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Because of their size Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguards do not travel on the same plane with him, they are too big.

Floyd Mayweather’s big bodyguards takea separate jet to follow him around the world since they can’t fit in his private jet.Mayweather is known to be followed by bulky body guards who are part of ‘Money Team’.

According to BBC boxing correspondent Mike Costello says, the big bodyguards don’t fly with the 40-year-old in his private plane.


Bhi says you are lying? Tanu says no and asks him to come with her, says she wants to show him something.Rachna brings something for Dadi and asks her to eat. She asks where is Pragya? Purab says Abhi and Pragya might be together. Dadi says Pragya was dancing till now, but Abhi was missing. Rachna says Abhiwill propose Pragya today. Dadi sayshe shall propose today. Akash says you are saying right. Dadi says he was searching card in his room.

I asked him to leave card and proposePragya holding her hand. Rachna says dance went on for long. Dadi asks who was that guy? Rachna says he was not Pragya’s friend and says it seems he is uninvited. Dadi says he must have come for free food and dance. Rachna says she is beautiful. Dadi says Abhi and Pragyawill be no. 1. Mitali hears them and tells Tai ji that Abhi kept the party for some reason. Tai ji asks what? Mitalitells that Abhi wants to propose Pragya today. Tai ji says what will happen to Tanu then? Mitali says Tanu is not helpless and says she is very cunning. Tai ji asks her to stay far from Tanu and hugs her.Pragya takes him to washroom. Champak thanks him and asks her to help him clean his suit. He praises Pragya. Pragya says I came to just show you washroom. Champak being chipku says that she has so much love in her heart. Tanu asks Abhi to come and says she wants to show him real (actually fake) picture.She takes him to washroom. Pragya says you are very difficult to understand. Champak asks her to make him wear his suit. Abhi is shocked.Abhi getting angry seeing Pragya with Champak and goes. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya is secretly romancing with her boyfriend. Tanu thinks Abhi will doubt on Pragya nowand is seeing what she shown him. She thinks she will be benefitted while Pragya will suffer. Abhi’s heart says that Pragya can’t do this and recalls their romantic proximity.

Darmiyan song plays as he thinks about the romantic and emotional moments between them. Abhi thinks Pragya has moved on in life, just before I was about to make a first move towards her. Pragya comes to Abhi and smiles. Abhi goes upset. Pragya thinks Abhi wants her to come to him, and thinks she can cross even seven seas to go to her. She kisses on the bouquet thinking Abhi has given her. Abhi looks on shockingly. Agar Tum Saath ho plays…………Abhimistaken her.Tanu comes to Nikhil and tells that their plan is a success. Abhi has started hating Pragya now. She saysshe wants to hear everything about their fight. Nikhil asks have you gonemad? He says Abhi will do everything right infront of us. Tanu says what is left now? Nikhil says you think very small and says he will trap Pragya in a conspiracy from which she can’t come out. Pragya thinks where did he go? She thinks may be Tanu filled his ears against me and made him upset. Rachna comes to Pragya and asks if Abhi proposed her. Pragya says so this is the surprise.Rachna says Dadi made the plan, and says if he haven’t propose yet then it means he wants to propose toyou infront of everyone. She asks herto get ready for the proposal and goes to tell Dadi. Pragya is happy and thinks Abhi tried but then Sarla called. She thinks Abhi is shying infront of her. Abhi sees Champak going towards Pragya. Pragya thinksthis man is sticky, and thinks to ban him from party. Tanu and Nikhil smirks. Champak stares Pragya. Mitali thinks why everyone is staring each other, if this is a game?Dadi asks Rachna to bring the cake. Tanu thinks Abhi is very much angry.Nikhil says this is a silence before storm comes, it shows Abhi will take out his anger on Pragya. Dadi asks Pragya to cut cake. Dadi asks what are you thinking? Pragya blows on the candles. Tanu asks why she is cutting cake? Pragya looks surprised. She asks what do you mean? Tanu says you made Abhi ashamed infront of everyone, you would have thought about the guestsif ot family, and asks how did you getshame from. Pragya asks what nonsense? Tanu asks Abhi to question Pragya being her legal husband. She asks why did you do this? She asks Abhi to ask. Abhi makes faces as betrayed. Pragya asks what did I do? Tanu says how can you have a boyfriend although you are married to Abhi. She says you are shameless woman, who called your boyfriend here. Pragya asks Tanu not to dare tell anything. Tanu says you have to hear everything, you are wrong and shameless.

More on Pragya says you are shameless and is a second woman between us. Tanu says Abhi loves me and you are a second woman. She says you couldn’t bear that Abhi loves me and acted to prove yourself adarsh bahu and wife.Then you brought me here to make yourself great in everyone’s eyes andthen snatched everything. She says you have such a cheap interest.Tanu says she is characterless. She says I gave baby to Abhi before marriage, but you didn’t give him even husband’s rights. She says you had affair with Suresh’s first and now Champak. She says I have always accepted my mistakes and asks why did you hide your boyfriendfrom Abhi, and calls her two timers. Pragya says you are taking revenge on me due to hatredness.

Tanu says I will show the depth of your shamelessness and says you was going to become mum of Champak’sbaby, but you had aborted the child. Pragya slaps her hard. All the guest leave. Tanu says you have slapped me. I will show the proofs to everyone then you will be slapped. She asks Champak to tell that Pragya is his girl friend and have invited him.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


anu seeing Abhi and Pragya romancing in kitchen and gets angry.Dadi talks to Sarla and says she is with Pragya and will help her win. Sarla blesses Pragya. Purab and Rachna come there and tells Dadi that Abhi and Pragya are romancing in the kitchen.

Dadi says Tanu will get jealous now and says it is her plan, and feels proud. She says she made this plan to keep Abhi away from Tanu and tells about her conversation with her. Tanu hears Dadi. Dadi says when I talked to Abhi, he agreed and ran to Pragya. Purab says you are great. Dadi says Abhi will propose Pragya tomorrow and says she is waiting for the way when they will become three. Tanu gets angry. Rachna and Purab smiles. Tanu thinks how can Dadi think of a plan, although she couldn’t walk properly. She gets angry on Abhi, and thinks he don’t have his own thinking. Abhi brings sandwich for Tanu and asks her to eat it.Pragya says we made it with love. Tanu tastes it and says good. Abhi asks Pragya to come and goes to give sandwich to Dadi.

Tanu throws the sandwich once they go, and thinks what to do? Abhi gives sandwiches to Dadi and says it is made by Abhigya. Dadi asks Pragya not to shy and says Abhi will surpriseyou. Rachna and Purab also tease her. Rachna says it will be shock for Tanu. Pragya gets happy hearing from Dadi and hugs her.Tanu comes to Nikhil’s house and says I was celebrating alone and asks her for a dance. He says you couldn’t dance now. He says you entered Abhi’s heart and home in onego, and says it is called Tanu returns.He gives her wine. Tanu throws it and says we are wherever we were. She says Abhi is roaming around Pragya and not caring me. She says Abhi is going to propose Pragya tomorrow in the party. Nikhil says Abhi should get emotional with you as you are having his baby. Tanu tells Nikhil that Dadi filled Abhi’s earsand took him on Pragya’s side. Nikhilsays I have an idea and says I feel like kicking myself, why didn’t I get this idea before. Tanu kicks her and says she is helping her.Nikhil says Abhi will do now, I won’t do anything. He says Abhi will lighten Pragya’s kumkum, so that it doesn’t appear on her forehead.

He will break all relations with her. He says Pragya will take much time to come out of it, and asks who will do the work now. '' Tanu asks what? Nikhil says matchstick work. Tanu asks him to do something before Pragya’s birthday. Nikhil says plan is easy andeffective, and will not let Pragya to protect her. She will get my shockingsurprise and she will think why did she born?Later in the night, Abhi comes to Pragya’s room wearing a mask. Pragya asks Abhi to wake up, and thinks he is more scared than me. She asks who are you? Mask man says prince of your dreams. Pragya says you will take my life. Abhi is actually wearing mask and says he came to wish her birthday. Pragya tries to beat him. Abhi says he is Abhi, the rockstar. He says you have ruined my plan to hug and kiss you. Pragya smiles and says we will do again. She asks him to scare her again and switches off light. Abhi comes and hugs her, wishes her happy birthday. Abhi gives her black rose, then makes it red. Pragya asks how did you change the color. Abhi says see what your dream man will do tomorrow. Pragya is hopeful and thinks about Purab and Dadi’s words. Abhi asks her to sleep. Pragya thinks something good will happen tomorrow. Tanu complains to Abhi that nobody takes care of herand asks him to bring milk for him. Abhi says you would have called me.Tanu says she can’t climb down the stairs and asks him to bring. Abhi goes. Tanu wonders what Nikhil is upto some conspiracy.Purab, Akash and Rachna taking Abhi’s help in choosing the flowers for decoration. Pragya asks Abhi what is he doing? Abhi asks her to put heart there, stand on the table and if she slips, he will catch her. Pragya smiles. Abhi says okay, I will do it. Abhi slips and Akash holds him. Abhi asks why did you save me? Akash says then who will save you. Rachna asks are you waiting forsomeone else. Nikhil hires a man for ruin Pragya’s life and asks him to read all the details and events in Pragya’s life. He says he want to make Abhi and Pragya defeat with his one attack. Just then door bell rings, Nikhil thinks Tanu must have come and thinks he can’t reveal his plan to her. He opens the door and is shocked to see Dadi. Dadi asks why you are standing like a ghost and asks won’t you call me inside. Dadi sits down on sofa and says I came toinvite you for Pragya’s birthday party. Nikhil says it is really good. Dadi says it is not good for you and your girl friend and says there is a big surprise for you both which will change your lives.

Nikhil says I will come for sure. Dadi says okay, and says she will leave. Nikhil thanks her. The man is seen hiding.Nikhil thinks Dadi is showing attitudeand thinks you don’t know what shock I am going to give Pragya, it will be fun when she will be kicked out. He says when will evening comes? Abhi plans surprise gifts for Pragya, and hides them. Abhi writes a letter to Pragya in his diary. He writes fuggi and calls her. He then thinks what to write. Pragya comes. Abhi says I didn’t call you. Pragya says you called me. Abhi says I just took your name as I got hiccups. Pragya asks him to move and says she will make bed sheet place rightly. Abhi says he is shame shame..Pragya says you are wearingclothes then why you are shying.

Abhi asks her to go, gets up and makes her leave the room. He thinks it is good that he didn’t reveal his surprise and sits down to write abouthis heart, love and feelings for her. A song plays……………He thinks it is difficult to write romantic lines.


Comedian, Seyi Law took to his Instagram page to react to the death of a 10-year-old boy during the demolition Ekeukwu market in Imo state.

According to him, the government of Nigeria is making a monster outof his people and that the bomb being built in the country will soonexplode with nowhere to run to. Read what he wrote below...

This was probably the saddest picture I saw on theinternet last week and waited to hear the Governor's reaction to the killing of unarmed civilians during a demolition exercise, but I am still waiting. This is a huge problem in Nigeria, we keep mute at the death of people and that's why Jungle justice prevails. No prosecution, No statement and the family, friends and well wishers of the victims grow with vengeance in their hearts.The Government of this Nation make monsters out of his people and when the day of reckoning comes, they will want to demonize them.

Hmmmmm. The bombs we are building in this Nation will someday explode and we will have nowhere to run. Imagine the kind of seed they have sownin this little girl. She might forgive, but forgetting will be very hard.Our Government need to do more and the citizens have to be more vocal. Silence, I maintain is not always golden.

Our National time bomb is ticking and our President is not so diplomatic in his statements, issuing threats in a volatile situation instead of been persuasive. Just my thoughts. God help us all.


Kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, aka Evans, has finally pleaded guilty to conspiracy and kidnapping before a judge of the Ikeja High Court.A Lagos Division of the Federal High Court on Tuesday adjourned the case till September 5 to hear arguments from Evan’s lawyer and lawyers representing the police force on why he should not deliver judgment on the fundamental rights application brought by Evans.

Justice Abdulaziz Anka had initially fixed Tuesday to deliver judgment on the suit but a lawyer to the Inspector General of Police and the Nigeria Police Force, David Igbodo, appearing for the first time since the hearing began, said he had filed a counter affidavit before the court. “It will be an injustice for judgment to be delivered without hearing our own side,” Mr. Igbodo, Commissioner of Police (Legal Section), said.

Mr. Igbodo speaking with newsmen said investigation into the Evans’ case was “almost complete.” “The case is a very controversial one, it is a sensitive case,” he said.


Really it is sad. No, jokes apart, forget subs, it is sad. I wish her all the best.

The former Oloriof Ife has changed her name back to that of her father and now answers- Queen Zaynab-Otiti Obanor.You already read her official press statement below few minutes ago. All the best ma'am.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Nollywood actor, Obi Madubogwu is dead.He died Monday afternoon after battlingwith ‘acute diabetics foot ulcers’, CKN reports.Obi Madubogwu became popular for hisrole in the blockbuster ‘Battle of Musanga’ were he played the lead role.

Some months ago, the actor expressed his heartfelt thanks to Nigerians who helped him out financially, physically and spiritually.

He also urged them not to give up on him and but to assist him complete the final stage of his treatment which entailed flying out to a US hospital.


Nikhil blaming Pragya for callinghim to trap him. Pragya says she has informed him as she really cared for baby and called him as he is his father. She saysshe feels pity for baby as her mother and father don’t care about him and have only used him. Nikhil says very soon you will be at Tanu’s place.

He says Tanu will get Abhi’s sympathy and will stay in his house. Abhi will get emotional about the baby which is mine. Pragya says your baby is fighting with life and you are thinking about using him. She says I feel disgusted to talk to you, and goes. Abhi is with Tanu in the ward. Nurse tells Tanu that you are very brave and have fought with life to save the baby. Abhi feels guilty and tells Tanu that he and his family are with her. Tanu thinks I want to see Pragya’s face now, and thinks she has won. Pragya thinks Tanu has won and I have lost. Sarla comes. Pragya tells her that Abhi is feeling guilty and blaming himself for the accident.

Dadi says yes, and says I would have told him not to bring her home. Sarla says her destiny is good. Dadi says Abhi will not look at her and asks Pragya to have patience.Mitali asks Dasi to have coffee etc. They go. Abhi apologizes toSarla and asks her to punish and slap him. Sarla says I can’t. Abhi says you can raise hand onyour son naa. Sarla keeps her hand on his head and says I wish all mums get son like you. They get emotional. Mitali comes back to tai ji and she haslocked Dasi in bathroom. She laughs and asks her to bet with her. Tai ji asks who will win? Taiji asks her to think? Mitali thinksI will take Pragya’s side. He says I have full confidence that Pragya will not let Tanu come home. Tai ji says Tanu will come home and will trouble Pragya. They bet. Tai ji asks herto open the lock.Tanu is acting and thinks it is tiring to sit on the bed. She acts thinking Abhi came.

Nikhil comes to her room and says he was eagerly waiting to see her. Tanu says you didn’t come in the morning. She asks why did you come here and refuses to take his help. She says I have done accident acting to help myself. Nikhil says what did yousay? He laughs and asks how did you act? Tanu says I was worried and an idea struck to my mind. A fb is shown, Tanu thinks she shall fall down the stairs and get sympathy. Just then she sees Abhi coming and falls down. Nikhil asks what youhave done? He says if anything had happened to this baby then I would not have become CEO. He then praises her for handlingthe situation well and says you are suitable to become my baby’s mum. Tanu says but you are not suitable to become my baby’s dad.Abhi and Pragya have vada pav…Pragya looks at Abhi. They make each other have it. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays…Pragya gets hiccups. Abhi asks do you want wine, then says juice or water. He goes to bring water for her. Pragya drinks it. She says vada pav was so spicy, why did you make me eat knowing I don’t eatspicy things. Abhi says you brought it. You should thanked me for sharing vada pav with you.

He asks where to sleep. Pragya asks him to sleep on hershoulder. Abhi rests on her shoulder. Kaisa yeh ishq hai plays again.Abhi gets up and says he has togive medicine to Tanu. Pragya asks him to sleep and says she will give medicine to her. *Abhi says but how I will sleep? Pragya gives him pillow. Nikhil and Tanu laugh on Pragya and Abhi. Nikhil says Pragya gave lecture to him. Tanu says Pragya will be shock if she comes to know that I have acted. Pragya hears their voice, comes inside and claps.Pragya coming to Tanu’s hospital ward, and sees Nikhil and Tanu laughing and telling their plans. Pragya says I don’t want what to call you people. She says you both are using your baby, and ask why did you take the risk when you know that anything could have happened to baby. Pragya says you are playing with your baby’slife. Tanu smiles and says just because I am Tanu…not Pragya.I am smart and not emotional fool. She says we get nothing being emotional, and asks her to look at herself. She says you thinks about others, but couldn’thelp yourself. She says if I thought like you then I would have goes out of home. She laughs on Pragya and asks do you like my conspiracy.

She laughs again and tells Nikhil that Pragya got scared and emotional seeing her falling down the stairs as if baby is hers. Nikhil says it is somewhat hers also, as baby is of her husband. Tanu says she had called you also. Nikhil acts and tells that Pragya gave lecture to him on phone.Tanu says you will take me home, and Abhi will come to me being emotional. Pragya says God is seeing everything. Tanu says God can see, but can neverdo anything. He wants me to go back to Mehra house, and laughs on Pragya again. Nikhil says I will go from here, else Abhi might come. Nikhil asks Pragya to take care of his sweetheart and says she is sautan also. He says bye to Tanu and goes. Tanu couldn’t stop laughing and looks at Pragya.Robin cleans Tanu’s room. Tai jiasks him. Robin says Abhi called and told me to clean the room as Tanu is returning home. Mitali asks did you confirm with Pragya. Robin saysyes. Tai ji asks Mitali to give her bet amount.

Mitali tells Taya ji that Tai ji tricked her and won the bet. She says I don’t have any money. Tai ji says you would have think before betting with me. Mitali gives her change. Tai ji says it is just 865 Rs. Mitali says I have just this money. Tai ji asks her to give 40000. Mitali tells her that she don’t have any money. Taya ji asks her to leave Mitali. Mitali says she will give money on installments. Tai ji says okay, and says you will go to jail from here and your husband will not take you back. She laughs on her. Taya ji scolds Pummy.Abhi is brought home and acts. Dadi asks Robin to bring juice for Tanu. Tanu calls Abhi and says whatever she did was for him and for their baby and bright future. Abhi asks her to go to room and take rest. Tanu acts as pain and says she will apologize to everyone. She saysI have no enmity towards anyone. Abhi asks her to take rest.

Tanu acts again. Abhi holds her and takes her to room. Pragya and Rachna looks on angrily. Pragya thinks about Nikhil’s words that Abhi will never throw Tanu of the house, and will get closer to her. She thinks about Tanu’s words that Abhi will come to her being emotional. She sees their marriage pic and recalls Abhi taking Tanu to room. She gets teary eyes. Dadi comes and keeps her hand on her.

Monday, 28 August 2017


Kim Kardashian West channeled former first lady of the United States,Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in this issue of Interview Magazine also featuring her daughter North West.According to the cover, the interview was conducted by Janet Mock and the cover was shot by Steven Klein.

A 2015 Cosmopolitan cover calling the Kardashians the First Family during the Obama administration garnered heavy criticism.Kardashian West is styled in what appears to be an homage to Jackie Onassis, one of the most iconic First Ladies.In the interview, Mock and Kim discussed everything from filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians to raising children in the limelight. On Kim raising mix raced children,

She shared the following:

“I’m very conscious of it. Kanye always has his family around and people who look like my daughter—that’s important to me. She’s obsessed with her curly hair, and if she finds someone who has the same hair, she runs to them and is like, ‘You have curly hair like me?’ And we get to talk about it.We also talk about it with my niece Penelope, because she and North look really different, but they’re best friends and they’re together all the time.

”North West was also interviewed, and revealed that she likes her pizza with “Just Cheese! Cheese, cheese—everywhere cheese.”North’s favorite song is her father’s song “Amazing.”On her image, goals, and the launch of her beauty line which made $14 million in the first hour, Kim said:“You can say a lot of things about me, but you cannot say I don’t work hard. I don’t sing. I don’t dance. I don’t act. But I am not lazy.”


It seems Nigeria’s favourite celebritycouple, Banky W and Adesua Etomi will be walking down the aisle soon, as it has been confirmed that Banky W is already on a bachelors’ trip to Punta Cana, the eastern part of the Dominican Republic.

His friends on the trip with him include, Ebuka Uchendu, Tunde Demuren and his brother.


What can I say, folks? The “money fight” is history and we are all here to cast our “expert” opinions on what transpired in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday Night.With two industries colliding, one thing that cannot be denied is that it certainly lived up to the hype.

The beauty of mixed martial arts clashing with the chess match that is professional boxing.Conor McGregor stepping into a world unknown, while Floyd Mayweather returns to the sport he’s dominated for 50 straight fights.

When it was all said and done, Floyd“Money” Mayweather defeated “TheNotorious” Conor McGregor in the tenth round via technical knockout in the middle of the T-Mobile Arena when referee Robert Byrd stepped in and stopped the fight.Since then, everyone has been giving “hot takes” on the fight and arguing over the biggest and smallest details.But the question that we should be asking is: what did we learn from this historic fight?Let’s get started:

1. Floyd Mayweather is a man of hisword and he deliveredGoing into this fight, there were A LOT of predictions of how the bout of a lifetime would turn out.

Most experts said that McGregor didn’t have a chance and that he would beoutmatched in every form of the word. Others gave McGregor a fighter’s chance and assumed that maybe Floyd was past his prime and ready to pass the torch, as we say in the wrestling business.But one prediction did come true and that is from the man who cemented his place in history, FloydMayweather. Mr. 50-0 called his shot before the bout and claimed that this fight would “not go the distance,” and it sure didn’t.

No matter your thoughts on this fight, one thing that is for sure is Floyd Mayweather said he felt disappointed in his performance against Manny Pacquiao and felt like he owed the fans. Mayweather was clearly in Las Vegas to put on ashow and there’s nothing I can really criticize when it comes to the effort put in by Mayweather and McGregor.But Floyd was right. We doubted him and he called his shot.Respect.

2. Conor McGregor is worthyEveryone who walked away from this fight had an opinion, whether it’s objective or not, something that cannot be said is that Conor McGregor was not worthy to be in the ring with Floyd Mayweather.

Not only did Conor McGregor prove that he could hang in there with oneof (if not the greatest ever) and go 10 rounds of a 12 round fight. McGregor proved that he has the chin to stand in and swing for the fences.Yes, Conor was clearly gassed and heavy-legged, but there is no questioning that Conor McGregor has the heart of a champion and felteverything he had in Las Vegas.

3. Floyd Mayweather’s legacy has been etched in stoneOne thing we rarely see in professional sports is an all-time great get to go out on his terms.

Seeing Floyd Mayweather, still in peak physical and mental condition,go out on live pay-per-view and give us a proper send off with one hell of a fight is exactly what his legacy needed.Mayweather has always been criticized for his lack of entertaining fights, but not only did he deliver forthe fans, he delivered for his eternal legacy as boxing’s measuring stick and standard bearer.

4. This was a great fightSpeaking about my own personal experience, I absolutely enjoyed thefight. Surrounded by friends, rootingfor both sides, this fight experience for me was really good.

Usually, I don’t have that great of a time during Floyd fights, but this was a different story.These two warriors stood toe-to-toe with the whole world watching and they gave us what we wanted.What more can you ask for?Early on, I thought Conor was looking really good. He was connecting on some shots and without a doubt was still feeling himself out in this completely different sport, but also pushing forward and taking the fight to Mayweather.

As for Floyd, he weathered the storm and began to come alive laterin the fight, which is a signature of Floyd Mayweather. There’s something about Mayweather that makes his fatigue look non-existent. About half way through the fight, we received an unofficial scorecard on screen, which showed this fight being neck and neck.At that point in time, I knew that Mayweather had this fight well in hand as McGregor began to fade.

But even in defeat, I have a ton of respect for both guys, especially Conor McGregor, who took this losson the chin, stepped outside his comfort zone and jumped head first into a world that he has never competed in, professional boxing on the world’s biggest stage.Props to both guys. What a fight.

5. Mayweather vs. McGregor finish is example of why MMA is on the incline, while Boxing proves to be a sport of the past Although I stated several times above that I enjoyed the entire experience and do not whatsoever regret dedicating my Saturday to this fight, but the ending of the fight did leave a bad taste in my mouth. I’m sure referee Robert Byrd was just trying to protect McGregor, but the fact that this fight ended on a referee jumping in and calling it doesn’t really sit well with me and which is why MMA has boomed in the social media age and boxing as continued to fade into the past.In mixed martial arts and the UFC, finishes are decisive 95% of the time and the winners and losers aremade clear.

Now, in no way am I saying that McGregor won that fightor that Floyd’s victory is tainted, butI am saying that this is partly why Boxing has withered away from the mainstream sporting culture.

Boxing, although popular in its niche audience, can still draw mass support, but has a tough time sustaining it.After referee Byrd stepped in and called the fight, I couldn’t help but feel slightly cheated out of a clear-cut, definitive winner. As McGregor stated in his post-fight interview, hewanted to hit the floor. McGregor insisted that he was just feeling fatigued, and that he was still in control of his movements. Whether that’s true or not is not clear in my mind and I think he certainly has a point, which goes back to the reason why if this fight was contested in the UFC, I don’t think it would’ve been stopped when it was. Understanding full well that the stoppage can come at the referee’s discretion, we’ll never really know if McGregor was truly unable to continue.I’m no boxing expert, but it seems like this could be part of the decline boxing has suffered over the last decade. Inconclusive endings that leave the fan wanting more. UFC doesn’t have that issue. Most of thetime, in the main event, there is a clear winner and loser. And although many might think we had a conclusive winner here, we’ll never really know if McGregor could’ve fought his way back into the fight and pull off the upset.

In today’s hyper-focused environmenton social media and in general, keeping someone’s interest and investment is to provide decisive outcomes.In the end, Mayweather vs. McGregor lived up to the hype, delivered in every form of the word and truly cemented these two men into the history books as two of the best to ever compete in combat sports.


Pragya thanking Dadi for proving Sarla’s innocence, and asks her not to make these kinds of plan again as she don’t want anyone to get hurt. Dadi says if I am not with you, then there will be someone else. Pragya asks why you didn’t tell me? Dadi says I don’t want to waste time and had fallen from the stairs to make the scene real.

She says I knew that Tanu will give money to make herself great in Abhi’s eyes. Pragya says you might have got injured. Dadi asks her not to worry and see what is going on in Tanu’s room. Pragya asks Doctor to say something. Doctor says it is your personal matter and goes. Abhi tells Tanu that everyone can’t be wrong. Tanu thinks sh has to accept her crime. She says she has stolen money from Pragya’sroom and says she did it for him.She says she had stolen money for their child’s future and says Iknew Pragya will never give me money. Abhi gets angry on her and says you didn’t do wrong bystealing, but have done wrong by accusing Sarla, whom I regard as my mum.

He says Sarla is helpless, her husband and daughter left her. Tanu saysPragya will ruin you and will never give you money.Abhi says Pragya was ready to give me 50 percent money and asks why did you steal then? Hesays Sarla recovered from paralysis and you gave her a bigshock. He says you actually wanted to take revenge on Pragya and that’s why accused Sarla. He says Sarla became great by protecting her daughter, and you have stoop low by giving credit to your babyfor the theft. Tanu says I did steal for you. Abhi asks her not to touch him, and says he has no feelings for her. He says I just have hatred for you……Dadi scolds Tanu for targetting, accusing and insulting Sarla. Tanu tells Abhi that she has no personal enmity with Sarla and she has done this because of Pragya. Abhi says I have no relation withyou and asks her to leave. Tanu asks him to think about baby.

Abhi says you didn’t leave me tothink anything, else I wouldn’t have blamed Sarla. He asks Tanu to get out… Tanu asks where? Abhi says where ever you want to go, but go..Mitali thinks let Tanu go.Abhi thinks how Tanu insulted Sarla and accused her, and thenmanipulated him and made him doubt Sarla. He thinks why did I doubt on Sarla and let her go. Pragya thinks Abhi is very muchpained. She asks are you fine? Abhi hugs her cryingly…..He apologizes to Pragya and says I did wrong with you.Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays…………..I shouldn’t have done this, I should have seen the truth, I gave authority to Tanu to insult Sarla and you. He says I am equally angry on myself also. Pragya asks him not to apologize and says it was circumstances, which were responsible. Abhi says I will not support her, as she has betrayed me. He says she is going to be my child’s mum, butI will break relation with her.

Dadi thanks Doctor for his good acting. Doctor says you have gone wonderful act and made everyone cry like veteran actress Nirupa Roy. He salutes her. Dadi thanks him. Akash thanks the doctor. Purab tells Dadi that he has become her fan. Dadi says when I see the things going off from our hands,then I played last trick…and Tanu is out of house now. Akash says yes.Tanu calls Nikhil and tells him that his dream to be CEO have failed. Nikhil asks her what happened? Tanu tells everything about Dadi’s plan. Tanu says Abhi asked me to getout. She asks where I should gonow? Nikhil says I did a mistake by letting money with you, as I was in hospital. He asks from where did you get idea to give money to Abhi. Nikhil asks her to just go to hell. Tanu says atleast I have the strength and don’t make failed plans like you.Nikhil asks her not to forget thatshe is carrying his baby. Tanu disconnects the call. She thinks Nikhil was her last helpline and wonders what to do?Dadi thanking God for giving herstrength and courage to fight against Tanu.

She asks God to keep Tanu away from Abhi and unite him with Pragya. She callsSarla. *More on* Janki picks the call. Dadi asks her to put the call on loudspeaker and says Tanu is exposed. She was caught with the stolen money and have stolen it. She says Abhi asked her to leave the house. Sarla gets happy and thanks Dadi for supporting Pragya all along. She cries happily. Tanu packs her stuff. Pragya comes to her room and says I came to help you. You have done so much for me and have returned my husband to me. Tanu says no thanks. Pragya says there is a difference between you and me, and says I will be more happy when Abhi will know your complete truth. When he comes to know that you are lying and betraying him since you met him. She says your biggest betrayal is your baby. She says this punishment is given to you by Abhi and not me, and makes her recall insulting her mum. She says my revenge will be complete when he comes to know about your truth, and I don’t want him to remember youand regret. She says you have entered this house with the helpof this baby, and which made me leave the house. She says I did a biggest mistake of my life by trusting you and leaving the house.

You thought that you will never be caught, but I heard your conversation with Nikhil and then Aaliya’s conversation in office. She says I have to change my avatar because of you both and felt suffocated. Tanu says Abhi will never accept you as you are not suitable for him. Pragya says tell him complete truth and then he will decide whom to choose? Mitali hears her and thinks to call Taiji. Tanu says she is beautiful, talented and model, while she is a boring teacher. Pragya asks Tanu to come and tell everything to Abhi. Tanu refuses to go. Pragya says you don’t have courage to say the truth, but have courage to lie daily. She says I will give strength, and asks her to tell truth to abhi, and also tell that I don’t deserve him. She says youboth tried to proved me characterless and had affair with Suresh.She says you both have killed my sister, attempted to kill my mum and me. She says you have increased your punishment. She says you have become thief and a murderer now just because of the obsession. She asks her to tell the truth to Abhi.

Tanu asks her to stop it, and says you are also trying to get him. Pragya says if Abhi knows your truth then he will kill you both, and a blast willhappen. Tanu thinks if Abhi comes to know about my truth then he will kill me for sure.


Jehovah’s Witness convention in Angola was attacked with toxic gas on Friday, causing over 400 people to faint.A local news source, Portal de Angola, reported on Saturday that three young men were detained afterthe attack.

According to the report, some 7,000 worshippers were at a venue on the outskirts of Luanda for the weekend-long convention.Forty-three victims were rushed to the hospital, but no deaths have been reported.A witness, Abraham Kituxi, told Portal de Angola that his sister-in-law was one of the first to collapse. She told him that she had smelled something foul before passing out.Shortly thereafter, more people began collapsing, creating panic throughout the venue.

Some witnesses called the police and firefighters, who assisted with evacuating the victims to Cazenga Municipal Hospital and Cajueiros Hospital.Police arrested three suspects, and four are believed to be on the run. They could not identify the toxic substance, but noted that it was in containers of 750 thousand liters spread throughout the venue.

Sunday, 27 August 2017


Tanu coming to meet Nikhil in the hospital and goes gaga about her plan. She tells how Sarla took blame on herself when she accused Pragya of the theft. Nikhil says we have to plan big. Tanu says she will manipulate Abhi and tell him that if Sarla is thief then Pragya is maha thief. Akash comes to hospital to enquire about Nikhil. Receptionist says that Nikhil is discharged and the bills are paid. Rachna tells Akash that they will get the bills, as it mightbe on Tanu’s name.

Tanu gets happy and thinks to count the notes. She thinks she must be having 80 Lakhs after giving 10 lakhs to nurse and 10 lakhs spent in Nikhil’s treatment. Just then Mitali comes there, and is shocked to see the money bag. She says your theft is caught and says she will tell everyone now.She says Police will arrest you, and we will get prize money. Tanu asks Mitali to hear her once, and says you are happy toget the prize money. She gives her offer and says you will get all money if you keeps your mouth shut.

Mitali gets ready and touches the notes.Tanu clicks her pics with the money bag, and shows her the pic. She then blackmails Mitali, and says she will upload pic on social media and gets comments. She asks her to decide what to do? She asks if you are interested in this pic or money? Mitali thinks to show her kundli to pandit ji and goes without taking money. Tanu thinks she has to be careful anddecides to keep the money hidden somewhere. Pragya getsa call….and says Abhi will reach in an hour. She comes to room and sees him sleeping. She thinks she can’t forget what he did last night to cheer her up. She thinks to wake him up for the meeting. Abhi wakes up andcalls Robin. Pragya asks him to wake up. Abhi says he couldn’t sleep entire night and asks her to let him sleep. Pragya says you have a meeting to attend with Sridhar and asks him to getup.Abhi thinks he will not go else Pragya will get upset again. Pragya asks him to get up, take bath and get ready. Abhi thinks he will make an excuse and get a holiday today.

He acts to get headache..Pragya says you wasalright when you woke up. Abhi says suddenly his head was shaking and feeling feverish. Pragya checks him and says hisbody is cool. Abhi says he is notjoking and says he couldn’t get up. Pragya asks him to take restand says she will call doctor. abhi says what is the need? Shebrings thermometer and puts in his mouth. Pragya looks for the doctor’s number.

Abhi thinks what to do, as he has no temperature. He puts thermometer in hot tea. Pragya calls Doctor and tells Abhi has fever. Doctor says I will come and check Abhi. Pragya sees Abhi putting thermometer in tea and says so this is the idea. Shechecks the thermometer and says you have 109 degrees fever and is shocked. Abhi thinks Pragya will take care of him now.Rachna tells receptionist that Tanu asked for a receipt of bill payment. Receptionist gives thebills.

Akash sees bill on Nikhil’s name, and thinks they are very clever. Rachna says we have to find other way out and goes. Mitali comes to Robin and asks him to make nimbo pani. Pragyacomes there and asks Robin to give ice. Mitali gets stomach pain because of the hiding truth and thinks what to do. Pragya brings ice back to room, and tells Abhi that she will try home remedy. Abhi says I don’t need ice and asks why is she troubling him. Pragya tries to put ice bag on his head. Abhi refuses and throws the ice bag. He says what you are doing? If you will make a healthy man ill? Pragya says you are having fever naa. Abhi says no, and says he wanted to make her take care of him.

Pragya says you missed a meeting, and askshim to give chance to praise him. Pragya twists her hand andfalls in Abhi’s embrace. Sanam Re plays……………..Abhi makes her sit and touches her foot to check. Pragya says she will get sin. Abhi asks her to touch his foot later. Pragya thinks he wanted me to take care of him, but taking care of me.Dadi and Dasi coming to meet Sarla. Dasi asks how are you? Dadi says Indu told that she never saw your Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Sarla asks Janki to make Dasi see themarriage hall. Dasi goes with Janki. Dadi says I couldn’t talk to you infront of Indu, and says you was blamed as you are supporting Pragya. Sarla says I took blame on myself, so that Pragya can protect her marriageand Abhi from Tanu. Dadi praises the values which Sarla have given to Pragya and thanks her. She apologizes for the troubles which she has gone through.

Sarla asks Dadi never to leave Pragya and protect her from Tanu’s attacks.Dadi asks her not to worry and says God is with us. She says Abhi and Pragya are together even though there are many problems. Dasi comes back andasks Sarla to make her eat goodfood. Sarla says okay. Tanu thinks nobody will even know where is the stolen money. She gets call from hospital. Receptionist inform her that her manager came and collected the receipt. Tanu says I didn’t send anyone. Receptionist tells that Rachna and Akash came there. Tanu calls Nikhil and tellsthat Akash and Rachna went to hospital and got the bills. Nikhil says it was my decision to get discharged from the hospital. Tanu argues with him. Nikhil thinks he is bearing Tanu for hiswork/money. Tanu thinks she isbearing Nikhil as she is becoming mum to his child.Doctor checks Dadi and says she is fine. He praises Pragya for taking so well of Dadi. Abhi smiles. Dadi also praises Pragya. Abhi asks Doctor to check Pragya and says she has slipped. Doctor checks Pragya and says she is fine, asks Abhi to take care of Pragya. He says she needs husband love and jokes. They go downstairs. Doctor tells Abhi and Pragya that Dadi’s BP is high and something is bothering her. He asks them to take care of Dadi. Pragya thinks if Dadi is worryingabout Sarla and me, thinks to take extra care of Dadi.

Mitali tells Tai ji that her stomach is having pain. Tai ji asks if she is pregnant. Mitali asks if she is not happy with two kids. She says she is having bal rok..since childhood. She says whenever I hide something, my tummy gets pain and swollen. Tai ji asks her to tell. Mitali asksher to promise not to tell anyoneand tells that Tanu has stolen the money. Tai ji is shocked andsays we will tell everyone and Police. Mitali says Tanu has taken my pic with the money and blackmailed me to stay silent. She asks her to forget about telling anyone.Dadi falls down the stairs. Pragya shouts Dadi. Abhi comes there. Pragya says Dadi has fallen from the stairs. Abhi calls doctor. Doctor checks Dadi and says we shall shift her to hospital. Abhi says I will call ambulance. Doctor says his hospital is far and suggests himto take Dadi to nearby hospital. Mitali says that hospital is 5 starhospital…and very costly. Abhi says it is okay. Tai ji asks Abhi to get money first. He asks Pragya to give money. Pragya says the money which she has was stolen, and asks Akash to bring 15 lakhs. Akash tells that today is a holiday. Abhi gets angry on her for not keeping money at home. Abhi asks money from Tai ji, Taya ji, Akash, Mitali and Raj. They make an excuse.

Abhi begs infront of everyone and says someone please give me money. I will give double money. Doctor says ambulance will come. Tanu thinks she will help Abhi and gain his confidence, goes to room.

Saturday, 26 August 2017


Abhi telling his family not to let Police come inside. Pragya is tensed. Tanu says you might behappy that you will be saved if Police don’t come inside, and says they will punish them if notpolice. She says I was thinking from where did you get cunning mind? She says it came from your mum. Pragya asks her to shut up.

She says if Maa would have asked money then I would have given her. Pragya says I heard her talking to someone about the notice, and offered help but she refused. Tanu saysit is their joint venture and says Abhi trusts you, but not me. It is clear that your mum is doing emotional drama and trapping money. She says you want to begood in Abhi’s eyes, and asks her to tell Sarla to accept her crime and surrender to Police else she will take action against bothof them.Purab is standing out. Inspectortells him that he got a call from a lady who said about the theft and her scream. Purab asks Inspector to stop there itself. Inspector says I will arrest you ifyou stops me from going inside.Purab says it is a family matter. Inspector says if he interferes then arrest him. Pragya asks Sarla not to worry.

Sarla says she is innocent. Pragya says weboth know that someone is trapping you. I will take blame on myself. Sarla asks her not to do that. Dadi asks Abhi to do something and says Sarla is innocent. She says you regards her as your mum and asks him to promise that he won’t let anything happen to her. Abhi promises that he won’t let anything happen to her. Tanu says if she pushes Sarla to go to jail then Pragya can take the blame and go to jail atleast for 6month, then I will marry, have baby and my life will be set.Tanu changes the track and says your mum might not have stolen the money, but it might be you who have stolen it. She asks didn’t you feel any shame? Abhi asks her to keep quiet as police is outside. Tanu asks Pragya, where was the keys? Pragya says it was with me.

Tanu recalls stealing money from Pragya’s room. She says your greed have trapped Sarla. She acts and says she is feelingbad to badmouth about Sarla. She says Sarla’s tears are not fake. She says Pragya was in need of money, and have betrayed her husband. She saysI was doubtful on you, but didn’ttell. She says you have proved your mum as theif and that too without any shame. Sarla thinkswhy Tanu is blaming Pragya now and says it is her trick to trap Pragya. She worries that Tanu might send Pragya to jail and then will marry Abhi. She thinks her daughter will lose in aday, and thinks she can’t let thishappen. She thinks I have to stop everything and shouts enough. She says I have stolen the money. Dadi asks Sarla why you are doing this? Sarla thinks about Pragya and Abhi.Sarla says he has stolen money from Pragya’s room. Inspector hears everything and says we have hear the thief statement, and asks Constable to arrest her.

Purab asks Inspector to wait 1 min, and let him speak to Abhi. Purab talks to Abhi. Tanu tells Abhi that they shall get Pragya arrested too with Sarla, and says Pragya is with Sarla. Abhi says he don’t know what todo. Tanu says we both are very emotional and can’t see anything bad. She says this is happening for our secure future.She says you didn’t ask Sarla to confess and says she should bepunished. Purab asks Abhi not to listen to Tanu and says Maa is innocent. Tanu says when Aaliya can be punished, then why can’t they. She asks if you are also with them in the theft. She asks Abhi to go down and let Inspector arrest Sarla.Pragya tells Sarla that she knows that she has taken blameto save her. Sarla says she has stolen the money, but confesses that she has confessed to save her kumkum.She says if Tanu sends you to jail then she will marry Abhi. She says I don’t care if I stay in jail, but you should be with Abhi.I couldn’t see and took blame on myself.

Sarla telling that she took blameon herself so that Tanu can’t trap Pragya. Dadi says she knew about her sacrifice and praises her. Tai ji thinks about the prize money for helping Police nap the thief. Mitali says we will get prize from 3 persons,police, Abhi and Tanu. Tai ji gets happy. Mitali says we will get atleast 25 lakhs. Abhi comes downstairs while everyone waits for his decision. Pragya asks Sarla to listen to her once. Sarla refuses. Abhi says I have taken my decision and nobody will interfere in my decision. Pragya sees Tanu smiling and thinks she might have manipulated Abhi. Tanu thinks Abhi will work as she planned. Dadi tries to speak. Abhi says I won’t listen. Inspector says we will beat Sarla and get all info about the theft money. Abhi says 1 second, and says a son can’t see his mum going to jail….He tells Inspector that there is no thief and it is their family matter,asks him to go. Inspector asks him to let him do his duty. Abhi says it seems you are new and says he will make him talk to commissioner. I will not hear his order as the thief has confessed to her crime. He asksConstable to arrest Sarla.Abhi threatens to call media, woman organization etc, and asks if there is any FIR with you.Inspector says we got phone call from Mitali Mehra and her mum in law. Abhi says if anyonegives statement against Sarla then I will kick them out. Inspector says you are threatening the witness. Abhi doesn’t let him arrest Sarla. Inspector rues to keep an eye on him. Abhi asks Purab to dropInspector till door. Dadi thinks Abhi did right. Pragya thinks Abhi has fulfill his duty as a son.Tanu tells Abhi that he has not done right, and spared guilty. She tells Pragya that she will get them punished and goes. Dadi tells Abhi that you have done right, and fulfilled your duty and promise. She says youare good son and grand son also. Abhi says he wants to be alone for sometime. Dadi says I know you are upset, and thinking if you have done wrong. She says results will be good.Tai ji insults Sarla and accuses her for theft. Mitali asks where did you keep stolen money. Tai ji says she is not having any shame, else she would have left. Mitali says Abhi has saved her from Police, but may be couldn’t stay with her and that’swhy left. Tai ji says Sarla will stay in our house even after stealing. Mitali says she will do something big. Tai ji calls her shameless. Dadi comes and calls them shameless. She saysI have seen Police because of you both and asks them to go away from her sight. Sarla cries.Dadi feels bad on their behalf. Sarla tells Dadi that she want to leave.Dadi says this is your house, and you have to stay here. Sarlasays I can’t stay here anymore, let me go. Dadi says you can’t go as Pragya needs you. Sarla says she wants to be Pragya’s strength, but became her weakness. She asks her to let her go else Pragya will take any wrong step to save her. Pragya comes there….hugs Sarla and cries. She asks her not to go. Sarla says I am not going far, but to my home. Pragya says she is not feeling good. Sarla says she don’t want to become an obstacle in her fight. Pragya says what will happen to marriage hall. Sarla says I will save it, and asks her to concentrate on her kumkum andAbhi, and asks her not to divert her mind. Sarla cries and asks Pragya to let her go….Pragya also cries badly.Purab informs Abhi that Sarla is leaving the house. Abhi sits down on the bed tensedly. Purab asks him to stop Sarla and says she is innocent. Abhi says I know that she is not the thief and says he couldn’t face her. He says she is like me, and will not stop. Purab asks him to talk to her and make her believe that he trusts her. Abhi says I don’t know how to face her and what to say? Sarla comes and hears them. She says there is nothing left to hear now. She says I came to bless you, and prays for him to identify the good and bad which is happening with him. Abhi cries.Janki coming to take Sarla home. Tanu tells Sarla that she will throw Pragya and everyone related to her out of the house. Sarla tells her that lie have no feet, and says Abhi will throw her out of the house soon and she will come then to see her going. Mitali says Sarla is strong and have threatened you.Tanu asks her not to spy. Pragya cries. Dadi asks her not to lose strength and says we will prove Sarla innocent. She says truth will win and asks her to think that this is testing time. She says we will find out the truth. Pragya hugs her and cries. Dadi asks her to have strength. Dadi tells Sarla has bear enough. Rachna and Akashtell that abhi might change his view about Sarla, as theft have happened. Dadi comes to Abhi and says she wants to talk to him. She says money is stolen from our house and somewhereyou have a doubt on Sarla. She says Sarla didn’t take the blame on herself just because she hadstolen the money, but the reason is something else.Abhi says I know she had not stolen the money as I saw truth in her eyes, and also helplessness. He says he will catch the real thief and asks Dadi to help him, says he will not leave that thief because of whom his mum felt ashamed. Dadi blesses him and says she is happy as he is taking right decision. She says I can’t support you. I know you are hurt. She says Pragya’s pain is big and asks him to support Pragya come out of pain. She asks him to tell Pragya that he doesn’t have any doubt on Sarla. Abhi says I will talk to her.Tanu comes home. Rachna asks from where is she coming?Tanu says she went out insearch of thief, but got this to keep show piece in her room. Akash tells her that they have doubt on her. Tanu asks them to move from her way and goes.Akash and Rachna determines to find the real culprit. Pragya is sad and thinks about the allegations which her family hadslapped on Sarla. Abhi comes toroom, sees her crying, thinks to wear fuggi’s specs and make her smile. He thinks Pragya might slap him and recalls an old incident. He thinks to wear dupatta to cheer her up, and wonders what to do to cheer herup. He thinks to get her angry and make her normal. He acts to play guitar and gets his fingerhurt. Pragya gets angry, and concerned for him. She calls Robin and asks him to bring first aid box. Pragya says you will not go anywhere for few days, and says she will cancel his recordings. She says how you will eat food now?Abhi says you will make me eat now. Kaisa yeh Ishq hai plays……………Abhi puts bandage on his lips. Pragya asks if you are feeling pain, looks at him and says you are looking like a joker…Abhi says he is ready to become joker to make her smile. More updates on He asks why you are crying? He says we will catch the thief together because of whom our mum wasaccused. He asks her to shout on that thief also. Pragya applies bandaid on his finger. Sanam Re plays……………….Akash and Rachna ask driver where Tanu went? Driver tells that Tanu went to hospital. Akash says she must have wentto meet Nikhil and goes to inform Pragya. Abhi sees Pragya sad even while sleeping and thinks how to make her sadness go. He thinks Sarla is so clean hearted, but have to gofrom here and get insulted so much. He wonders who is the thief?Akash and Rachna think to alert Pragya through the code, and knock on the door. Pragya thinks they have come. Abhi says Pragya is sleeping? Pragyagets up and signs them to go. Abhi thinks mogambo is sleeping. Pragya thinks what they want to talk?


Executive Governor of Ekiti State, AyoFayose has finally explained why he was absent at the meeting 36 state governors had with the recently returned president, Buhari.

Here’s what he wrote;

Friday, 25 August 2017


As pragya lies atop him, they both eye each other awkwardly. he thinks that he feels all of his life’s problems are solved, if sheis this close. she thinks that they should be this close all their life. he asks what she just said. she denies. he tells what she was thinking. she says that she didnt want that, but when she hears him thinking so, it means he might just be wantingthis, and that he doesnt want to separate. they eye each other romantically. Granny comes andis super happy to see them like this.

She amusedly coughs, and asks them to get up as its good morning. she asks them to come have breakfast. he says that they were finalising the deal. Pragya says that its nthing, as they stand embarassed and flushed, and asks granny to sidewith her. she asks them to have breakfast first. they rush out. astanu comes in, he informs that the share is finally happening, and leaves. she thinks that his relation is being halved. she says that money is like that, dueto which she first left him, and now the vice versa, and its goodshe kept the key back to pragya.

Downstairs, Pragya’s mother welcomes them both, and asks them to come have food. he asks if they can divide the money first. granny talks about the 50-50, and they are amused. but sarla reminds themto have food first, talking about what she has made, which makes abhi’s mouth water, and he readily agrees to eat. all are amused. they all proceed towards the dining table. sarla eyes tanu and gets tensed. tani thinks that she has already settled matters. Tanu thinks that only he knows where he money is. she remembers how she gave it to the nurse in nikhil’s hospital, to keep it safeguarded, and not open her mouth, about how, where and why she landed this kind of cash. the nurse complies and leaves. she is amused. he asks her not to be too overconfident, as pragya has a knack of hitting back every single time. he asks her to pay the hospital bills and free him from here. he asks her to remember how she brainwashed rj, and separated alia from her, and he says that they shall target her support system, her mother too. she asks him not to worry. she says that she shall be very careful, about hurting her. he asks her to start hitting on home ground. she says that its started. he asks her not to consider it easy, as the first chance pragya gets, she would hit back, and asks her not to be foolish. she asks him to beware as she would stop coming if he abuses her. she smirks thinking, that their delay is increasing their desperation, as her aides have been cut off, one is in australia and the other in hospital. she thinks that she shall have breakfast too, after which they shall start their game plan. mitali fights with her mother in law, blaming each other, of the faults that led to the failure of the plan, they continuously cast hurling accusations at each other.At the dining table, all enjoy the sumptuous breakfast, while sarla asks how is it. they chatterwhile eating, like a traditional hearty punjabi family, while granny reminds them all of abhi’s old tales, and all are amused. then they have the traditional lassi too. they all start talking about how t feels good to have a nice family meal,amidst heart banter and cheerful chattering. tanu arrives. granny says that she knows she is hasty about the money, but asks her to let abhi have food first. she asks whats the haste, of her money. tanu stands embarassed, and wonders how to tell their of the plan to evict pragya, so that she becomes the owner. granny invites her to sit and have food. tanu says that she cant as its oily.

Mitali and the mother too join them. pragya and abhi again start fighting like children,over the food, and tanu reacts weird, which makes pragya worried and boggled. they againcrib like children, as to who got the bigger share of the bhatura. all are amused. tanu asks if theycan leave now. he complies. butsarla says that lassi is a pre-requisite, and then serves itto everyone. he drinks with much glee. she gets frustrated and again reminds about the money. pragya wonders why is she so hasty about the share. she invites all of them to witness it, to avoid any ambiguity. tanu says that its good since she would be embarassed in front of everyone. they all reach up. pragya thinks that she is super excited.In the room, after much intentional deliberation, pragya opens the safe, while all watch in anticipation. but they are aghast to see the money vault empty, and when pragya turns around she herself is shocked too. tanu steps up, and immediately starts indirectly accusing pragya of the theft, while they are all tensed and shocked. tanu smirks evilly, as pragya lands in a tight spot, as she vehemently and fumbling, tries to prove that she kept themhere itself. she is boggled as to where it went. mitali and her mother discuss that someone else instead of them, took the money. abhi is tensed how to react. tanu continues to pin point as to how noone else had access to the room, and only pragya had the keys, and ince its not a small amount that can be mishandled, and it definitely points out that they have been stolen.

Tanu asks where is the key, and pragya responds that its always with her. they are tensed as to what she is trying to insinuate. granny reprimandsas to what she is saying. she continues poke and investiagtespragya, as to what could have happened. sarla says that pragya couldnt have done it. akaash asks her to beware of hat he is saying about pragya. rajjo too sides with pragya. tanuasks abhi to be strict and pragya shall say everything. sarla asks her not to advise him as he knows whats to be done. she says that she too knows. abhi acolds tanu, and she defiantly says that she is doing the right thing, being his wife, she is concerned for his money.she asks pragya yet again, whileshe say that she kept it in the safe, and thn is opening it now. tanu accusingly asks her where and who could have taken it then. tanu asks her yet again.

Pragya is asked by akash, granny and sarla that since she isnt wrong, she neednt be tensed, and asks her to remember clearly where she had kept. she remembers as to how purab was with her, and calls him to confirm. he also assures her that they kept it together. they both are tensed together, and boggled as to howis it possible, and places it on loudspeaker for everyone to know that she kept. abhi stands tensed. the screen freezes on Pragya’s tensed face, as all eyes are n her.Dadi asking Pragya not to worry. Pragya says I wonder where did that money go? Tanu blames Pragya and says Pragyais acting innocent and have stolen Abhi’s money. Akash says you too can steal it as you was in need of money. Tanu says I am in need right now also, but Pragya can do anything as she has stolen Abhi’s everything. Pragya asks Akash to check in her cupboard.Tanu says now I can understand what is the matter? She tells Abhi that Pragya agreed to give him money and then stolen his money. Akash asks her to stop the crap. Rachna says Pragya will not steal her own money. Tanu saysit was Abhi’s money which she has stolen. She says Pragya have stolen the money and got it deposited in unnamed account. She says when I pressurized Abhi to ask her, shehas stolen it.

Abhi asks Tanu to stop it and asks Pragya to try to remember where she had kept the money. Pragya says she remembers and says she had kept it there itself. Mitali and Taiji are upset and think money is stolen by someone. They doubt on Pragya and Tanu. Tanu says how can 1 crore rupees vanish. Dadi says it might be here only, and asks her to remember. She says Purab is coming. Tanu calls her lotteri dulhan.Sarla says Pragya that money will be find. Tanu thinks very soon you and your money will vanish from this house. She tells Abhi that she will go and rest for sometime. Dadi tells Pragya have kept Abhi’s money before also, and have suffered alot, but today I am seeing her tensed. She says Pragya will find money. Pragya thinks how can I keep the money and forget. She asks God to help herfind the money. Tanu keeps eye on her and thinks this is the best view, I am seeing her worried. Pragya thinks why I amnot recollecting? She thinks if Tanu said right? If that money isstolen. She says I can’t let Abhi’s hard earned money stolen. Tanu comes to her roomand sings a song.

She talks to Aaliya’s pic and says she will take revenge on Pragya. She says I am more smarter than you. She says I have trapped Pragya and her mum and once I kicked them out, I will call you. She thinks to call Nikhil and inform him.Pragya thinks who can steal the money and suspects Tanu. She recalls Tanu desperately asking Abhi to get the money. She understands that Tanu is the one who has stolen the money and thinks nobody can save her now from me. Tanu calls Nikhil. Nurse Sonal picks his call and asks about Pragya. Shesays I have betrayed that woman as I didn’t want to get killed. Tanu asks her to keep hermouth shut and calls her greedy. Nurse says whoever marries you will repent. Tanu thinks she will see Nurse later, but now will see Pragya crying. Purab comes. Pragya tells Purab that Tanu has stolen money, and asked me to open the locker. Purab says we shall check her room. Pragya asks him to bring everyone there and goes to Tanu’s room.She asks where is the money? Tanu says why you are asking me as you have stolen it.

Pragyasays you should know as you have stolen it. Tanu says how dare you? Pragya says you havestolen keys from me and kept it back on its place. She says Aaliya and Nikhil are not here, so you are the one. Tanu says I told everyone the reason why you have stolen the money. Pragya says even you have a reason. You have to pay the goons, and also Nikhil’s hospitalbills. She says you have provoked Abhi to get money, and was not shocked when I opened locker.Pragya says you are in trouble now. Tanu says you have connected things well. She sayshow you will prove it. Pragya says I will prove infront of all. Purab says I have brought everyone here.

Tanu sees Abhi and everyone, and asks why youall have come. Abhi says don’t know and asks Purab. Purab says Tanu should behave as a member of family as she stays here. Tanu gets tensed. Purab says we have checked everyone’s room and will check hers too. Tanu is angry. Purab says family members might tell that I haven’t check Tanu’s room and get upset. Abhi asks Purab to go ahead and asks Tanu to give almira keys. Tanu is shocked. Pragya thinks Tanu will be exposed now, and thinks if they find even a small amount then she will be caught. Tanu is about to open the almira. Pragya snatches keys and asks Purab to check. They check the almira and couldn’t get money. Tanu asks if you have found money. They leave.

Tanu asks them to check beneath the mattress or break open the wall.She says you can fool everyone,but not me, as I know you have stolen the money. She asks pragya to accept the truth and send Robin as she will get her room cleaned.Purab tells Pragya that this is someone deep planning and is not only theft. Abhi says we have checked everyone’s room. I knew that we will not get anything. Tanu says one room is remaining. Everyone looks on.

Tanu says guest room. Abhi asks Tanu to stop it. He says Sarla is staying in guest room and we will not check that room.Tanu says you have checked everyone’s room, and not her room. She asks him to check her room also. Abhi says I knowthat we will not get anything. Tanu says I know, but we shall get it check.She says you got Dadi’s room checked then why not Sarla’s room. Pragya asks what is this misbehavior. Tanu says I don’t want Sarla to go from here after insulted, I want her to go clean chit. Dadi says if you will be sure then check her room. Tanus mirks. Pragya looks at her face.

Tanu asking Abhi and pragya to check Sarla’s room. Abhi checks her cupboard. Tanu thinks Abhi should check in other almira. Everyone looks anxiously. Tanu sees Kumkum Bhagya legal notice and gets an idea. Purab and Akash checks also. He says there is nothing here. Abhi apologizes to Sarla. Sarla asks him not to apologize.Abhi says if you are done Tanu, lets go. Tanu says 1 min and takes out bag. She throws money from the bag. Everyone is shocked. Abhi feels disgusted and couldn’t believe. Pragya is left shocked. Tanu smiles and tells Pragya that Abhi says you have magical eyes, and says she also knows magic. She says this is that money only which you brought. She says you have opened my cupboard lock and locked your mouth instead. She says I told you not to raise finger on me, and says 4 fingers are on you and mum. She says you are trapped because of that money. She says your mum have drownand asks her to leave the house.Tai ji asks Mitali to learn something from Sarla, and says she has stolen the money very cleverly. She says we would have been crore patni if we havethe money. Mitali asks Tai ji to learn something from Sarla, saying she is of your age and weight, but with clever mind. Taiji says only we have right on that money and says she will not accept defeat easily. Mitali laughs and says you have already lost. Tai ji calls Inspector and tells about the theft in the house. She asks himto come fast.Dadi asks Abhi to listen to her. Abhi says I can’t see that. Dadi says everyone will think you are doubting on Sarla. Abhi says it is not like that. Dadi says it can’tbe true. Abhi says I have seen money there with my own eyes and don’t know what is right. Dadi says something is wrong, and says Sarla can’t steal money. Sarla comes and says she is innocent. Pragya says you don’t need to clarify and says everyone trust you. She asks her to remember, who came in her room. Sarla cries. Dadi says someone have kept that bag in your room when you was not there. Sarla says I don’tknow who can do this. Tanu says I can understand everything and shows the legal notice of marriage hall. She says this is the court legal notice which Sarla has received.She has to pay 10 Lakhs rupees tax. Abhi reads the notice. Tanu says Sarla is a middle class, how can she get the money. Dadi asks Tanu to keep quiet, and says it is not proved that she has stolen money.Tanu says if that bag was foundin my room, then you would have called me thief. She says Sarla was in need of money. Purab asks her to stop nonsense. Tanu says this is not an excuse, you are closing your eyes and don’t want to see the truth. She says Sarla is a thief and have made hole in the sameplate in which she has eaten food. Pragya gets angry at Tanu. Tai ji says Tanu is right and accuses Sarla to be thief. She says it was easy to steal money as Pragya is her daughter. She says Sarla might have acted to be in vegetable state, and know our every move before stealing the money. Everyone is shocked. Sarla criesbadly.Mitali says what you are saying?If Sarla acted to be unwell. She says I heard that mums don’t eat anything in daughter’s house. Pragya asks Abhi to say something and says maa can’t steal anything. She asks him to say something and asks how can she hear anything against her. Tanu thinks Pragya is emotionally blackmailing him. She tells Abhi that Sarla would have asked money from him rather than stealing and manipulates him. Mitali says weshould get our rooms checked and don’t know what else she would have stolen from the house. Abhi asks them to keep quiet. He tells Sarla that he got motherly love from her, and he can’t see tears in her eyes, whenever you was in trouble…I used to come there. I know what you would have felt when you got the notice. You regards me as your son….you would have told me that you needed money, and says it is not right to steal money….Sarla is shattered.Sarla says she didn’t feel hurt when others accused her, and says she haven’t stolen money and have not kept it in room. Abhi tells Dadi that we shall endthe matter right here. We will not talk about it. Tanu says it is a huge amount and says if you forgive her, then she will steal again. Abhi says you are not family member and asks her to stay out of it. Tai ji says I am a family member and can ask her, but someone else will ask her. Abhi asks who? Tai ji says Police….she says thief have to be caught. Abhi says if that money is yours. He asks her to call Police and take back the complaint. Police comes there. Everyone is shocked.


Pragya telling nurse that Tanu can do anything to protect her lie. Sarla says Tanu is a big liar..and says Nikhil is Tanu’s baby father and Abhi is actually Pragya’s husband. She asks Nurse to support them. Nurse says I am with you and says I have proofs against her. She says I have her signs, constableas witness, and also doctor will tell that she is feigning again. Sarla thanks her. Doctor checksTanu. Tanu screams in pain. Abhi asks how is she? Doctor says it happens in pregnancy and asks him to take care of Tanu. Abhi thinks I want to know if that is truth or not. He asks Tanu what is going on? He says you said that appointment is cancelled, and asks you camewith whom? Tanu says I am pregnant with your child and want to marry you, and you are doubting me. Abhi says I am just trying to clear my confusion.

Tanu says if you doubt on me,then I will leave from here and go far from you. Abhi asks her to come. Pragya asks what happened?Abhi says Doctor asks her to be careful. Pragya says anything can happen in 7-8 months. Nurse says can we go downstairs now. Tanu says I can’t walk. Nurse says we have lift also. Tanu says I need rest. Nurse asks her to sit and says your husband can come here if you can’t go. She says I will bring form and your unconscious husband here.Mitali thinks to eat icecream to beat the heat. Raj comes and says Akash came to office searching Sarla, and asks if you got to know anything about her. Mitali says I will not tell you, it ismy wish. Raj asks her to say clearly. Mitali says you went to hostel to meet kids? Raj says yes. Mitali says you would have taken me also and I am missing them. Raj says I don’t want to go with you. Mitali says those are my kids also, and argues with him. Raj says he don’t wantto talk to her. She says she will get mad, and asks him to take divorce from her. She says you are keeping my kids far away from me. Raj says that’s why I don’t come home. Mitali says you gets a chance to keep far from me. Mitali asks if there is agirl in your life. Raj asks her to keep quiet and raises hand in anger. Dasi stops him from slapping her. Mitali cries. Dasi thinks to talk to Dadi about them.Nurse takes file from reception and says she will show Tanu’s sign to Abhi. She says Tanu can’t act once her husband comes infront of her, and then Pragya will be saved.

Nikhil hears her and opens eyes. Pragya thinks Tanu will be exposed now. Tanu thinks she can’t run away from there and wonders what to do. Sarla says even God wants to bring the truth out and asks Abhi not to worry. Abhi says I don’t understand what you are saying. Sarla says you will understand soon. Pragya says lift is here. Sarla tells Tanu that she will laugh on her today.Tanu thinks she is trapped and wonders what to tell to Abhi. She thinks I can’t see my defeat.Ward boys brings some other patient on the wheel chair. Man says she is not my wife looking at Tanu. She shows the signatures. Abhi says there is some Tany’s sign on the papers.

Tanu tells Abhi that she was saying truth and scolds nurse. She says I will file complaint against you. Nurse says I am not lying. Tanu asks Abhi to take her home. Sarla says there is some misunderstanding and we shall check downstairs. Tanu asks what nonsense, when my husband is with me, why I will address someone else as my husband. Abhi scolds nurse. Pragya wonders where is Nikhil? Tanu thinks it is a miracle, where did Nikhil vanish?Sarla takes nurse to side and asks why did you change Tanu’s husband and file. Nurse lies to her and says that man was on the stretcher and I thought he is her husband. Pragya says it is waste to talk toher. Nikhil thinks Pragya might be thinking where did I go? He thinks if Sarla can pray to her god and get the things work, then I can use my devil mind.

A fb is shown, Nurse tells Nikhil that Tanu is telling that Abhi is her husband after getting you admitted in hospital. She asks him to tell the truth, and says Pragya and Sarla are there. Nikhil asks her to wait for one min. He threatens to kill her and suffocates her neck. Nurse getsshocked. Nikhil asks her to change the file, and offers to give 10 Lakhs rupees. Nurse agrees.Nikhil thinks when he can use his evil mind, then what is the need of God. Nurse comes to Nikhil. Nikhil asks if work is done. Nurse says I have done your work and says Pragya and Sarla were shocked. Nurse asksabout money. Nikhil says I will give you money before leaving. Nurse blackmails him saying if he fails to pay her money then she will tell the truth to Pragya and Abhi. Abhi tells Tanu that he will bring his phone and goes. Pragya tells Tanu that shecan’t hide her truth from Abhi next time and says destiny can leave you. Tanu says I have won, and the reason is not seen.Sarla says your baby will question you, about your sins.Dadi, Dasi,Tai ji and Mitali talk about Sarla. Sarla comes home with Pragya. Everyone is happy seeing her. Tanu is still at hospital and thinks she will see Pragya and Sarla at home. She thinks where is Nikhil and thinksto ask the entire story........Dadi hugging Sarla and says herbreath stopped seeing her missing from room. Mitali asks how did you know that Pragya’s life was in danger. Sarla apologizes to them for not informing them before leaving. Dadi says you must be worried about Pragya.

Tai ji asks Sarla to cook good dishes for them. Mitali says I never thought about food. Dasi says we heard a lot about your cooking. Sarla says I will cook food for everyone. Pragya asks her to rest. Dasi says we will go and make food. Dadi thanks Sarla for saving Pragya and says she needs you. Sarla says Pragya is lucky as you are with her. Dadi says I am her dadi saas and have to do double duty. Sarla says I am thinking to stay here for few more days. Dadi nods happily. Rachna says our team will get stronger now. Tanu comes to Nikhil and says Abhi went to office for some important work. She thanks him for saving her from big problem and says I am really thankful to you. She holds his hand. Nikhil sayas it is good that you have realized my importance. She asks how did you do this? Nikhilsays I have used the nurse who came to trap us. She says I haveto give 10 lakhs to Nurse, and asks her to manage money as he has nothing left now. Tanu says okay. Nikhil asks her to meet him tomorrow and bring money. Tanu says she will try and goes.Pragya thinks about Abhi seeingSarla fine and hugging her happily. Abhi comes home and says he has a headache. Pragyasays you would have got it treated in the hospital and asks him to sit down. Abhi says it is good that you are a teacher and not a doctor, else would have get your patients sit down. Pragya asks him to say where it is paining and massages his head. Bolna song plays…………..Abhi says you are doing wonder, and says I think my neck is not in your hands, else you have pulled my life out.Pragya asks him to go to Tanu, if he wants to get his life out. Abhi gets shocked and recalls Tanu massaging him badly. He says what you are saying? Pragya says this service is not free. Abhi enjoys the massage and feels relieved.Tanu comes and asks what is happening here? She asks why didn’t you call me if you have a headache? Abhi says no, I am fine. Tanu asks Pragya to move,and says she will massage. Abhi says he is fine as he has tablet. He says if you fight with me then migraine will happen.

Tanu asks him to eat Tanu medicine. Pragya laughs. Abhi asks Pragya to continue massaging his head. Abhi asks what you will take for massaging my head. Pragya says I will tell you later. Tai ji asks Mitali, where is her tea? Mitali says she drank her tea. Tai ji scolds him.Purab comes to meet Pragya. Dadi sends him to her room. Tanu thinks how to go and meetNikhil. I don’t have money to pay the hospital bills and nurse. Purab collides with Tanu and the money bag opens up and falls down. Tanu gets happy seeing the money. Mitali and Taiji say that they will help. Purab says Abhi has signed a new contract and this is advance for the same, 1 crore rupees.

Pragya comes and tells Mitali togive the bundle which is in her hands. Abhi says this company is good. Pragya says she works with good people only. Purab goes to keep the money. Tanu recalls Nikhil asking her to get money. She peeps in the locker room, and sees Pragya and Purab keeping money in the locker. Purab asks her to be careful. Pragya says she will deposit money in the bank tomorrow. Tanu thinks she will steal money today and thinks to use Abhi.Tanu comes to Abhi and says she will help him. She chooses jacket for him. Abhi says it is so hot, I will not wear leather jacket. Tanu says sorry. She brings his wallet. Abhi says I use black wallet. Abhi asks her to leave it and says Pragya will teach you how to be a good wife. Tanu gets a chance to talk badly about her, and says you have signed the project and Pragya have taken all the money. Abhi says I used to give money to Dadi before, so it doesn’t matter. Tanu asks if Pragya is your Dadi. Abhi says no and says she looks like Dadi in specs. Tanu says you are blinded, and says she is misusing your money? Did you ask her anytime what she does with the money. She says I am afraid that our baby will have to ask Pragya for money. She saysif you ask share from her, then she will not give. Abhi says you are misunderstanding her. He thinks Pragya is liking me. Sarla makes parathas for everyone. Taya ji, Dasi, Akash and everyone praises her. Mitali asks her to teach Taiji. Abhi comes.

Tanu asks him to tell and don’t get trapped in her words. Taya ji asks him to sit and says Sarla ji made good parathas. Tanu asks Abhi to start the conversation, else she will start.Abhi asks her to move back. Abhi says I need my share. Sarla asks him to eat full and says it is paneer paratha. Abhi says I want to kiss the person’s hand who made it. Sarla asks him to kiss Pragya’s hand. Abhi says you made parathas, then why shall I kiss her hand. Sarla says just because Pragya made paneer. Dadi asks him to kiss her hand. Akash and Rachna asks him to kiss her hand. Dadi insists. Abhi says okay. Bolna song plays……Abhi holds her hand and kiss her. Everyone claps for her. Abhi says I will not come in your butterly talks and says I need my share. Pragya says you have eaten all paratha, then what you need? Abhi says I need share from my money, right Tanu. Tanu says right. Pragya says you get money because of my management, right dadi. Dadi says yes. Pragya says you gets money because of management. Pragya says they will decide tomorrow. Abhi agrees......Tanu follows Abhi and asks why he agreed to wait till tomorrow. He says she made him eat such a good paratha. If he had said anything, she wouldhave stopped his food. Tanu says so what, she is there. Abhi says he would be better off eating from outside then. She asks she makes that bad food? He insults her in his humorous way and leaves. Tanu is worriedwhat she should do now about the money.Mitali is dreaming about money that she got in her hand, but couldn’t keep it. Her mummy ji and she plan to steal money in night.

Pragya is thinking why Tanu was insisting Abhi to take money. Is she planning something evil?Mitali and Mummy ji are passingby. Pragya asks them about Tanu. They say they didn’t see her and will inform Pragya if they see her.Janki maa tells Sarla about high tax on Kumkum Bhagya hall. They have to pay 10 lakh within a week. Pragya hears it. Sarla tells Janki maa to leave papers there and don’t tell anything to Pragya. Pragya says 10 lakh? She has so much money, but how she can use it for her matters. She can’t ask Abhi for it either.Nikhil is afraid of nurse. He tells Tanu to arrange money fast..else nurse may poison him. Tanu says she has arranged money, but Pragya hasher eyes on it and Sarla too. Nikhil says they will need to do something about both of them. He shares some plan with Tanu.Pragya is not able to find Tanu. She wonders where she went solate. Abhi quietly tries to come inside their room. Pragya sees him and asks what’s going on. He says she was busy, so he didn’t want to disturb her. She says he’s disturbing her by doing things like that and asks him to help her in work. Abhi says she didn’t help him when he was making a song, then whyshould he? She says she did help. He says what help? After making lyrics, she forgot it. She says he made her forget by kissing her. He says he offered her another kiss to bring her memory back, but she refused. They argue. She says she couldn’t remember song. He asks her to look aside and givesa long kiss on cheek. Pragya is shell-shocked. He asks her if she remembered? She is quiet. He says no? then he can give another kiss. She says no and sings the song super fast. Abhi thanks her. She says he’s too mean. He asks if she wants him to do any work and teases her with another kiss. She tells him to do nothing and go to sleep. Both sleep.

Tanu was waiting outside. She says once they sleep, she’ll start her work.After awhile, Pragya jumps saying cockroach. Tanu runs. Pragya wakes Abhi. He’s on floor. He says he is that cockroach. Pragya gets mad and asks him to sleep. He asks what he will do alone in double blanket. She is irritated.Sarla catches Tanu outside Abhi-Pragya room and ask whatshe’s doing there. How she came there alone in dark. Tanu is quiet. Sarla tells her she doesn’t want a second woman to be outside their room. Tanu says a second woman? Sarla says yes, thanks to Pragya she’s there. Tanu thinks she willsnatch away everything from Pragya. Sarla continues with herdetective mode and tells Tanu to go else something will happen to her child and family will throw her out. Tanu walks away and thinks Sarla is right about taking care of her baby else she won’t get anything.After while, Tanu comes back. This time, she successfully goes inside their room. Both Abhi and Pragya are sleeping. Tanu tries to take keys from Pragya. In sleep, Pragya says you came again (thinking it’s Abhi). Tanu thinks so all this happens behind her. She gets mad and controls her temper. Now Abhi laughs in his sleep. Tanu says both are in deep sleep, and still thinking about each other. Soon she will change Abhi’s thinking..then he will stay with Tanu rest of his life. Tanu searches for locker’s keys. She finds it under Pragya’s pillow. She picks it up and leaves making door noise. Abhi wakes up, sees Pragya sleeping and then goes back to sleep.Tanu succeeds in getting money.Abhi notices Pragya is feeling cold. He goes and closes window. Pragya smiles seeing him.

She quickly goes back to sleep before Abhi sees her. Abhithen goes to her and covers her with blanket. He says good night and goes to his bed. Pragya says good night and again pretends to be sleeping. Abhi says she’s in his mind, everywhere. How will this work?Once she comes in his life forever, neither he will have any complain, nor her.Tanu recalls Nikhil telling her to steal money and try to show it’s done by Pragya and Sarla. Abhi will get mad at her then.It’s morning. Pragya asks Abhi ifhe covered her with blanket in night. He says, he was sleeping.Jadoo from Koi Mil gaya must have come. Pragya says her Jadoo is him and goes to washroom. Abhi blushes.Abhi is playing guitar. Pragya brings fruits for him. She says he favored her yesterday, so she thought to do something forhim. Abhi asks about their money deal. She says she will give but he will need to tell her where he will spend that. Abhi says such a typical wife, but finals the deal with her. They fight to eat fruits. They fall on floor. Pragya on Abhi. Song plays… They have eye lock.


So our dear Funke Akindele ‘Jenifa’ turned 40 on 24th August 2017, and her husband Abdul Rasheed-Bello aka JJCskillz organized a surprise birthday party for her.

The surprise 40th birthday party wasset up, after her husband took her out of the house two days before herbirthday,to celebrate their wedding anniversary on August 23rd, as the actress’ sister Bimbo Demehin did the needful to the party a success.

Friends who turned up for the party include; Denrele, Debie-Rise, VJ Adams, Lolo Wazobia, Ogbolor, Mr and Mrs Gbadamosis and others were all at the party.