Monday, 31 July 2017


Model Bella Hadid, left little or nothing to the imagination as she exited a restaurantshe had visited for dinner.

Rocking a turtle neck thin top, the 20-year old, freed her nipples as it could be seen she did not wear a bra underneath her top.


As President Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace dragged presidential spokesperson George Charamba before a stunned Zanu PF crowd and a television audience Saturday, her husband , missed it becausehe was dozing off.

Grace was shouting the information ministry permanent secretary down for allegedly influencing the State media to ignore her philanthropic work while reserving good coverage for others. Charamba has previously said President Mugabe's apparent sleepy postures would in fact be an attempt by his boss to avoid direct light onto his tired eyes.

But Saturday was one of the chilliest days of the current winter period with neither sunlight nor artificial light at the time to pin the blame on.


Wizkid at the moment has already made about N72m from streaming of his videos- Come Closer and My Love on Spotify and that's according to Video Director, Adasa Cookey.

And of course the money is bound to increase as more people watch the video. Already it has been watched over 55 million times.


Blac Chyna doesn't play when it comes to her money, and she made sure she got it while in her car before her latest gig.

Chyna pulled up outside Project Club LA over the weekend - she was hosting, but before the party could get started, the money man had to come through! BC got $15k for the appearance, and a promoter was spotted getting into her ridewith the goods before she got down with her boyfriend, Mechie and got into the club. She only stayed about an hour.


Big Brother Naija 2017 contestant,Uriel showed off how she looks before and aftermakeup in a video shared by makeup artist,Asaaofficial.


Tanu asking Abhi if he called her. Abhi says yes and asks her to meet a special person and share her problems with her. Tanu says she got her checked today. Abhi says she is a different doctor and asks her to share her problems. Tanu asks if am I mad? She shouts. Abhi says you see blood coming out from tap, doll, etc. He asks her to share her problems, if really ithappens then he will not come and save her.

Purab and Pragya ask her to share her problems, and say baby will be stressed. Doctor asks her to talk to her as if she is her friend. Tanu says I am feeling strange since 2-3 days. She tells about blood coming out of tap, doll hanging and message written on the glass. Doctor asks if you have seen any reflection? Tanu says no. Doctor says did anyone die recently? Tanu gets tensed and says no. Doctor asks her to rethink and says if you have done murder unintentionally. Tanu shouts at Abhi for calling Doctor like a police. Doctor asksher to calm down and says usually patients feel like seeing the person they have killed them, and says it might be guilt. She asks her to speak her heart out and face the situation. Tanu thanks her and asks her to stop it. Abhi asks her to listen to him.

Tanu says you are mentally torturing me. Abhi asks her to relax. Doctor says she might see those things again and saysshe will harm her own life or others too. Abhi asks what do you mean? Doctor says she can attack anyone being scared. She says there is one solution for this and asks her to take out fear from her heart. Tanu thinks if she is right then I will get mad.Abhi asks her to confess and says we will take out some solution. He asks her to recall and tell him, says I will not tell you anything. Tanu says I am not guilty, haven’t done anything and says I don’t need this doctor’s help.Aaliya checks the music CD andthinks why there is waste musicinside the CD. She thinks Abhi might tried to fool Pragya and have written important on the CD. She thinks she shall steal music again. Abhi asks Tanu to listen to him. Tanu says I don’t want to meet her and asks him to leave her alone. Abhi asks her not to bother him late at night. Tanu says Doctor is increasing her problems and says there is no truth. Abhi saysyou makes me feel lower infrontof Pragya and she might be laughing in her heart as I am marrying you. He says I will not interfere in your life.Purab and Pragya laugh and think about Tanu’s troubles. Just then Pragya sees Tanu standing on the door and her smile vanishes. Tanu asks themto laugh more on her and enjoy. Pragya says we were not laughing at you. Tanu scolds Purab for taking Pragya’s side and laughing at her. Purab says we were not laughing at you andsays he called the psychiatrist on Abhi’s insistence.

Tanu says that doctor was making me madby her questions. Purab asks why you are over reacting if you are normal. Pragya says I think that doctor said right that you have done some mistake intentionally or intentionally or have killed someone. She says you did you get angry on doctor.Purab asks her same question. Pragya says if you are acting to gain Abhi’s sympathy so that heasks for divorce from me. Tanu says what is your problem? Pragya says when I asked you to tell me who is supporting Aaliya, you didn’t help me…She says I will not help you, and will give divorce only when I wanted. She says today I paid the doctor’s fees, but again I won’t waste my money.

Tanu goes angrily. Pragya and Purab do hi five happily.Tanu comes to her room and thinks what to do? She thinks Ronnie called her and thinks how to trap him when he could be seen by her only and not by others. Pragya thinks Tanu will tell her truth in 2-3 days. Abhi sees her smiling and says you might be laughing at me and saying ram milaye jodi one crazy and one mad. Pragya saysI didn’t come here to tell you this and says I came here to tell you about Doctor’s sayings. Shesays Doctor said that Tanu is unwell, and if we don’t get her treated then her condition will be ruined. She says Doctor asked them to keep an eye on her.

She says she will get her best treatment but she has to co operate. Pragya asks Abhi if you have seen Ronnie as she didn’t see him after concert. Abhi says no. Pragya says don’tknow where did he go? Pragya thinks Tanu will confess to havekilled Ronnie.Nikhil coming to Abhi’s house and looks for Tanu. He thinks where is she? Mitali comes and asks why he is looking here and there like a thief. Nikhil says he was looking for Abhi. He asks her to give message to Abhi, and asks him to meet him. Mitaliasks him to go and talk to Abhi, and says she is not a herself, but bahu of the house. Nikhil sees Purab and thinks to avoid him else he will doubt on him. He gets in Sarla’s room and thinks she is here. He tells Sarlathat you will be killed soon as you know our secret. He says you will die silently and no one will know, don’t worry. He holds her hand and says it seems you are cursing me. He says if you gets well, then I will kill you.

He says once Tanu marries Abhi, then I will tell truth to everyone. Sarla holds his neck. Nikhil gestshocked and asks her to leave him. Sarla falls from the bed holding his feet. Nikhil kicks her and comes out of room. Pragya hears the noise and comes there. She sees Nikhil and asks what he is doing here? Abhi and Tanu also comes there. Nikhil cooks up a fake story and says he saw Sarla fallen and says he came out to inform them. Abhi asks him to help him lift Sarla.Nikhil pretends to fall and comes out of room. Tanu asks why did you come here and asks what happened? Nikhil says I was worried about you and that’s why came here. He tells her everything. Tanu says you have gone mad? Nikhil saysI didn’t know that woman will hold my neck so tightly. He askswhy your phone is switched off. Tanu says I got call from Ronnie’s call and shows her phone. Nikhil says you have gone mad and says there is no call from him.Dadi asks what happened to Sarla? Pragya says I think Nikhil have done something and says it is good that we reached here at right time else don’t know what would have happen. Dadi says it is not right to leave her alone, and says we have to be careful. Pragya says tonight willbe scariest night of Tanu. Dadi says he made a good plan. Pragya thinks Tanu’s baby should be safe. Purab comes and tells that he talked to doctor. Tanu and Nikhil are in room. Tanu and Nikhil ask each other to go and check Sarla’s condition.

Nikhil asks Abhi, how is she? He says Sarla might have walked and came till the door. Abhi says if this is the thing then this is good news. Heasks Abhi to inform him. He asks about his purpose of visit? Nikhil says he came for work but time is not right. Abhi tells Pragya that they shouldn’t think negative and says Nikhil said that she might have walked till the door. Pragya thinks Nikhil is responsible for Sarla’s condition and tried to harm her.Later Pragya tells Rachna that Purab went to Allahabad. She says we shall go and check Tanu as Ronnie might have called her by now. Tanu thinks itis good that Sarla doesn’t get her voice back. She thinks to sleep and says she will see the recording in the morning. She gets call from an unknown number and he says he is Nikhil,asks her to come out of house. Tanu agrees and goes.Pragya and Rachna come to Tanu’s room and she says she is not here. She says today is the night of our win, and says she will take Abhi there. They leave. Tanu sits in the car and thinks where is Nikhil? Just thenRonnie holds her by her neck and tries to suffocate her to scare her. Tanu gets scared.........Tanu running out of car being scared. Ronnie also comes out of car. Aaliya hires a goon to steal Abhi’s music CD and asks him to steal waste/scrap writtenCD. He agrees. Pragya takes Abhi outside. Abhi says you wanted me to meet someone. Pragya says yes and hopes Ronnie is doing his work well.

Pragya touches flowers and Abhi asks her why she is wakingup flowers. Pragya says she is making flowers sleep. They argue….Ronnie hires some goons and says Tanu will be shocked seeing multiple goons. Tanu regrets to come out and says she will not be saved today. Pragya wonders why Ronnie haven’t given her any signal. Tanu sees many Ronnie’s there. Abhi says nobody will come here and sayshe will go inside. Pragya asks him to wait. Tanu shouts seeingmany Ronnie’s surrounding her.Abhi and Pragya hears her. Dadigets restless and says she will go out and see. Rachna says you can’t go there and asks her to come inside. Pragya thinks she will make Abhi see Tanu’s truth.Just then Abhi sees a thief sent by Aaliya and goes behind him. Aaliya sees Abhi and goes from there. Pragya thinks she have toask Ronnie to delay their plan. Tanu gets up and thinks Ronnie is really a ghost as she is seeing 4 Ronnie’s. Ronnie appears infront of her. Tanu tells him to let her go and offers money. Ronnie thinks where is Abhi and Pragya? Pragya comesthere and thinks where did Abhi go? She thinks to record the conversation. Ronnie tries to hither with a rod. Tanu tells him that she is pregnant and says she will tell Abhi that she is betraying him and this child is not his. She promises to tell thatthe baby is of Nikhil. Pragya records everything and thinks this truth will expose you. Tanu accepts all her crimes and says she is behind Sarla’s kidnappingand accident. Pragya thinks Tanu will lie again.

Abhi comes there and says where is Pragya?Just then he sees Tanu there and asks what she is doing here. Tanu cries and says she has gone mad. She says I didn’t know how I came here and acts,without revealing to him about Ronnie.Aaliya sees Pragya, Rachna and Ronnie. She thinks Nikhil have killed him. She records their conversation. Pragya tells Ronnie that she have recorded Tanu’s confession. Aaliya is shocked. Pragya asks Ronnie togo from there and says Tanu can do anything if she comes toknow anything. She asks Ronnieto pack his bags and leave. Rachna says I will make him understand. Aaliya smirks. Abhi asks Tanu to sleep and not to worry. He asks her to think about their future. Tanu thanks him for supporting her and sayswhen you are with me, I feel so safe and get strength. Abhi asksher to call him if she gets bad thoughts. Tanu thinks about Ronnie and gets up from sleep. She asks her to think good, and says if he was a ghost then he would have done something with her. She gets Aaliya’s call. Tanu picks the call. Aaliya asks her to come to her house and says I got a good stuff which you will like. Tanu agrees. Aaliya smirks.Abhi comes to room and asks Pragya not to switch on the lights.

He says I have seen everything and says I am letting destiny play games with me. He says I am all alone. Pragya saysI am with you. Abhi asks her notto trouble him as he is already tensed. He says I am worried about Tanu and says she was crying and asked me to safe herfrom getting mad. He says he will get mad, as he couldn’t fulfill his promises. He says he want to kill everyone and himself and asks Pragya to sleep if she don’t want him to kill her. She thinks I will talk to him in the morning, and says your problems will be solved. She says you will get your love and I will get you, and this life will look beautiful.

Sunday, 30 July 2017


Laura Ikeji had so much fun with her first pregnancy that just days after she put to bed, she’s already looking forward to being pregnant again.

The new mum took to her Instagram to make her intentions known in a post where she commended women for being more open about their pregnancies these days.

She wrote: I’m glad alot of Nigerianwomen are beginning to document their pregnancy journeys, women ‘re beginning topost pictures of baby bumps,dance videos, vlog about how miraculous pregnancy journeys ‘re.

Until recently , Nigerian women hid pregnancy as if it was something to be ashamed of, so what if you added alot of weight, so what if you looked darker with alot of pimples , so what if you looked out of shape, it’s a thing of joy, be fat, be dark , be different from what u used to be.

No biggie. Just enjoy every second of it.Ps. Nobody will send miscarriage to you via Instagram or Facebook.. take your mind off negativity.

God has blessed you with what a lot of women ‘re looking for, relax n enjoy this glorious journey. I can’twait to be pregnant again. LK.

She also used the opportunity to show off her post-baby body in a tank top and denim bum shorts writing,‘No body magic, no spanx nothing. I’m working on my diet first before the waist training.

‘Your food is the most important atthis point especially if you ‘re gonna breast feed like me. So hey..but mehn I miss being pregnant ‘


Arrested 26-year-old fraudster, Hakeem aka H Funds, who disclosedhe dropped out of school in 100 levelto embracecyber fraudand eventually going into Yahoo plus which involves rituals, has also dropped some mind blowing confession.

According to Hakeem, he has been able to use voodoo, otherwise knownas ‘Yahoo Plus or Science’ to get money from unsuspecting victims, buy cars and build a house.He said;

“After spending lavishly, we sometimes go bankrupt. So, wehave no choice than to use metaphysical powers to hypnotise our victims online. The act of using voodoo is whatpeople nicknamed ‘Yahoo Plus.’“I use it so that the victim, otherwise known as a ‘client’ will fall deeply in love with me and obey my every command. At least, I have been into dating scam for a while now and I can boast of two cars and a house.”“I use voodoo for dating scam. Iuse it to spellbind my online victim and make him or her easier to control. There are different kinds of voodoos; one is to use the image of the white client, another one is to make incisions on our hands, place our legs on a tortoise or take the client’s name to a cleric or native doctor.Sometimes, we take our phones and computer to the shrine. The type of Yahoo Plus Ido is to take client’s name to the shrine.

”25-year-old Lanre, who also confessed to defrauding unsuspecting victims online, however said he wouldn’t have succeeded in internet fraud alongside his younger brother, if their mother didn’t step in. According to him, after buying a car through his first scam proceeds, his mother took them to a herbalist and introduced them to the new level of cyber fraud.

He said: “Although my father is late, we have been successful in this cyber fraud business because my mother supports my brother and I. My mother took my younger brother and I to a woman’s place. The woman took us to a river and bathed us. Asides that, I do other sorts of rituals like ‘Oshole.’ Once you have done Oshole, you will succeed in every kind of internet scams.I must confess that I have achieved a lot by God’s grace. I haven’t seen any repercussion because I do go back to the herbalist’s place to renew my voodoo.

”Another internet fraudster, who gave his name simply as T Money, said that he had been using black magic for his cybercrime for long. 27-year-old T Money, a 200 Level dropout said after he abandoned his university programme, tried his hands on several menial jobs, but failed to succeed in any, he decided to go into cyber fraud. He went further to disclose why he went into the occult world of Yahoo Plus.

He said: “When I started the internet fraud, I couldn’t earn much. I only earned enough to buy clothes, some pair of shoesand an IPhone.”According to him, while his friends were hitting big money and living lavish lifestyles, he was counting pennies.He said: “I became intrigued on how my friends were making good money. I asked questions and got answers. It was the answers that led me into YahooPlus. It is what most of my friends do. I went to meet an Islamic cleric.“I was into dating scam when I first started. The dating scam was not really fetching huge amount of money. I began using Yahoo Plus because my friends were making it big and buying cars. Once they make big money, they will go and lodge in hotels. I desperately wanted to belong. I wanted to know what it feels like to be rich. I had no choice than to meet the cleric whom I paid money for the ritual. Look at metoday, I’m doing fine.

”A cyber fraudster, who introduced himself as Sir Cash, 28, said there were different categories of Yahoo Plus – ‘Oshole’ and ‘Irapada.’ According to him, the two are used to enhance internet scam operations.

He added: “There is another Yahoo Plus. It is very bad and dangerous. It entails using the ‘glory’ of innocent girls. You rubsomething like oil into the private part of a girl before having sexual intercourse with her. She either becomes sick orwill never amount to much in life. We also use prostitutes. Most of these rituals have repercussions. One must be very careful.“Most of us do a voodoo called ‘Oshole.’ Oshole has little or no repercussion and most of us use it. The way Oshole works is that it compels the victim to pay money.

”According to Sir Cash, there are various repercussions to the use of voodoos on girls. One of the repercussions is insanity.He said: “There are some of our guys, who after using the voodoo get richer, but also forget to return to the shrines orclerics to renew their voodoo. That’s when problems start.”


Rapper, Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, aka Remininsce, has achieved quite a lot with his music career. He has a huge following and he is also a brand ambassador for some reputable companies.

However, the Kako bi Chicken crooner is not entirely happy; he wishes, he was a graduate.

Speaking to Punchabout the music industry, he said;

For anybody who wants to make a career out of music, youhave to be sure that you are skilled and that it’s something that you can do sustainably; if not, go to school. Either ways, it is important to go to school, whether you go into full-time music or not.
I actually regret not being a graduate.

”Speaking about how he has been able to shield his personal life from the public, Reminisce said,“I always keep my private life private as I believe that I have the right to my privacy. There is a very big difference between Reminisce, the artiste, and Remi, the family man.

I thank God because I’m comfortable and I don’t need validation on social media.I don’t have to put everything I own on social media so that people would know that I have arrived. Inasmuch as I’m not begging anybody for food, it’s all good. Instead of flaunting material things, I prefer to invest in people.”Apart from music, what else does he like to do?The Angelina rapper said, “I am interested in politics and I see myself becoming a politician in future.

One is not going to do music forever and I need to plan my life properly. I also love to engage in business, so I see myself doing a lot of that too.”

Saturday, 29 July 2017


Even after the show, she is yet to catch a break.Tboss, again was the subject of hateful comments from people who are yet to let go of their unfounded grudge against her following a BBNaija throw back of herself she shared online.

From calling her a prostitute to 'marriage' shaming her, a particular IG user had a field day insulting the model, who was severely defended by her fans.therealmayor01Yes ooo we remember u oo,the girl who taught she would win big brother by showing us her boobs on national tv but was defeated hands down,the lady who couldn't recite nationalanthem of a country whose 25m she wanted,the lady who cries upandan like a baby,the lady who was the least entertaining in the housetherealmayor01Yes ooo my dear,and that's what made people hate her like hell,the proud fool who said fair girls are hot commodity but at 34 she is still not marriedclaraonyeka @therealmayor01 and we 're so enjoying her proudness n it's yielding positive fruit.

I rather be hated n be successful than the other way roundtherealmayor01Successful for where?bikowhat has she achieve rather than following married or ex married men up and [email protected] get over yourself, u are embaracing urself... We've hard all this b4 it literary became a hit den like a new released track.... Am sure d BOSSLADY will just b smiling reading ur comment saying look at dis fool trying toohard to talk me down but what's new?she has grown pass save urself d stress n mb.....#positivevibeonly#[email protected] you can lie oo see me see trouble only here to reply your insult ooo.

I wonder what will attract me to you������[email protected] we love her like that ooo..very very successful. Tboss������[email protected] now I see why you have zero followers because nobody would ever want to follow such a hateful sad and depressed person like you...#spreadtheseedofloveandnothate������������lilygud_fashionsEveryday was like an episode of everybody hate Chris.... It was fun and u made it [email protected] u know nothing stops her 4rm blocking ur ass right?but she likes it when her Hater's see her progress on her Page so it will kill demmore, so give it ur best looks like u went to copy some words n post dem cos we've hard all this b4 4rm bloggers, Hater' I said what's new


Nigerian music star, Davido whose single’s video ‘Pere’ featuring Rae Sremmund and Young Thug just dropped, has taken to Twitter to reveal that his label mate, Dammy Krane who is enmeshed in a court case, co-wrote the single’s hook with him.

Well, the song is already doing great out there as everyone is talking about it on social media.


Unlike other celebrities who wait for others to decide if they are worthy of being legends or not, Davido has declared himself one.

The star took to Snapchat to announce his declaration to the world.


Two armed robbers met their waterloo in Egbeda area of Lagos, after they snatched a bag containing money a lady withdrew fromZenith Bank.

It was gathered that the two guys riding an okada bike came from nowhere, to snatch the money from the woman after she withdrew from aZenith Bank branch situated at Faith Bustop along Egbeda-Ikotun Road, Thursday around 8:30 am. However while trying to get away,  a mobile Policeman shot at one of them and he died instantly.


Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly revealed he wants to expand his already growing family byhaving seven children.

The 32-year-old is said to have made the confession during a Chinese TV interview picked up by papers in Portugal, where he admitted that his 7-year-old son, Cristiano Jr wants more siblings to bring the tally up to the same number as hisfootballshirt.The Portuguese newspaper had quoted Cristiano as saying: “Cristiano is very happy. He’s doing well and says he wants more brothers and sisters. He wants seven, the magic number, and I think that’s good.”

He also added that he was “enjoying the moment” with his expanding family.Cristiano already has three children and is currently awaiting the birth of his fourth child. He recentlywelcomed newborn twins Eva and Mateovia a surrogate mother last month.

Earlier in July, after months of speculation, the Portuguese star confirmed his 23-year-oldgirlfriend Georgina Rodriguezis pregnant.Georgina who started dating Cristiano last year, recently fuelled rumours that she was expecting after she was spotted with a small bump.

In a related development, Cristiano Ronaldo who is the world’s highest paid player has reportedly bought the lion’s share of one of Portugal’s biggest digital agencies with a view to creating a new tech brand and a vehicle to launch new tech products.To achieve this Ronaldo now purchased a majority stake in Portugal’s ‘Thing Pink’.

The agency, led by Luis Parafita, has been involved in a number of high-profile projects on the Iberian peninsula. Thing Pink previously advertised its services as extremely comprehensive and suitable for a wide variety of clients, with the firm’swork force consisting of designers, hardware and software engineers, video producers, marketing strategists, and a number of other experts.Ronaldo’s vision for a new vehicle will be called “7EGEND”, replacing the Thing Pink brand.

The team is now working with the Madeira-basedCraque to launch the brand. It also has a presence on Instagram and Facebook. According to industry sources, 7EGEND is more or less the “continuation” of Thing Pink, but it will go on to start producing its own stand-alone tech products.Ronaldo posted a cryptic video showing the symbol of 7EGEND on his Instagram account earlier this month, with the words “Going Digital”.

Thing Pink was previously responsible for installing the entire digital component of the new CR7 museum in Funchal (on Madeira Island), which is dedicated to his own success in 2013 and is noted for developing smartphone applications for McDonald’s, FNAC and Futebol Clube do Porto.In addition to being the highest paid player in the world, Ronaldo has investments and businesses in areas such as textiles and footwear, and partnerships with brands ranging from watches to food and hospitality.

His interests also includeboutique hotels, underwear, aftershave, blankets, fitness devices and shampoo. CR7 is the world’s most popular athlete with over 200 million social media followers and has sponsorship deals with Nike, Tag Heuer, Sacoor Brothers suits and Monster headphones.

His lifetime contract with Nike, which began in 2003, is worth £1billion.


A Zamfara State traditional ruler,Umar Kabir Danbaba, who was arraigned before Justice Nasiru Saminu of the Kano State High Court on a one count charge of Cheating, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) today July 28th, 2017, has bagged a one year jail sentence after found guilty of the charge.

The suspect who wore a sad face as he was led out of the court to prison, reportedly obtained the sum of N1,470,000 (One Million, Four Hundred and Seventy Thousand Naira ) from the complainant for the purpose of securing and allocating mining site in Zamfara State, but instead diverted the money to his personal use.

Friday, 28 July 2017


Samsung Electronics is now the world’s largest maker of mobile phones, memory chips and most profitable tech firm, going by its record quarterly earnings released today,The figures show that the South Korean tech giant is on course to overtake Apple as the world’s most profitable tech.

The firm said it's operating profit soared a forecast-beating 72.9 percent from the previous year to 14.07 trillion won ($12.6 billion), compared with consensus forecasts of $10.6 billion for US titan Apple, which is due to report next week.However, Greg Roh, an analyst at HMC Investment Securities, told AFP:“Samsung has surpassed its rivals for now but Apple usually sees little fluctuation in its profits whereas Samsung’s profits fluctuate largely on memory chip prices.

”Samsung has been trying to overcome an embarrassing recall last year of its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone over exploding batteries, which cost it billions of dollars and dealt a blow to its reputation.


Diddy has opened up about the death of his dear friend Biggie and how Tupac's shooting death impacted the hip-hop community.

In a new interview with Willie Geist for Sunday TODAY,  the music mogul revealed that when Tupac died on September 13, 1996 (only six months prior to Biggie's own passing), "it really resonated that things are really dangerous.

"There were allegations that Biggie  played a part in Tupac's murder, but he denied such claims and the Wallace family has provided an alleged alibi. The late rappers publicly feuded for years, but Diddy says he didn't pay much attention to their bad blood."There were so many rumors and things for years that I was more concerned with the well being of my artists, myself and myfamily," he explained.On March 9, 1997, an unidentified assailant shot and killed Biggie in Los Angeles.

How would the rap game have changed if Biggie were still alive today? Diddy told Geist that he thinks about it all the time."What direction would rap go into?" Diddy asked rhetorically, also mentioning that heoften wonders, "How would this concert be if he was here?"A lot of questions swirl around Diddy's mind but one thing is for sure: "It's incomplete without him being there."


Everyone returns home as the holi celebrations come to an end. Pragya, Abhi and Tanu enter the house completely intoxicated, having consumed 'Bhaang, and behave in a funny manner. Abhi says he wants to apply black color on fuggi’s face. Pragya hides behind Daadi.

Tanu asks why he want to blacken her face, and that he can just apply black color on herface. Daadi says her face is already blacken. Abhi says he haven’t applied black color on her face and he wants to play with fuggi. He plays with her. Daadi asks Purabh to take him to his room. Meanwhile, Tanu begins fighting with Pragya overa plate of sweets. Aaliya steals a CD from the house and the entire family remains oblivious to her presence in the house. She thinks it is good and they will not know what happened today.

Abhi asks Daadi to send Pragya to the room. Daadi says okay and says their plan is ruined. Abhi asks what plan? Hesays he understood that his Daadi wanted him to drink Bhaang, but failed. He says it is good that he haven’t drink Bhaang, else he would have talked like a stupid fellow. Purabh asks him to sleep. Just then they hear Pragya’s voice and go downstairs. They see Pragya and Tanu fighting for theplate, and argue to eat the sweets. Purabh asks Pragya to leave the plate. Ajay asks them to share the sweets and eat. Daadi comes and asks what happened? Both of them say that they will eat the sweet and fight verbally.Daadi asks Mitali to bring another plate, and asks Pragya to come with her, that she has more sweets. Tanu also follows them and insists to eat sweets. She adds that she has more right on Abhi and is going to be his wife. Pragya says she is his ex wife. Purabh asks them to ask Abhi who is having more right on Abhi. They say okay and goes inside. Daadi says they will fight now. Purabh says he will record the happenings inthe room. Abhi asks them to hold his hand and pull him towards them. They talk pulling him towards them.

Purabh and Daadi come there and decides to let the trios stay together in the same room. Purabh leaves after fixing a mobile in the room to record their conversation. He asks them to think who is pregnant? Abhi gives chocolate to them. Pragya says Tanu is pregnant, but the baby is whose. Abhi says the baby is his. Tanu says when did she say, and says baby is her? Abhi tells Pragya that she should also have a baby. Pragya says she want baby too and asks Tanu who gave her baby. Tanu says her boyfriend gave her baby and she will tell her boyfriend to give her baby. Abhi says he will not give her baby. Tanu says he is not her boyfriend, but her to be husband. Pragya cries and saysshe need baby now. Abhi asks her to wait. He brings Pragya’s toy rockstar and gives it in her hand. Pragya asks her toy rockstar to give her baby. Tanu laughs and says it will not give her baby. Pragya says she will sleep with her boyfriend. Tanu says she will also goes and sleep with her boy friend.Next day, Daadi shows the recording to Abhi. Tanu gets shocked and wonders when did she say this? Daadi asks her to tell whose baby is this? Abhi asks Tanu to tell him everything. Daadi asks her to say the truth? Abhi says they will watch video. Daadi plays the video again. Abhi tells Daadithat they were under the Bhaang effect and this madnessgo after the effect is gone. Daadi says people say the truth while being drunk.

She asks her to say whose baby is this? Tanuis shocked.Tanu says what wrong did she say? This all happened when Abhi was her boyfriend, but nowhe don’t behave like a boyfriend to her. She says Abhi praised Pragya on the stage infront of everyone, and didn’t even took her name and made her get insulted. She want to die, but raising his mistake, and will be punished after giving birth to the baby. Abhi blames Pragya for making him drink Bhaang. Pragya refuses.Abhi blamed Pragya for making him drink Bhaang. Pragya says she didn’t give Bhaang to him and says she is very conscious about his image in public, as it will be a loss to her. She tells Tanu that it is her mistake to getpregnant when she knows that Abhi is already married. She have become lenient and they all have taken her for granted. She threatens them to kick Tanuout of the house. She asks Daadi to make Abhi understand and make him hear his heart, so that he can get answers for his questions. Tere bin song plays in the background.

Pragya leaves after giving Abhi a soundpiece of advice and making it clear that she only cares for his public image as it affects her reputation too. Abhi tells Tanu that whatever Pragya said was unintentional. Tanu tells Abhi that he is living in his past life and Pragya don’t care what happens in his present life, and he is just profit and loss statement for her. She doesn’t care for him, but she is still same Pragya for him. Abhi says he got an idea to remove her from his heart and get rid of the feeling. He will get insulted, and he would hate her so much to overshadow the love in his heart. He adds that he wants Pragya to behave in such fashion so that it will make him hate her more and he know what to do know? Tanu wonderswhat he will do now?Meanwhile, Daadi asks Pragya why did she speak so much? Pragya says he is unable to decide and is becoming joke infront of the world. She can’t tell him Tanu’s lie and couldn’t tell about her proof. She says when Tanu told him her life’s biggest truth, he didn’t believe her. Pragya does not seem happy with Daadi and Purabh's plan of recording her interactionwith Abhi and Tanu while she was drunk and asks why did shemake that video? Daadi says they thought she will take Nikhil’s name as her boyfriend, but she was clever not to take his name.

Pragya however understands that Daadi's plan could have worked if Tanu would have mentioned Nikhil's name. Daadi and Purabh decide to go forward with Ronnie's planof frightening Tanu so that she will blurt out the truth. Purabh then shares his idea with Pragya and says Ronnie will scare Tanu to make her speak the truth. Pragya says she have to hear earful from Abhi now. Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words and gets restless. Pragyacomes to the room. Abhi thinks to let her speak first, else she will think he is fighting with her unneccessarily. Abhi sits on TV’s remote and the video is played. Pragya insists to have baby. Tanu tells her that her boyfriend gave her baby and she will ask her boyfriend to give her baby. Abhi asks her to shut off the TV. Pragya says he is sitting on the remote. They argue. Abhi tells Pragya that people say the truth in a drunkard state and says whatever she want will happen. Pragya is clueless.Later Ajay and Akash tell that everyone is silent. Abhi asks if he is joker to show skit. Tanu talks to Nikhil and asks him to let her handle the situation at home. She says she is going to hall to have dinner with everyone.

Abhi apologizes to Ajay and says he is bored and doesn’t feel like laughing or crying. Ajay asks him not to worry and have food. Tanu comes to dining area and asks what is in the food? Daadi asks her to sit and have her favorite food. She adds that her favorite soup is kept in kitchen and asksher to bring it. Tanu calls Robin.Daadi says he is on leave. Tanu says okay, she will bring the soup and leaves.


Beyonce and Jay Z welcomed twins Rumi and Sir in mid June and the familyhave already snappedup nannies to help take care of the newborn babies as they nest in Los Angeles.

According to a Wednesday report from US OK! magazine, the singers have hired six nannies at $100,000 a year each for the bundles of joy. The twins don’t sleep at the same time, so she decided she needed three per child, working in eight hour shifts,’ a source said. It is not unusual for parents of newborn twins to have both day and night nannies, according to

There are also two nannies for their daughter Blue Ivy, aged five.That makes a total of eight nannies going in and out of their home day and night.


There is a new name at the top of the world wealth league. The founder of Amazon has overtaken Microsoft’s Bill Gates to claim the title of world’s richest person. Jeff Bezos leapfrogged Gates, who has been the richest man on the planet since 2013, after a rise in the share price of Amazon ahead of its latest results due later on Thursday.

According to a real-time billionaires index compiled by Forbes, the rise pushed the value of Bezos’s fortune to $91bn (£69bn) – compared with Gates’ wealth of $90bn. Their riches are calculated on the share prices of their respective companies and at the current values, Bezos’s stake is twice as big as the carmarker Ford.

Bezos – born in 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico – keeps a relatively low profile, but has used some of the wealth he has amassed to buy the Washington Post and invest in space travel through Blue Origin, a company he founded in 2000.He founded Amazon in 1994 when he sold books from his garage in Seattle before expanding into a huge range of other products and capturing the global rush to shop online. Amazon now accounts for 43% of everything sold online in the US and 64 million people have signed up for its Prime service, which gives access to free deliveriesand video streaming.

Amazon shares have soared this year, making the company worth more than $500bn and boosting Bezos’s wealth as he owns 17% of the company. He also has a number of other investments, including in Google, Uber, Twitter and Airbnb, worth more than $5bn.At the start of 2017, Bezos was ranked fourth-richest in the world, behind Gates, the investor Warren Buffett and Amancio Ortega, who founded Inditex, the company behindretailer Zara.


Kenyan social media personality andsocialite, Vera Sidika, also known as Vee Beiby, says Nigerians are now referring to her as Hushmummi!

The TV reality star who is known for her excessive spending on clothes, shoes and bags, beckoned on Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi to comeand carry his people!


Sundar Pichai is currently in Nigeria!The chief executive officer of  Googlejust tweeted a photo of computer vllage in Lagos and wrote; ‘Hello from Lagos.’ #GoogleforNigeria .

The 45-year-old IndianAmerican business executive is reportedly in Nigeria for the Google For Nigeriaevent.

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Ex Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate, Marvis Nkpornwi be looking like she’s ready for all ’em trolls!

The princess from Rivers state , be looking like legendary warrior princess, Xena in these new photos!
She captioned;

Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight.

Slay or nay?


Retired Navy SEAL Kristin Beck has 3 letters for President Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the U.S. military - WTF!"Beck, a transgender woman and former SEAL Team Six soldier, told TMZ Trump pinning the ban on money woes is complete BS -and a lame excuse from the Commander in Chief.

More importantly, she sees this as a majorstep backward for the country. In particular, she took Trump's use of the word "disruption" as a strong hint this could be the start of more discrimination in the military.

Bottom line for Beck - transgender Americans have every right to serve their country. The documentary, "Lady Valor," showed how she served with great honor.


Gov. Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State today says he has been paying active workers and pensioners in the state regularly. He disclosed this today in Osogbo at a symposium organised by the Osun Command of the Police Community Relations Committee.

He however said people spreading news of workers being owned by the state are just enemies of hisadministration. Hear him;“Let me make a resounding correction that despite the paucity of funds, it is only a section of workers on grade level 12 andabove who receive painfully 50 percent of their gross salaries based on the agreement between the government and the labour union.

“So, outside that category of workers on grade level 12 and above, no other receives half of his or her salaries and the workers in this category are just 20 percent of the state’s workforce.“Outside that, officers on levels 8-10 receive 75 percent of their salaries while officers on levels 7 and below receive theirfull pay.“Contrary to what the naysayers claim about us, all workers in the state have received their salaries up to June this yearaccording to the payment scheme and agreement.

“As we pay active workers, so we pay pensioners.“The only outstanding pay to pensioners is the gratuity and this is due to workers who choose not to participate in the Contributory Pension Scheme and therefore left service in 2011/2012,’’ the governor said.Posted byLadun


Fun and festivities are on, while urmi’s family is tensed about samrat’s refusal to marry urmi. but they keep a smiling face, just to keep urmi, uninformed. anu gets urmi to dance, along with trisha. trish requests her todance also. all family people also ask urmni too. she finally agrees. She dances to the number, Sawaar Loon, with anu and others.Samrat’s father apologises to everyone, for not being able to control Samrat, and says sorry to Devishankar, urmi’s father and regrets with folded hands. Urmi’s father is stunned. Ishaanmoves out with samrat, who is unperturbed at what he did, while ishaan is super angry, andrives rash due to being so. he screechesthe car to a halt and gets outside. samrat comes after him and asks why;s he so worried. ishaan says that he isnt insensitive like him, and doesnt care for him and his family and her family. He asks him to think of urmi. Samrat says that he doesnt have the time to do that, and has much important work to do. samrat says that he’s selfish and wont change for anyone, and asks ishaan to accept this.

Ishaan says that he has changed much. samrat says that he has become really sensitive for the girl. and asks him to chill. ishaan says that he didnt come here to chill. Samrat says that he can do whatever he wants, but he wont marry at the fear of ishaan going. ishaan is shockedto hear this.In samrat’s house, urmi’s bhabhi’s, Rashmi’s mother tries to talk to his mother that they should make samrat understand, that the punishment to urmi shouldnt beso much that it tarnishes the family. She is however concerned for rashmi, who has to face the ire of urmi’s family now.Urmi is dancing when her fatherand her brother returns, but she doesnt realise that they are tensed, and continues dancing, while they go inside.

All the family assembles inside too. trisha is tensed to see all the family going inside, while urmi is involved in dancing. While urmi is dancing with much happiness, inside there is a huge turmoil going on. urmi’s mother is distraught. Buaji begins to insult and badmouth samrat and his family. Urmi’s father asks her to talk low, as urmi might speak up. urmi’s father is asked by her mother,asto how long can they hide this truth from urmi, who’s in oblivion. They ask for the reason, but gaurav angrily says that there was noone, and that he would have his revenge on samrat. as rashmi tries to side with samrat, gaurav gets into a rage, and says that she shouldnt even dare to side the person, who spoiled his sister’s marriage. urmi’s mother asks him not to vent his anger on his wife, and silence himself. Granny asks if they convinced him enough. devishankar says that they tried everything but in vain. Masi tries to convince urmi’s mother that it has happened for the best, and that now they should move on. urmi’s mother is concerned for urmi, whose image is forvere tarnished and ruined.

Granny assures her that nothing like that would happen to urmi, and everything would be alright. urmi’s father asks this to be kept within them while he waits for a suitable time to talk to urmi, in the night. Trisha however hear the truth and is tensed, from a distance.Later, gaurav goes onto reprimand Rashmi about her brother, samrat, and asks how contrasting he proved out to be.She still sides with him. gaurav asks her to have a little shame and have some care for urmi. gaurav says that he feels like killing him right now. As he walks out in anger, she is tensed.Samrat is dealiing with issues atthe hotel, when he finds trisha standing in front of him. After, Trisha finds out the truth, and goes onto confront samrat, as to how could he do this, and what did he want, that urmi stays unmarried forever. samratis sueprised that she thanks him for saying no, and doing urmi and her family a favour by refusing to marry her. She ventsout her entire frustratiobn that she had against him, asb max urmi would be tensed for a little while, and this is better than the pain in the long run, while she stays married to him. Samrat pretends not to care any less forher. Trisha says that its better for her to stay unmarried than marry him, as the truth is that hedoesnt desrve her. samrat watches tensed. Trisha says that god made him refuse so that urmi is saved. samrat is tensed. Trisha says that she hopes that she never has to seehim again. after she leaves, he thinks about what she said.Later, seeing ishaan packing, samrat’s mother tries to get ishaan to stay back, but he saysthat he came for the marriage, and not as thats not happening, he has to go back.

He tells her that samrat has changed so much,qa nd he doesnt care of his best friend stays back or not. samrat hears this as he enters the room. samrat tries to cheer him up, but ishaan is tensed still. samrat’s mother asks him to get ishaan to stay. But ishaan says that he’s getting late, for his flight. but samrat doesnt let him go, saying that he would leave him at the airport later. he takes ishaan out.Urmi is teased and having fun with her cousins, while trisha is tensed, and her family, unable tosee this, goes inside. urmi’s mother beraks into crying, and asks her husband to tell this to urmi. he tells saroj, that he’s trying to tell, but doesnt knwo how to, as she’s so happy that she has got everything. He askshow can she tell him, that the person she is happy for doesnt care for him at all, and has rejected her. All ask him to tell this, so that it is done and over with, and urmi’s pain is lessened. they also talk about cancelling the arrangements, and refusing the relatives to come there.Outside, while urmi is gloating about samrat, trisha is tensed. she is shocked when samrat’s car pulls in the driveway, and hegets out of the car along with ishaan. The screen freezes on urmi’s shocked face.Urmi is shocked that samrat hascome. she gets conscious of her appearance. Trisha is tensed. Urmi and trisha get inside, for a change of dress. the family inside is shocked to find that he’s here. They are all tensed what if urmi gets to know, and gaurav is in a rage. urmi’s mother asks all not to tellurmi anything. Rashmi wonders whats he here for. Anu gets samrat and ishaan inside. All are tensed and baffled too. Samrat is tensed eyeing them curtly. anu is asked to go inside by gaurav, but she insists that she would stay here only.Samrat says that he has come here to say something. all are tensed and worried. but he surprises them by saying, that whatever happened and was said by him, he’s extremely apologeticfor it. Ishaan is shocked. All are confused. He says that he was angry and god knows what he thought and behaved like that, and realised later that he was wrong. he says that he realises how much he has hurt them by this wrong step, and their feelings too, and says that he didnt know how this happened. he says that he’s ready for any punishment, and is ready for themarriage as and when it was happening. all are plesantly shocked. They are confused still though. Samrat asks for a chance to rectify himself. ishaan lightens the mood with his humour, saying that samrat doesnt know anything apart from work and business, but he’s a nice man. He says that samrat has been a true gentleman, by accepting, then apologising and finally rectifying his mistake. He , with folded hands asks them to forgive samrat and forget this, and move on with the progression of the course of rituals of marriage. Devishankaris still tensed. Samrat, asks withfolded hands, if he wont forgive him. they all come to ask hium not to do this, as they rever the son in law. Devishankar asks what had happened actually. samrat asks them to let it go, as its gone and past. Buaji too lightens the mood, saying that they are starting a new life now, and feeds samrat with an entire sweet. she showers her blessings on ishaan too, and he too teases her back.

Urmi’s masi too expresses her gratitude as they didtn know what to do, and how to tell urmi, and what she must have gone through.While urmi is getting ready, and anu is teasing her, trisha is tensed. uermi asks if there’s any other motive too. Trisha says that she too is wondering the same thing. trisha asks urmiwhat if there is anything else. she leaves to find out.Downstairs, all are discussing the marriage preps on both sides. Trish walks down, and samrat notices her. thye both eye each other curtly. Ishaan welcomes her to join them, and asks how’s the sangeet going on. samrat asks if he can meet urmi alone for five minutes, They readily comply. urmi is asked to be called. Devishankar asks trisha to attend to samrat in ther balcony while he waits for urmi. trish says yes and takes samrat aside. A lady comes in and says that urmi is wanted by samrat. she gets shy and nervous, while anu is still teasing her.In the balcony, samrat says to trisha, while she gets him drinks, that its good that she’s here and alone too, as he wanted to tell her something. She asks what. He says that in his life, descisions are taken by him and not god. she is tensed and angry too. He says that thge marriage shall happen according to his will, and nobody would stop it, not even her god. trisha says that to salvage his hurt ego, he even agreed to marry. She says that she hadv heard a lot about him, but actually he has accomplished nothing but ego and arrogance. Trisha says to samrat that she never thought that he would stoop so low, that just to prove her wrong, and put her down, he would destroy the lfie of an innocent girl. Samrat sees urmi at the door, from the corner of his eye. as she comes to them, trisha leaves. samrat tells urmi that he thinks that trisha doesnt like him at all. urmi is tensed. Urmi denies this but samrat insists that its like that. urmi is tensed.Granny gives devishanker all thejewellery, while gaurav walks in angry still at samrat, saying thathe doesnt like samrat’s attitude and frivolous changes, and saysthat they never got to know the reson. Devishaker says that maybe it was something that he didnt want to discuss. gaurav says that if its this now, then what about after marriage. urmi’s mother too agrees, and asks what if something happenes after marriage. but granny silences it saying that this is habitual of the groom’s side, and asks gaurav not to create a drama, and not tell this to rashmi. gaurav reminds him of samrat’s mother who was also siding with him. All are tensed. Thye try to ask gaurav to think of urmi whose image would have been tarnished forever if he refused to marry. He asks gaurav to let go of this, and move on.While rashmi’s parents are concerned for rashmi’s positionin their family and their relationsbeing strained, samrat’s mother tries to salvage the situation. rashmi says that its all okay here, and asks how did this change happen.

When rashmi tells her mother about samrat’s acceptance for marriage, she is super happy, while samrat’s parents are shocked that egoist samrat changed his descision after all. samrat’s mother refuses to believe it. She herselftalks to rashmi, while she asks samrat’s mother how did this happen. samrat’s mother cancels the phone saying that they want to talk to samrat. while all are happy, samrat’s mother is tensed. while ishaan comes in excited, he is angry that rashmi already spoiled theirsurprise. Samrat’s mother is confused and asks where’s samrat. Ishaan says that he’s attending to an important phonecall, and assures that samrat is ready for marriage. She is confused, while others are happy. samrat’s father thinks that ishaan must have been after it. but ishaan says that thisis entirely samrat’s thinking, as he changed completely after realising his mistake, despite his many attempts to get some sense into samrat. All ask samrat’s mother why is she so tensed yet. Samrat’s mother thinks that she said so much so to urmi’s family, and how would she face them now. She thinks that she is trapped now. All others are amused.Trisha remembers samrat’s words, and is upset while everyone is fast asleep.

Trisha isdetermined that she wont let urmi be a pawn in his evil egoistgame, and says that she would tell her everything tomorrow morning, and stop the marriage.she glances at urmi, sleeping peacefully.


Big Brother Naija 2017 fake housemate Jon Ogah has opened upabout his relationship with TBoss.
The singer who just dropped a single‘Uncle Suru’ featuring Adekunle Goldand Simi toldPulse Celebthe BBN star,“is a special lady and a friend.”The rising star is also waiting for life to surprise him with love. When asked about his relationship status, he said,“Currently I am proudly single and career driven and I am waiting for life to surprise me.

”Ogah also reveals he is currently busy working on new music.“I am currently working on a couple of singles and videos and a Christmas concert with a couple of awesome musicians,” he said.

On his song ‘Uncle Suru’ receiving raving reviews,“I feel excited. It’s been a long time coming, since Naija Sings, then BBN.Plus Uncle Suru had been out since 2014, I feel like I have done justice tothe song by remaking it with talents like Simi and Adekunle Gold.”


Abhi embracing Pragya and says he needs a child. He sayswhere did you go my fuggi? Dadi and Purab grins taking a gander at him. The young ladiesstanding there, say that Abhi and Pragya are meant to be as one and cherish each other a lot.

Tanu reproves them for tattling. Tanu fears if Pragya gets pregnant with Abhi's child then she don't need to proof that the child is of Abhi, as the baby's face will look like Abhi. She says however my baby will look like Nikhil and gets stressed. Dadi, Purab, Ronnie and Akash are cheerful about Abhi and Pragya. Purab tells that Abhi have expressed his heart infront of Pragya and revealed his feelings. Purab says we should make Tanu have bhaang. Dadi says no, as she is pregnant and says we can't play with the baby. Purab and Ronnie concurs. Tanu sees Ronnie and gets frightened. Shetells Purab and Akash that Ronnie is there. Purab asks where is Ronnie? Furthermore, why she is terrified? Tanu calls Mitali and inquires as to whether Ronnie is there. Ronniecovers up. Mitali reveals to her that Ronnie is not there and says she will find Raj. Purab asks Tanu, why she is terrified to see Ronnie? Tanu says nothing and goes. She supposes Nikhil and Tanu haven't seen him, and now Purab and Akash. She looks for Nikhil.

Tanu drinks Bhaang unknowingly and tells the servers to go.Akash asks the waiter if it was Bhaang Thandai or not. Waiter says it was not my mistake, before I could tell anything she drank two glasses. Purab says Dadi will get angry and says he will call Dadi. Tanu smiles and asks someone if she has seen her baby’s father. Girl asks if she is talking about Abhi? Tanu says no and says she is speaking about her baby’s dad. Girl takes Tanu to Abhi. Pragya asks someone to bring lemon water. Tanu tells Abhi that she has seen ghost. Abhi says he is afraid of ghosts. Tanu says she is searching for her baby’s father. Abhi says you are carrying my baby. Tanu says if you are married to me, no. She says I am searching for my baby’s father before marriage. Abhi gets confused and says wewill search together. Dadi tells Pragya that Abhi is not taking Tanu’s talk seriously.

Pragya says he will forget after he gets into senses. She says I will give him lemon water so that he can understand Tanu’s truth.Pragya brings lemon water and gives to Abhi. He refuses to drink it and says he is seeing cloud. Pragya brings water and asks him to wash his eyes. He wash his face. He takes bhaang glass and makes Pragya drink it forcibly. Pragya asks what have you done? Abhi makes her drinkone more glass? And asks how are you feeling now? Dadi, Purab and Akash smiles. Pragyaalso smiles and looks at him. Purab, Dadi, and Akash bring Tanu near Abhi and Pragya and says they know about the person who was searching. Tanu says okay and goes to them. Abhi asks her to sit and says they are matching cricket. Tanu says she couldn’t see. Pragya and Abhi argue that theirteam will win.Pragya, Abhi and Tanu are under bhaang influence still. Dadi asks Purab to do something. Abhi asks them to sit in the car. Pragya and Tanu insist to drive the car. Abhi saysyou both will get punished and says Kiss…Both of them forwardtheir face. You both will not get and says he will drive the car. Purab tells Dadi that he is having keys of he car. He asks them to sit at back side. Aaliya comes home and searches something in the house. She gets Abhi’s music will be stolen before it is released.

He says I will make him big time loser with the help of this music.everyone returning home. Abhi says he wants to apply black color on fuggi’s face. Pragya hides behind Dadi. Tanu asks why you want to blacken her face, and says you can just apply black color on my face. Dadi says your face is already blacken. Abhi says I haven’t applied black color on your face. Abhi says he wants to playwith fuggi. He plays with her. Dadi asks Purab to take him to his room. Aaliya thinks it is good and they will not know what happened today. Abhi asks Dadi to send Pragya to room. Dadi says okay and says our plan is ruined. Abhi asks what plan? He says I understood, you wanted me to drink bhaang, but failed. He says it is good that I haven’t drink bhaang, else have talked like a stupid. Purab asks him to sleep. Just then they hear Pragya’s voice and go downstairs. They see Pragya and Tanu fighting for the plate, and argue to eat the sweets. Purab asks Pragya to leave the plate. Taya ji asks them to sharesweets and eat. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Both of them say that they will eat sweet and fight verbally.

Dadi asks Mitali to bring anotherplate, and asks Pragya to come with her, says she has more sweets. Tanu also follows them and insists to eat sweets. She says she has more right on Abhiand is going to be his wife. Pragya says I am his ex wife. Purab asks them to ask Abhi who is having more right on Abhi. They say okay and goes inside. Dadi says they will fight now. Purab says he will record the happenings in the room. Abhi asks them to hold his handand pull him towards them. They talk pulling him towards them. Purab and Dadi come there. He asks them to think who is pregnant? Abhi gives chocolate to them. Pragya says Tanu is pregnant, but the baby is whose. Abhi says baby is mine. Tanu says when did I say, and says baby is mine? Abhi tells Pragya that you should also have a baby. Pragya says I want baby too and asks Tanu who gave her baby. Tanu says my boyfriend gave me baby and says I will tell my boyfriend to give you baby. Abhi says I will not give her baby. Tanu says you are not my boyfriend, but my to be husband.

Pragya cries and says I need baby now. Abhi asks her to wait. He brings Pragya’s toy rockstar and gives it in her hand. Pragya asks her toy rockstar to give her baby. Tanu laughs and says it will not give baby. Pragya says I will sleep with my boyfriend. Tanu says I will also go and sleep with my boyfriend.Next day, Dadi shows the recording to Abhi. Tanu gets shocked and wonders when did I say this? Dadi asks her to tell whose baby is this? Abhi asks Tanu to tell everything. Dadi asks her to say the truth? Abhi says we will watch video. Dadi plays video again. Abhi tells Dadi that they were under the bhaang effect and this madnessgo after the effect is gone. Dadi says people say the truth while being drunk. She asks her to say whose baby is this? Tanu is shocked.Tanu says what wrong did I say? This all happened when Abhi was my boyfriend, but now he don’t behave like a boyfriend to me. She says Abhi praised Pragya on the stage infront of everyone, and didn’t even took her name and made her get insulted. She says I want to die, but raising your mistake, and will be punished after giving birth to the baby.

Abhi blames Pragya for making him drink bhaang. Pragya refuses.Abhi blaming Pragya for makinghim drink bhaang. Pragya says Ididn’t give bhaang to you and says she is very conscious about his image in public, as it will be a loss to her. She tells Tanu that it is her mistake to getpregnant when she knows that Abhi is already married. She says I have become lenient and you all have taken me for granted. She threatens them to kick Tanu out of the house. She asks Dadi to make Abhi understand and make him hear his heart, so that he can get answers for his questions. Tere bin plays…………..Abhi tells Tanu that whatever Pragya said was unintentional. Tanu tells Abhi that he is living in his past life and says Pragya don’t care what happens in his present life,and says you are just profit and loss statement for her. She doesn’tcare for you, but she is still same Pragya for you. Abhi says I got an idea to remove her frommy heart and get rid of the feeling.

He says he will get insulted, and says I shall hate her so much to overshadow the love in my heart. I know what to do know? Tanu wonders what he will do now?Dadi asks Pragya why did she speak so much? Pragya says heis unable to decide and is becoming joke infront of the world. She says I can’t tell him Tanu’s lie and couldn’t tell about my proof. She says when Tanu told him her life’s biggest truth, he didn’t believe her. Pragya asks why did you make that video? Dadi says we thought she will take Nikhil’s name as her boyfriend, but she was clever not to take his name.Purab shares his idea and says Ronnie will scare Tanu to make her speak the truth. Pragya saysI have to hear earful from Abhi now. Abhi thinks about Pragya’swords and gets restless. Pragyacomes to room. Abhi thinks to let her speak first, else she will think he is fighting with her unneccessarily.

Abhi sits on TV’s remote and the video is played. Pragya insists to have baby. Tanu tells her that her boyfriend gave her baby and she will ask her boyfriend to give her baby. Abhi asks her to shut off the TV. Pragya says you are sitting on remote. They argue. Abhi tells Pragya that people say the truth in a drunkard state and says whatever you want will happen. Pragya is clueless.Later Taya ji and Akash tell that everyone is silent. Abhi asks if I am joker to show skit. Tanu talks to Nikhil and asks him to let her handle the situation at home. She says she is going to hall to have dinner with everyone. Abhi apologizes to Taya ji and says he is bored anddoesn’t feel like laughing or crying. Taya ji asks him not to worry and have food. Tanu comes to dining area and asks what is in food? Dadi asks her tosit and have her favorite food. She says your favorite soup is kept in kitchen and asks her to bring it. Tanu calls Robin. Dadi says he is on leave. Tanu says okay, I will bring soup and goes.Tanu comes to kitchen and sees electricity off.

She gets worried and tells herself to take the soup. She finds blood coming out from tap and shoutsfor Abhi. Abhi rushes to her. Dadi and others also follow him.Tanu tells him that blood is coming out from tap. Abhi asks why the light is off. Mitali switches on the light. Tanu tells them that she has seen blood coming out from tap. Abhi says it is just water. Pragya says still she is feeling colors hangover and asks her to consult a doctorfor her family. Tanu says I am fine and need to rest. Mitali shouts seeing cockroach. Tanu asks if she saw blood. Mitali says no and says she saw cockroach. Dadi, Pragya and Akash smiles. Abhi brings Tanu to room, and asks her to rest and calm down her mind.Pragya tells Ronnie that he has done right. Dadi says Tanu was shocked. Ronnie says he will scare her much. Pragya says Tanu is with Abhi now, and asksRonnie to behave like ghost. Ronnie assures her. Pragya asks Dadi to sleep for sometimeas everyone will be shocked in sometime.

Dadi laughs and says okay. Later Ronnie goes to Tanu’s room and thinks she is sleeping peacefully after snatching Pragya’s sleep. He says I will snatch your sleep now? He wears a mask and scares her. She reads his message on the mirror that he will take revenge from her. She is shocked.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


Transgender star, Caitlyn Jenner has airedher displeasure at Donald Trump''s Transgender military ban.Earlier today,Trump tweeted that Transgenders were banned from serving in the military due to tremendous medical costs.

Reminding him of a tweet in which he vowed to protect the rights of the LGBT community ''unlike' then rival,Hilary Clinton, Jenner tweeted There are 15,000 patriotic transgender Americans in the US military fighting for allof us. What happened to your promise to fight for them? Earlier today, Trump tweetedAfter consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow.........Transgender individuals to  serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.

Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming.....victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you


Nigerian Afrobeat musician, Mr. Eazi,is Apple Music’s latest ‘Up Next’ Artist, the music streaming platform’s emerging artist franchise.


The Minister of Communication, Barr. Adebayo Shittu, said on Wednesday that top supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari are trying to convince him to seek re-election in 2019.Shittu stated this while featuring as a guest on the Breakfast Chat with South West Group of Online Publishers (SWEGOP) in Ibadan, Oyo State.

According to The Nation, the minister argued that Buhari has delivered on his campaign promise of tackling insurgency and other forms of criminal violence in thecountry, corruption and reviving the economy.

According to him, Buhari has recorded success in the three key areas, particularly with Acting President Yemi Osinbajo sustaining the legacies in his absence.Shittu said there is no need for Buhari to stop the good work he is doing, stressing that a four-year tenure is not enough to completely overhaul the Nigerian system.

The minister said:“It is for the interest of Nigeria. We have had in this country series of administrations in the last 18 years. But what did we have to show for it? We know that Nigeria was brought to its knees by corruption. It is also because governance has not been focused on value added services. It has been an era of impunity. Impunity leads to disorderliness, lawlessness and cheating of the masses. But we have a President who committed himself to a three-point agenda of fightingcorruption, insecurity and to repair the economy. “Everybody will agree that the fight against corruption has been sustained and the era of impunity has been banished under President Buhari. Again, he has succeeded in routing out of Nigeria the element of violence, not only inthe North East where Boko Haram held sway but also in the Niger Delta where militants had been restive.

“On the economy, President Buhari has blocked all loopholes through the Treasury Single Account (TSA) where corruption and funds due to Nigeria were siphoned. He has also introduced so many economic measures to try to stabilize the local currency, encourage Foreign Direct Investment (FID) into the country and get the economy on its feet.”When asked if the President’s ill-health makes the efforts reasonable, Shittu said anybody can fall sick at anytime. He expressed the confidence that Buhari would return to the country to continue his work.


Amber Rosehas revealed her split from Kanye West,left her broke and heartbroken.The 33-year-old model and rapper, 40, dated for two years before breaking up in 2010. Speaking to Complex's Everyday Struggle talk show about their history,

she said:"I see this a lot on the internet: Amber's going to hurt him. I have been the one thathas been heartbroken. I have never cheated on any of my boyfriends."I still have never said anything mean about Kanye. This is after six, seven years of constant bullying from him. You don’t say that about my baby.(referring toKanyeWest Twitterexchange with Wiz Khalifa) I was quiet for so long.

”Amber went on:“The only thing I got from him was fame. I had to just take that [loss],” she continued. “I had to take that heartbreak on top of it.”"I could have got a reality show just off the fact that I was his girlfriend," he added. "I could have wrote abook just off the fact that I was his girlfriend. I said, 'You know what? I'm a real ass bitch. I'mma take the high road and work my ass off, and I'm going to get everything I get on my own, so nobody can be like, 'Yo, I gave her that.'

"The pair's rollercoaster relationship inspired Kanye's Grammy-winning 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."It’s a great part of history and it’s a great part of hip-hop, and I’m happy to be a partof it, but during that time was not a great time for me,” she said of the record.“I’m famous, and I’m broke. I can’t date anyone else.

I can’t say anything on the internet because Kanye has such a voice. If I was going to kill myself, I would have done it during those times.”


A day afterJustin Biebercancelled his entire Purpose World Tour, the reason hasbeen revealed ,and it is awesome.

Sources close to TMZ say Bieber canceled the remaining date of his world tour because he wants to rededicate his life to Christ. It is no news, the star has always revealedhe was very spiritual before fame took over and was a staunchJehovah's witness.In 2016, he deleted his Instagram account saying it was for the devil and hell lives there.

However, reports also say Bieber's crew isupset at him because he basically canceled the tour without any explanation,leaving around 200 people out of work and pissed.

Tour members feel betrayed, and think this is more bratty behavior from Bieber, and his lack of sympathy for them is on full display.


Urmi is teased about her first night gift to samrat. she is surprised and says that she hasnt thought of anything. Theystart discussing what could he possibly want. urmi also emphasises that emotions would ccount, and hence it would be something special, like a handknit sweater. Trisha is disappointed saying that there’s too less time for that. urmi says that she has the confidence that she would be able to finish. They start teasingher. trisha asks for samrat’s fav and she says that she doesnt know. they decide to ask urmi tocall him up and find out. urmi is hesitant but trisha asks her to. while trisha asks her not to spoilthe surprise. As it starts ringing,urmi asks them to be silenced. she asks samrat about him and he says that he’s fine. urmi callsup samrat, and says that he wants to talk to her about something. Samrat says that she may ask, but she should hurry up as he is driving.

Urmi is confused and asks whats he doing outside, as it was his haldi ceremony today, and he isnt supposed to go outside after that. Samrat tells her that he didnt apply any haldi, as he had work and hence doesnt have the time for all this. urmi isshocked and hurt and gets tearyeyed and emotional, hearing this. just then, her masi comes to say that samrat’s haldi has come. she is upset as she knows the truth behind it. She tries to be merry for everyone present. She asks gaurav and he tells her what he was told. in a corner of the bathroom, urmi finally breaks down into tears, inmuffled sounds. She then composes herself, and calls up ishaan. He picks up and asks why she caleld him. he senses something tensed and asks if allis right. She asks him how was the haldi. He lies to her too, and asks how was it there. she desperately tries to compose herself and says that it was okay. She asks samrat where’s he. He again makes up a lie, thathe’s sleeping and resting. After much crying, she tells him that she didnt expect this from him, as he knows the truth.

Ishaan is tensed, as she says that she is very hurt with this lie of theirs, and what would the family have felt, had they known this. He says that they lied and apologises, saying that she knows that samrat is super busy and couldnt do this ritual, and didnt want to hurt their feelings. He says that she shouldnt be angry at samrat, as he told her the truth. She says that she’s angry at him, as she is disappointed. While he apologises, samrat walks in. After cancelling the call, he askshim who was he saying sorry too. Ishaan tells everything. samrat takes it on his ego, as to why was he calling her to apologise, and how dare she getangry at him. ishaan tries to compose, but samrat ridicules urmi, that she’s nothing and shouldnt have done this. He gets angry and says that he wont marry this girl. ishaan is shocked. He tries to stop him, but samrat silences him saying that he wont marry that girl at any cost, and that this deal is cancelled.Festivities and merriment begin at urmi’s house, while urmi sits tensed, thinking about the haldi ceremony. urmi’s father finds her tensed, and teary eyed, and motions her not to, and smile instead. She motions him to come to her. He complies and sits beside her.

She hugs him tightly. he says that he understands what nervousness she is going through, as along with happiness, she must be sad and tensed too, about leaving this place and going to anew one. He assures her that they shall be here and in this city only, and they can meet her whenever she wants to. On one hand, where urmi is told by her father, that samrat would take care of her so much and his family would love her so much, that she would forget her family,and asks urmi to stop crying or else he wont be able to control himself too. they hug each other, while others get emotional too, seeing this. He says that when samrat would bewith her, she would be smiling and not teary eyed. he teases her and gets her to smile finally.she hugs him delightfully.On the other hand, samrat tells everyone in the family defiantly that he has taken a final descision that he’s not going to marry urmi. All are shocked.His mtoehr tries to make his realise the gravity of the situation. Samrat says that he isnt bothered about the girl and his family.

Samrat says that he wont change the descision for their family. ishaan says that he was at fault, as he lied. Samrat says that why did they lie, they should have told the truth, as hedoesnt care for this. samrat’s father tries to make him see the importance of these rituals for them. As his brother tries to comply, he says that was marrying a low level girl, just so that she could be under him all the time, but urmi turned out to be different. Samrat’s mother goes on to comply with samrat as usual. His father asks him to think atleast of the family, who would have to face the questions of the society about their girl, and her reputation being ruined and their expenditure. samrat says that they would pay off for the imagetarnish that he would inflict on their family. He says that he hasmade up his mind and wouldnt marry her. Ishaan is shocked to see such crude behaviour on samrat’s part. he asks him to stop this.

Samrat says that he too wants this maatter to be stopped right now. when he finally says that he wont marry, all are shocked. the screen freezes on Samrat’s face.All are shocked at samrat’s finaldescision, not to marry urmi. he asks them to tell or he would tellurmi’s family. After he leaves, allare tensed.The next morning, festivities areon, with food preparations. gaurav is given a list to get when he come home from office. The ladies get busy in everyday work. Urmi’s father asks his wife to rleax, while she asks him to tend to the work, while reading the newspaper later. granny asks urmi to come soon as its getting late. they saythat haldi is ready, but the milk hasnt come yet, from her in laws. urmi is brought down along with her sisters. urmi sits.Her mother says that urmi would bathe later, hence they should wait for the milk. but her bhabhi, decides to wait. her sister suggets that they should start applying haldi, while her bhabhi calls them up to find if they have sent the milk or not.

Urmi is teased about being so lucky to have an in-laws house like hers, that sends rose milk for her to bathe in, which reminds them to ask why the milk didnt arrive today.In samrat’s house, the festivities are on, while the priest asks them to prepare the bhog for the puja of the kuldevi. all are tensed regarding samrat’s descision. His mother comes to his father, asking for suggestions what to do. he reprimands her for being with her son last night, and now she should be prepared for the consequences. when the phonerings, she gives it to him. he ignores the call. meanwhile, at urmi’s place, gaurav is getting dressed in the next room. Samrat’s family are tensed with the arrival of some relatives andwondering what to say to them. They somehow receive the guests, and are tensed when they start talking about samrat’smarriage preps. finding samrat’s family tensed, the relatives ask why do they look so tensed and worried. Samrat’smother, shashi manages to say that samrat, as usual, has refused for marriage at the last minute, in a fit of anger, and how to tell this to the girls’ family. the phone starts ringing again. Samrat’s father says that its from their house, and ecides to clarify everything. As urmi’s bhabhi calls up about the milk, samrat’s father tells her that there’s some new drama, and that samrat has refused to marry urmi. She is shocked, while urmi’s mother is tensed as to what happened. All come shearing urmi’s bhabhi screams.

Samrat’s father explains everything. As her bhabhi begins to question him, he cancels the call, and she is tensed. all ask worriedly what happened and why is she so bungled up. She is unable to anser, but finally spills the beans that samrat refused to marry urmi. While all are tensed,she says that she doesnt know what happened. gaurav loses his temper, and when buaji walks in, she too is scandalised to hear. They are comforted by urmi’s masi, that such things are normal in marriage, and that they should clarify, but not over the phone, and hence they should go personally, and sort this out, and resolve and find out a solution. urmi’s father takes gaurav, and asks others tostay back, so that urmi doesnt get tensed, and asks everyone not to tell urmi about this. after they leave, all are disturbed and distraught, but masi asks them to compose themselves for urmi, so that she doesnt know anything.Ishaan tries to talk sense into samrat, but his ego doesnt let him budge. ishaan asks him not to place ego, but as urmi didnt behave badly. while they are discussing, a servant comes in announcing urmi’s family’s arrival. samrat coems down, while ishaan too worriedly follows him. Urmi’s bhabhi consults with her parents as to what would happen now. they say that they tried to talk, but samrat refuses to listen. samratcomes down getting everyone’s attention. urmi’s father asks himwhat happened, and that they would rectify the matter, in terms of dowry or otherwise. Ishaan tries to speak, but samrat motions him to stop. Samrat ridicules them for even thinking of giving them anything, as they have everything that they need. He says that they dont expect as they arent capable. urmi’s bhabhi asks what happened. samrat says that urmi doesnt deserve to be his wife. gaurav controls his anger and tries to talk sense, that he would regret it later, as he wont find a girl likeurmi anywhere else. ishaan triesto talk, but is again silenced by samrat, saying that he doesnt want any more discussions on this topic. urmi’s father asks him to speak clearly. samrat says that isnt requierd, very rudely. he goes over to gaurav, and tells him that if his sister is so good, she would get loads of better offers, and they should marry her to one of them. gaurav asks him to think before speaking about his sister. he evmnts out his frustration, whilesamrat resignedly listens. His mother tries to cover up for samrat. urmi’s father asks her ton tell whats bothering samrat so much, as its their right to know this.

Samrat’s mother says that it must be something that he cant say in front of everyone. gaurav says that sucharguements are baseless. gaurav says that they can behave so, as they samrat doesnt have a sister, and hence dont understand that they are tainting his character. urmi’s father asks him to be silent now. He goes over to samrat, to ask if urmi did anything, and they shall ask her to rectify it, and never repeat so again.Meanwhile, oblivious of all this, urmi’s family tries to be happy for urmi’s sake so that she doesnt doubt anything.In samrat’s residence, Urmi’s father apologises with folded hands, saying that they are sorry for whatever mistake was committed on their part. But samrat folds his hands instead, rudely of course, and says that he’s sorry to be unable to marry urmi. he leaves, with urmi’s bhabhi after him. ishaan too leaves, while all are tensed. Gaurav and urmi’s father are shocked. the screen freezes on samrat’s father’s tensed face..............Fun and festivities are on, while urmi’s family is tensed about samrat’s refusal to marry urmi. but they keep a smiling face, just to keep urmi, uninformed. anu gets urmi to dance, along with trisha.

Trish requests her todance also. all family people also ask urmni too. she finally agrees. She dances to the number, Sawaar Loon, with anu and others.