tanu is with Nikhil, I got angry and went to his house. They were celebrating as you are mourning for the baby’s death who was not yours. She says I recorded their conversation and came here.Abhi claps and says what a story? He says I will not believe on your story. You know why? You told me that you are sacrificing your happiness for my happiness. He says whoever hears your story will cry, but I will not. He says when you left me for the first time, I loved and respected you even more as I thought you love my baby too. When you returned, you told me about yourgreedy side and betrayal. He says you tried to take advantage and saysthis is real truth.

He says you have always betrayed me and also my Dadi. He says you have not loved your mum also. He says everything was a lie in your life, your kumkum, mangalsutra, and love. Pragya says my love is not lie.Pragya telling Abhi that she tried to protect him from his enemies and that’s why name his property on her name. she says one has to become like enemies to defeat them. Abhi says I have no enemies, but just family and fans. He says you are justmaking story and don’t want to leavethe lifestyle which you got in my house. Pragya says I can live withouta good lifestyle, but can’t live withoutyou. She says I can’t see you get cheated. Abhi asks her to stop her acting. Pragya says I thought my love will change you, and asks him tohear her completely. She says I will tell you everything, I saw hatred in your eyes.

She says I left house thinking Tanu is pregnant with your baby and loves you, which I haven’t give. She says I was living with your memories and came to knowabout your engagement with Tanu. She says I reached home to meet you, and saw Tanu talking to Nikhil.A fb is shown. Tanu tells that it doesn’t matter even if baby is not of Abhi. She says I reached office and heard Aaliya talking to someone and planning against you. She says I didn’t know what to do and was walking on the street. She says she had the accident. She says when Dadi came, I told her everything. She says Dadi asked me to protect you from your enemies and gather evidence. She says we thought to take your enemy on my name to stopyour enemies.

She tells that Dadi got his signatures on the papers and got properly on her name. She says I have troubled everyone, but not Dadi.She says I was her daughter always, and she supported me throughout. She tells that even Purab supported me and tried to bring out truth. She says Bulbul lost her life because of Aaliya, it was a bad moment for me. She says Tanu always saved herself,sometimes due to her pregnancy andsometimes because of emotionally blackmailing you. Abhi thinks Tanu emotionally blackmailing her. Dadi brings aarti and asks Bunty and Babli to take it. Mitali asks where is Pragya? Dadi says she will do aarti tomorrow. They promote the show Brahma Rakshas.Nikhil tells Tanu and Aaliya that lets just finish Pragya. Tanu says if anything happens to Pragya then we will be behind bars.

She says Dadi will file police complaint against us. Nikhil says Police can’t do anything. He asks did you forget about DNA test. Tanu says I trapped her. She says we have to snatch proof from her hands. Nikhil says destiny don’t support us always and says if she gets a proof then everything is ruined. He says if Dr. Sheela tells everything to Abhi, as her daughter reached her and is not under pressure. He says Dadi and Purab will help Pragya also, and says we have to do planning and kill her. Aaliya says yes, we have to kill her as she has become stone tied to our legs.

She says we are still at the same place and says if she is alive then we can’t achieve our goals. She asks him to kill her and says it should look like an accident and no clue should be left anywhere. Nikhil says I will kill Pragya so that nobody can reach us. She thinks to fail her car brakes and kill her.Pragya says I thought to expose Tanu and took Ronnie’s help.

She tells that Tanu confessed that the baby is not of yours. She says they have broken the proof and came to know that I came back for you. She says I challenged Tanu that only my baby will be his. She says Nikhil did Sarla’s accident. Whenever I try to tell you..

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Aaliya was excited in disbelief. Tannu tells her that Pragya had no other option but to leave. Aliya boasts it was her ideas, Tannu says this time she did this without anyone’s help. Aliya was ready to give the credits to Tannu but asks fora party. She calls Tannu to Nikhil’s place, Tannu was excited as Pragya has left her life forever.

Purab had heard this conversation from outsideTannu’s room.Sarla calls Dadi to complain her for using Pragya, she didn’t let Pragya disclose the reality. Pragya always fulfil all her responsibilities of a wife and a daughter in law, but Dadi didn’ttake Pragya’s side today. Dadi was clueless, Sarla complains crying that Pragya has left the house and returned after breaking all her relations with Abhi. Dadi fell on the sofa, Sarla breaks her relations with Dadi as well and hangs up. The phone fell from Dadi’s hand when Purab comes there in time. He picks the phone and asks Sarla what she said to Dadi. He explains that no one here knows about it. Dadi assures Sarla that she will never let their trustbreak, she would never have let Pragya leave and Pragya will live here till she dies. She was determined not to let anything get wrong, she promises to bring Pragyaback after handling the situation here.Dadi questions Purab why Pragya left. Purab says that Tannu fed Abhi who poured all his anger at Pragya. He was irked and wasn’t ready to leave them. Dadi accuses Abhi for being responsible. She wonders how dare Abhi asked Pragya to leave home, now either Pragya will come home or Abhi will have to lose as well. She was ready to go and tell Abhi she is responsible for all this; soeither she will stay in this house or Tannu will.

Tannu was leaving for party, Dadi stops her. Tannu asks Dadi not to spoil her mood and accept her as a daughter in law of this house.Dadi comes to Abhi who was crying already, she pours her anger over Abhi to make Pragya leave the house. She asks Abhi why he did this, she has always taught him that one has to fulfil all the rights and demands of these relations, as these relations are made in heaven. He couldn’t even get along with her for asingle year. Abhi says he didn’t tell her to go, Dadi complains he didn’t even stop him. She asks why he didn’t tell her about it, or has he broken his relation with her as well; forbidding him call her as Dadi. She demands a reply for all her questions. Dadi then announces her decision, if he thinks Pragya must not live with him then she also doesn’t want to live with him. She hasn’t broken her relations with Pragya, she will live with Pragya. Abhi must live with Tannu here and forget about having any relations. She turns to leave.Abhi says she is right, he must forgethe had his owns. They all must leavehis life, he wonders where he must go as he has no choice, and he neverhad any. He wanted to love Tannu, he married Pragya because of her. He took care of Pragya, respected and loved her even; but what he got in return.

Pragya snatched everything from him, even his child. Can’t she see Pragya’s mistake, why Pragya snatched his right over his child. He told Pragya to leave and didn’t stop her, he left his child and its murderer was in front of him. He didn’t even do anything wrong. Purab had joined Dadi there. Abhi says alright, no one needs to leave the house but he must. He will be broken here, and heads to leave. Dadi stops him. Abhi shouts why he can’t leave, his love left him, his sister left too; now she is also leaving. He hurries outside.At Nikhil’s house, he was excited andtells Tannu he will murder Aliya someday. He will cut Aliya’s tongue, she was lecturing him about not being emotional. He says had he known if their child would have died earlier, they should have killed this child a long time ago. Both Tannu and Aliya eye him. Aliya asks Nikhil to prepare them some drinks as well.Purab comes to speak to Pragya, and inspite of Sarla’s resistance goes inside. Pragya sat with her photos on floor and denies talking to anyone while crying. Purab insists on her to open the door, if not for himthen for Abhi atleast. Pragya opens the door. Purab asks why she didn’t tell anyone about leaving, why she broke all relations all at once. Pragyasays he doesn’t know what Abhi saidin anger. Purab says Abhi was angry,he has lost his child according to him. Pragya says Abhi needs Tannu more than her. Purab qualifies Tannucan’t take care of Abhi, she isn’t evenupset about losing her child and is celebrating her victory of throwing her out of the house. Abhi will fell alone, as Dadi also warned him to leave the house. Purab tells her that when Abhi’s mother died, he was ready to lose his life on the railway track. He was afraid Abhi doesn’t do so this time as well. Pragya was worried about where Abhi is, Purab was tensed that Abhi has left. He was sure Tannu will never take care of Abhi.At Nikhil’s house, the three cheered about their victory.

Tannu boasts about her tricks. Nikhil calls his best tool was their child. Pragya comes there and slaps Tannu hard and demands if Tannu was going to take care of Abhi and support him. If this is the care she is doing for him. Is she celebrating with them both, she calls herself an idiot and consider them as worse than animals. She has now understood well that she has to stay with Abhi. Tannu asks how Pragya will prove herself to Abhi, Pragya shows them the proof in her mobile. Tannu tries to snatch her phone but she pushes her down on couch. Nikhil tells Pragya she will leave this place only after losing the proof. Pragya tries to run away by throwing marbels on floor and hittingNikhil with a vase on head. Her dressget stuck between the doors that shetears while Aliya drags it.There, Dadi prays for Abhi’s safety and protection. Pragya comes home calling Abhi, and finds Dadi in front oftemple. Dadi slaps Pragya wondering if she brought her here fortoday. Why she started the fight when she had to accept a defeat only. She took such a big decision without any consent, couldn’t she understand Abhi’s sadness and pain.Pragya accepts her mistake, she thought he would be happy when sheis away but now she knows he can’t live without her. Dadi tells Pragya he left home hopeless, to never return. She was tensed and cries as his phone is also not responding. Pragyaassures Dadi to bring him back, aftertelling him Tannu’s reality.Aliya curses Nikhil for not being able to stop Pragya. Nikhail defends himself, and accuses Tannu being responsible for this. She must have announced to everyone she is coming here. Both challenges each other for strength, Tannu brings a knife at Nikhil’s neck. Aliya brings their attention to getting themselves unlocked. Nikhil thinks about Vipin who would surely come to open the door.Pragya calls the office where the guard tells her Abhi didn’t come here.She recalls playing with Abhi once, he deterred to go to a place where heonly go he is very angry. She thinks she know where he is and is coming to him. Purab calls her, Pragya says she know where he is. Purab suggests about going together, Pragya insists on going alone.The door was unclocked. Tannu hurries them home else Pragya will tell Abhi about all the reality. Nikhil says they have to find a permanent solution to this problem, to kill Pragya.

Tannu was afraid of being jailed. Nikhil leaves it to Tannu again.Aliya sides Nikhil, their lives would end if Pragya wins this time as well; they need to eliminate Pragya from their lives. Nikhail was determined tokill the spider than to clean the web on daily basis.It was raining heavily, Pragya was worried for Abhi. She looks at the video. She thinks about telling him everything, then worries what if Abhi tells her to leave in anger. She was relieved by thinking about the proof.Abhi coming somewhere in drunkardand says nobody should know that I am here. He asks driver to go home…Mujhe chod do mere hal pe song plays…………He drinks wine and thinks about proposing Pragya. A fb is shown. He recalls Pragya confessing love to him and saying I love you. The song continues to play.He reminisces all the good and sad moments. A fb is shown, Abhi askingher to leave, and Pragya leaving the house. Pragya comes there searching for him and rings the bell. Abhi thinks who came at this time, nobody knows about this place. He opens the door and finds Pragya standing.Sarla gives water to Beeji, and glass falls on floor and breaks. She thinks it is inauspicious. Abhi tries to close the door. Pragya says I want to tell you truth. Abhi asks her to go,and says nothing is there in between us as you have sent those divorce papers. Pragya asks him to hear her once, for the sake of friendship. Abhi says I don’t care about you and asks her to leave. Pragya says even God gives a last chance. Abhi says whenever I gave chance to you, then you betrayed me. He says your proofs will not affect me now, I have died with my baby. Now nothing is left. Pragya says that baby…Abhi stops her and says I am a dead bodynow. I couldn’t understand anything or can’t stay with anybody.

He asks her to go and says nothing is remained in our life now. He closes the door on his face. Pragya cries and asks him to listen to her once. She cries asking him to open the door.Dadi sees Pragya in Tanu and asks ifAbhi came with you. She sees Tanu and leaves her hand. Tanu smirks and asks her to forget Pragya now. She says Pragya never gave him happiness and troubled him so much. She asks her to get her married to Abhi. Dadi says you can’t marry until I am alive. Tanu says I will not leave him and smirks. Pragya cries and tells Abhi that she will not go anywhere and will stand there till he hears her fully. Abhi sees her through the window. Pragya says I will not do any mistake today. She keeps phone in her pallu and gets drenched in rain. She asks him to hear her once, and then decide. She pleads infront of him. Abhi drinks wine. Pragya says I will see until when you will see me standing in rain. She asks him to hear her for friendship sake. She sits down and cries. Abhi is also troubled and recalls Pragya’s care towards him. He comes out and covers her head with his jacket…Kyunki Tum Hi Ho plays……….Pragya is surprised and gets up. She covers his head too…..Abhi removes jacket from his head and takes her inside.Pragya thanks him for giving her a chance and says I know that you can’t see me in pain. She says you need to hear this truth. Abhi asks herto shut up and says I will not be affected with any proofs. He says I didn’t bring you here for our friendship or relation, and says he brought her here for humanity and for Sarla as she couldn’t bear losing her. He says I will call her and asks her to take you from here. I really don’t care about you.. Pragya cries. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays…….She throws jacket and cries. Abhi calls Sarla and asks her to take Pragya from his Lonavala house.Sarla asks if she is fine? Abhi says she is fine, but I am not fine until she is here. Sarla insists to talk to her.

Abhi cuts the call. Pragya comes to room and tries to speak. Abhi says not needed, everything is finished. Pragya breaks her phone angrily andthinks nobody can unite us now, no proofs or nobody. Beeji asks Sarla, where is she leaving? Sarla says Abhi called and asked me to take Pragya from his Lonavala house. Beeji stops Sarla and says may be this night will bring a new morning for them. She says they are alone and the weather is raining. Sarla says may be they get separated. Beeji says may be it will happen which we are waiting for since long time.Abhi drinks wine again. Pragya thinks I couldn’t tell him truth and thinks it was my mistake, I wouldn’t have left him. I came in Tanu’s talks. Purab asked me not to leave, but I believed on Tanu. She thinks abhi will never hear her. Abhi falls down being drunk fully. Pragya hears the noise and goes to help him. She tries to help him stand up. Abhi brushes off her hand and asks her not to touch him. Pragya asks him if he don’t care about Dadi. She says I am stranger for you then why you are affected. She scolds him politely. Abhi looks at her.Abhi thinking about Pragya’s words. Pragya asks him to call Dadi and assure that he is fine. Abhi looks on. Dadi worries for Abhi. Rachna asks her not to worry and says Purab went in his search. Abhi calls Dadi. Dadi asks him to return home. Abhi says he can’t come now as he is going to Delhi. Dadi asks if Pragya is with you. Abhi says no, I don’t know where is she? He disconnects the call. Pragya asks why did you lie? Abhi says we are not together, and are just at same place. He asks her not to show her face. Pragya says if you hear me once…..and sees him gone. Tanu thinks how to find Abhi and Pragya, both are missing. She gets Aaliya’s call. Aaliya asks did you find Abhi and Pragya. Tanu saysno, and says I don’t know whom to ask. Aaliya asks her to find out andsays if Abhi sees that video that he will beat Nikhil and send them to jail. She says nobody can save you if Pragya shows that video. Tanu says I am trying and asks her not to dare order her. She thinks once I marry Abhi, I will show her who is real queen and thinks to order her.Abhi is sneezing. Pragya asks him tocover him with blanket. Abhi says you don’t have right to take care of me. He sees mangalsutra on her neck and asks her to throw it. Pragyasays until my mangalsutra is with me, I will wear it. She says we are notdivorced yet and still I have right on you, let me take care of you. Abhi asks her to end her drama. Pragya tries to close the windows, but couldn’t. Abhi helps her close the windows. They have a eye lock whilethe song plays………………Tu Meri JaanHai…..Abhi goes and sits on sofa while sneezing. Pragya says I will bring something hot for you. She tries to make tea or coffee, but nothing is there. She thinks what to make? She recalls Dadi making kadafor Abhi to end his cold and sneezes. A fb is shown. Pragya searches for the kada ingredients and make it.Rachna asks Dadi to sleep. Dadi says I can’t sleep and will get more tensed. Tanu comes there and asks where is Abhi? Dadi says you shall go as you are his to be wife. She says if I knows then also I will not tellyou. I will not get sleep seeing your face, go from there. Tanu thinks everyone is my enemy and don’t know that they have to live under me,once I marry Abhi. She thinks where is Abhi?Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to drink kada. Abhi is sleeping. She asks what happened to you. Abhi wakes up and says I am alive. Pragya asks him to drink kada and says we will see doctor tomorrow. Abhi holds her hand tightly and asks why she is doing this? Pragya says I realize my mistake, I wouldn’t have left home. She says then you wouldn’t have become ill.

Abhi asks if there is no reason. Pragya says you don’t want to hear me, and see proofs. She asks him to drink kada. She goes near the window and looks out. Abhi drinks kada and coughs. Pragya runs to him and asks if it is not good. Abhi says it was hot. Pragya sits on sofa. Abhi drinks kada and makes faces. He finishes itand keeps glass. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays……………….They reminisces theirmoments and gets emotional.Tanu gets Nikhil’s call asking about Abhi. Tanu says yes, we are dining together. She scolds him and says she is searching Abhi and Pragya and asks him not to disturb her sleep. Nikhil asks how can you sleep? Pragya is having our video. He thinks to the hell with these women. He asks himself to sleep as well. He thinks how can you sleep and asks him to make back up plan to save himself. He thinks to protect himself before Tanu and Aaliya drown him.Pragya sees him shivering and covers blanket on him. Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays………………..She rests on his chest and looks at him lovingly...............Pragya sleeping holding Abhi’s hand.Abhi takes his hand back. Pragya asks if he is fine now and says rain isstopped, we shall go back home. He asks her to save his relation with Dadi and goes to make kada. Tanu scolds Robin for the bad coffee and calls it kada.

Purab asks Dadi if Abhi called you. Dadi says yes, and says he said that he is going to Delhi for a contract. Purab asks about Pragya. Dadi says Sarla might know and calls her. She says she is worried for her. Sarla says Pragya is in Abhi’s lonavala home. Dadi says okay and cuts the call. Sarla thinks she didn’t hear that Abhi is with her. Tanu hears them and thinks to inform Aaliya and Nikhil. Purab says what Pragya is doing there when Abhi is inDelhi. He says I will go there and supports Pragya to expose Tanu.Aaliya tells Nikhil that Tanu was talking badly with her.

Tanu calls her and informs her that Abhi is in Delhi and Pragya is waiting for him at his lonavala residence. She says we are safe until now. Aaliya asks her to come to her hotel so that they can make plan. Purab hears Tanu askingdriver to take her to Aaliya’s hotel and opines that she is also with themin the conspiracy.


Pearl Modiadie an SA TV and radio personality surprised her father with a new luxury home.
Modiadie, who co-hosts The Great Escape on Metro FM, purchased a house in Johannesburg, and rebuilt it for her father.According to Modiadie, taking care of her father and building him a house has been a dream.

"I feel fulfilled now that it has finally happened," she told Sowetan."This has reminded me of how faithful God is and how he always keeps his promise that 'anything you ask for in my name, you shall receive'. I wanted it to be exactly what I had envisioned for my dad."She continued:"It's unfortunate when you see people living large while their parents [and] family members aren't taken care of.

I understand that some dynamics are different, but home should always come first.""I've always been a huge fan of saving. So when I wanted to take this on, there was already money set aside for a project of this magnitude."About her father, she said:"My father loves it.

He's a proud dad right now, that's for sure. He was surprised when I presented his gift and had a lot of questions to ask!"