Thursday, 29 June 2017


The social media network giant Facebook says its ranks of monthly active users have hit the two billion mark -or more than a quarter of the world’s population.

“As of this morning, the Facebook community is now officially 2 billion people!” co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post on his Facebook page marking the milestone.

“We’re making progress connecting the world, and now let’s bring the world closer together,” he wrote. “It’s an honor to be on this journey with you.”

Naomi Gleit, a vice president at the internet giant, credited millions of small communities at Facebook for helping drive growth.
More than a billion people take part in “groups” at Facebook each month and more than 800 million people “like” something at the social network on an average day, she added.

Founded in 2004, Facebook hit the billion-user mark five years ago.
Meanwhile, the social network announced that it deleted about 66,000 posts a week in the last two months in an effort to crack down on what it deems to be hate speech.
The company said in a blog post that deleting posts can “feel like censorship”, but that it is working on explaining its process better and improving its enforcement of hate speech.

Facebook defines hate speech as attacks on people based on their race, sexual orientation and other “protected characteristics”.
As part of that effort, Facebook says it plans to hire an additional 3,000 people in the next year to review posts. That is on top of the 4,500 people it currently has reviewing posts.


13 years after creating so many memories and fun moments, the hit TV game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is off the air.

After 13 years on air, MTN has finally pulled the plug on one of Nigeria’s most beloved shows, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

The show had become as much a part of our culture as it was one of the best educational programmes on Nigerian TV.

Frank Edoho’s charming personality was the icing on the cake- he gave the show the soul and steam it fired on for 13 fantastic years.

See below:

Now the show has come to an end- or a “temporary break”, Nigerians are finding it hard to say goodbye. This thread is their tribute to Frank Edoho and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.


Reality TV star, Bisola Aiyeola who got featured on Terry Apala latest single ‘Bad Girl’ has something else under her sleeves.

The actress and singer is set to launch her YouTube channel on Friday, June 30, 2017.

The YouTube channel which will consist of Bisola funny and entertaining videos was revealed by her in a video posted on Instagram.

The First runner-up of the Big Brother Naija 2017 will be posting her first video on Youtube on Friday.
In a recent interview with Channels Television the ‘See Gobe’ star hinted that she is currently working on some projects among which are music and more acting.

“I have a few recordings I have been doing, but with music, I do not have any experience that much. I have a great team behind me and I am definitely going to record – let’s test the waters and see how far it would go.

So more music and more movies,” she had said.

It appears one of the projects is a YouTube channel.


Dadi and Rachna seeing Tanu going towards Abhi’s room. Rachna says she will stop her, but Dadi says she will stop her and asks Ronnie to stop her. Ronnie stops her. Dadi and Rachna smiles.

Tanu says she is going to be Abhi’s wife. Ronnie says Abhi stays with Pragya more and they look goodtogether. He says he is not interested to marry her. Tanu gets irked and goes. Pragya tells Purab that Aaliya has refused to tell the name of the third person. Purab says we shall target Tanu. Pragya says okay and thinks to find out from Tanu. Purab says he will go to office. Abhi asks Ronnie why you are standing outside room.

Ronnie says he was waiting for Pragya. Abhi asks if Tanu came here, I heard her voice. Ronnie says no and says he was talkingalone. Abhi asks him to tell truth.Ronnie tells that Tanu went towards there. He apologizes and says he stopped Tanu on Pragya’s orders.Abhi goes towards her. Tanu thinks Pragya might know her truth and planning to kick her out. She wonders what does she want. Abhi calls her. Tanu says this is a good chance. She acts and packs her stuff. Abhi comes and asks if she is going somewhere. Tanu says yes, andsays she is leaving the house. Abhi asks why? Tanu says you don’t care about me and don’t need me also. She blackmails him emotionally and says she was not permitted to meet him.

Abhi says he had slept in the morning and that’s why Pragya asked Ronnie to stop anyone to meet him. She says you are taking her side. She says I will go from here and will not tell anyone that the baby is yours, says it is all my mistake. Abhi says it is my mistake also. Tanucomes to the point and asks him to marry her. She sits and drinks water.Abhi says I have always supported the truth and the truth is I don’t love you, but there is one more truth that you are having my baby. I am ready to marry you, but don’t want to marry you keeping someone’s love in my heart. He asks her to give time so that he kills his feeings for Pragya and become hers.

Tanu says I can understand, but situation is getting worse. Abhi asks her to give 7 days to marry her. Tanu hugs him and says I will give you time. She apologizes for forcing him to marry and asks him to understand her helplessness. Abhi goes and thinks he is doing wrong. Pragya comes back home and looks at Abhi. She thinks why Abhi is looking at her this way. Abhi tells her that he doesn’t know what she feels for him, butasks her to keep far from him and end all her feelings for him.Pragya wonders what did Tanu do? Tanu thinks Abhi will marry her after 7 days and then she will help him get the property, orwill take him somewhere far.

She says Abhi is rockstar and will earn money. He will give that money to me and is happy. Pragya comes to her and says she saw Abhi going from there. Tanu says she shouldn’t tell Pragya about Abhi promising her to marry in 7 days. Tanu tells that Abhi haven’t met me, all thanks to you. She says he might be missing me and couldn’t meet because of you. Pragya says he will be frustated if he had met you. She says I came here to talk something else, and asks about the person who was helping Aaliya.

Tanu says I don’t know what you are saying? There is no one from within the family and nobody want to kill you. Pragya says I was talking about Paper fraud. Tanu is shocked. Pragya says I gave this offer to Aaliya also. She says I will not let you marry Abhi and asks her not to complain. Tanu asks if she is threatening her. Pragya promises that her name will not come in all this, and asks her to tell. She gives her a day’s time.Abhi thinks about promising Tanu and wonders what to do as he can’t be away from Pragya. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……………He recalls the moments with Pragya and gets sad.Tanu thinks about Pragya’s words and thinks if Pragya was really offering her a deal or trapping her. She thinks to talk to Raj and get solution. She calls Raj.

Mitali asks her to be away from her husband and accuses her for trapping her husband. Tanu says you shouldbe ashamed to talk this. Mitali says he is not here and I won’t let him meet you. Tanu says youshouldn’t have told me before and goes. Pragya comes to Dadiand tells that Aaliya haven’t told anything, but I went to try. She says my strength is strong and says I have given the same deal to Tanu. She says Tanu is not clever like Aaliya and she will meet that person. Dadi says whoever is that person wants tokill you and asks her to be careful, as Bulbul was murderedby them.

Pragya says I didn’t know about him last time, but now I won’t let them be in peace.Abhi taking Pragya’s stuff out ofroom. Pragya stops him and asks what he is doing? Abhi says I want to remove your memories, and says it gives me pain. He says time has come to do reality check and to take a right decision, and I have decided to remove you from all the places where I have kept you, even if it is my heart or home. Hamari Adhuri plays………….pragya looks on sadand thinks why he is doing these kind of talks.

He picks the fuggi toy and recalls the happenings. Abhi asks her not to keep her stuff in the room, else he will leave the room. Pragya gets teary eyes.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Aaliya says it is going to be 10 am and Pragya must have left by now. Tanu says I don’t think that she will leave without any drama.

Aaliya calls Mitali, asks her to go to Pragya’s room and if she is there, kick her out. She asks Tai ji to bring her special breakfast. Mitali sees Pragya coming down herself, and thinks her hands will not be pained. She asks where is your stuff? What did you think that I am your servant and says Aaliyasaid this. Pragya comes downstairs. Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya will cry and pleads for forgiveness. She says she will start her emotional drama. Tanu says she want to beat and kick her out. Aaliya says who have stopped you? Pragya goes past behind them and sits on sofa.

Aaliya asks how dare you to sit? And says you should have left by 10 am. She asks herto take her stuff and leave. Pragya says if I don’t leave then….Aaliya says she will kick her out of house and calls Raj, Akash, and Robin. Abhi thinks Dadi might hear Aaliya’s voice and thinks to stop her as she couldn’t bear it. Dadi asks what is happening? Abhi tells 24 hours are over and Aaliya is doing drama. Dadi asks him not to worry and says I will not leave Aaliya today. I will teach her a lesson and she will be punished. She asks Dasi and Abhi to come.Raj asks Aaliya why she is shouting? Aaliya says she asked Pragya to leave before 10am, and says if anyone goes against her then they have to bear her anger. She asks Raj to kick Pragya out of house. Pragya says nobody will move from their place. Aaliya says so you are ordering them. Pragya says I can give you order too, and says everyone will see who is the real boss? Aaliya says I am the boss. Pragya says one should forget the dream in the morning. Aaliya asks Raj and Taya ji to kick her out. Pragya says I get worried about think and says you might get mad because of your frustation. She says I know how you got your name written removing Abhi Mehra’s name.Pragya telling Aaliya that she knew that she has transferred property on her name with fraudmeans.

Aaliya asks do you haveany proofs and says you don’t have any proofs. Pragya says I knew that you are after your brother’s money and that’s why I kept those papers in shoe rack. She says I knew you wouldget your name written on the papers. Aaliya says you made a good story and asks about its climax. Aaliya says a movie can hit if the climax is good. Aaliya asks how will you proof that I have put my name and removedAbhi’s name. Pragya says I haveproofs and also witness. She says climax is not done yet. Sheasks Ronnie to call the lawyers. Aaliya gets shocked seeing the lawyers. Pragya asks why she isshocked and asks her to tell who are they? Aaliya says I don’t know who are they.

Pragya says it doesn’t matter asthey know you. She shows the original papers photo, Aaliya photos when she met Lawyers, when she told them to remove Abhi’s name and write her name. She says she has a videofootage of her when she had stolen the papers from shoe rack and also when she had explained her plan to the lawyers. She asks did you like the climax? Aaliya tears the photos and says your proofs have ended. Pragya says Purab have many copies. Aaliya asks you should have supported me. Purab says you have bad with my friend, and says I just hate you. You don’t deserve any relation.Aaliya blames Pragya for everything and says you have snatched my Purab and now myfamily, house and everything. She says what do you think that you will be saved? No…You will not be saved now. S

he tries to harm her, but Abhi comes and slaps her hard. He says it is waste to talk, explain or punish you as it will not have any affecton you. He says you are like thisfrom the beginning. He says it isin your habit to betray? You getshappy to snatch other’s rights. I have always forgiven you, but not anymore. You have lost the chance to be forgiven for last time. I will not break my relation with you, but I will never take your name from now onwards as you are dead for me. He apologizes to his dead parents and says he couldn’t make their daughter a good person. He says he couldn’t fulfill his responsibility, but will do other responsibility. He calls commissioner and asks him to send his team to his house. Aaliya looks angrily.

Police teamcomes, arrest Aaliya and take her away.Dadi and Abhi are sad. Abhi says one brother have failed today. He says it was my mistake for her bad upbringing. I used to be egoistic about her upbringing and says he should be punished for her crimes. He says his parents will feel bad when they come to know that hesent his younger sister to jail. Dadi asks him not to think like that, and says your parents were good and you are one like them, but Aaliya was different since morning. She says your parents would have done the same thing if they were alive. She says Aaliya needs to be punished, and says she might value love and family. Purab says Dadi is saying right, and says she has never valued your love. He says we should thank Pragya for bringing her truth out. Tanu and Raj looks angrily.Dadi and Rachna seeing Tanu going towards Abhi’s room.

Rachna says she will stop her, but Dadi says she will stop her and asks Ronnie to stop her. Ronnie stops her. Dadi and Rachna smiles. Tanu says she is going to be Abhi’s wife. Ronnie says Abhi stays with Pragya more and they look goodtogether. He says he is not interested to marry her. Tanu gets irked and goes. Pragya tells Purab that Aaliya has refused to tell the name of the third person. Purab says we shall target Tanu. Pragya says okay and thinks to find out from Tanu. Purab says he will go to office. Abhi asks Ronnie why you are standing outside room. Ronnie says he was waiting for Pragya. Abhi asks if Tanu came here, I heard her voice. Ronnie says no and says he was talkingalone. Abhi asks him to tell truth.Ronnie tells that Tanu went towards there. He apologizes and says he stopped Tanu on Pragya’s orders.

Abhi thanks Pragya for bringing out enemy infront of him. He says you have also done the same thing. He says my sister and wife have betrayed me. Pragya says you are thinking me wrong and says she just want to prove the truth. Abhi says he wants his fuggi to stay with him and asks her to transfer property on his name. Pragya gets emotional, but control herself. She says she has to find out about the personwho is behind the attack on her, and says she will search for Bulbul’s killer. Pragya says I willname property on your name then. She says the killer might be anyone and takes Tanu’s name. Tanu tries to fill Abhi’s ears and asks him to ask her why she haven’t told about Aaliya’s truth when Dadi fainted and got ill. Abhi asks her same question.

Pragya says she was waiting finger prints report, and says she thought Aaliya’s fingerprint will match with that found on the rope, but it doesn’t match. She says she wants to search for proof which will lead her to catch Vijay.


Aaliya says I will rule on this house, and says you all got the habit of becoming servants. Shesays Pragya made you cry for money, but I have decided to increment your salary. Abhi asks her to keep quiet else he will slap.

Aaliya asks him not to raise even eye brows infront of her as all powers are with her, else she might do anything in anger. Dadi asks what you are saying? Aaliya says did he think about me? What special did he do for me? He just got me educated and taken care of me, infact mom and dad would have done this if they were alive.Aaliya blaming Abhi for insultingher and treating Bulbul as his own sister and getting her married to Purab. But as destinyhad she is no more now. Daasi also tries to tell Aaliya that Pragya can behave like that but u being Abhi’s sister cant behave like this.Daadi also tells that Aaliya is in the house because she recommended to Abhi last time to excuse her else she would have been out of house. And now she is behaving like this.Aaliya says now her first order is that Pragya should leave house in 30 mins and asks Tanuto take responsibility to send Pragya in 30 mins.Pragya goes n packs her suitcase n takes along Fuggy doll n a picture of Abhi n thinks that she wants to see Abhi’s longing for her before she leaves.Mithali thinks that Pragya was only torturing them little, Aaliya will become a burden on all theirhead. Meantime, Akash n Rachna think how to stop Pragya from leaving n that Aaliya wont listen to anyone. They call Purab n inform him all that is happening in MM n ask him to come n stop Aaliya as only he can control her.

Pragya comes down with suitcase n before she can leave,Aaliya asks Tanu to check her suitcase for any valuables. Tanupulls out Fuggy doll n taunts Pragya. Pragya warns her to putthat down. Abhi who was looking away till then, is surprised to see Pragya taking along Fuggy doll.Tanu then takes out Abhi’s picture n tells Pragya there is noneed for her to take it with her. She throws the frame in fron of Abhi, Abhi is now more surprised n thinks why is she taking his picture. There is a long eye lock n Hamari Adhuri Kahaani plays. Both Abhi n Pragya recollect past events starting from their marriage n cry.Daadi think if Pragya leaves house now, the whole family, house and Abhi-Pragya relation everything will be spoiled.Purab tries to take a shortcut but the road is blocked, so he is delayed n thinks has to take a longer route now.Pragya packs her suitcase n leaves, when Daadi calls out Pragya n falls doen. Everyone is tensed, Pragya stops and comes back, but stops seeing Aaliya in her way. Seeing Daadi’s situation, Abhi folds hands n requests Aaliya to allowPragya in n he will do anything that she will order him later.

Aaliya does not heed, but Tanu says that they should allow Pragya for daadi’s sake.One point I missed, Aaliya says she is giving concession n not permission n that Pragya can stay only one day, till next day 10 AM, after which she doesnt want to see her in MM.Dadi saying thanks to Abhi for stopping Pragya from leaving the house. Akash says you doesn’t know what Abhi did to stop her. Dadi asks what? Abhi says let it be and asks why did she want to stop her. Dadi says when Pragya was leaving, she saw old Pragya in her and got emotional. Abhi asks her to takerest and sleep and asks Akash and Rachna to take care of her. Pragya looks at Dadi from outside the house.

Aaliya appreciates herself and says she can do anything now, she was hopeless two days before, but now can do anything. She says this feeling is awesome and she has become queen of the world. Shesays I will insult Abhi more and more daily after Pragya leaves the house. Raj comes to meet Aaliya. Tanu stops him. Aaliya asks her to let him come, and says afterall he is also a team member. Raj comes and asks he wants to know what was happening downstairs. Aaliya says she don’t want to repeat her words and says she told clearly that she is the owner of everything. Raj reminds of her words that they are team and says whatever money you got shall be distributed among us. Aaliya says she has planned everything and did all the hardwork, and asks why shall she distribute the money to them. Raj says I should have thought that you can cheat me. Aaliya asks him to go to Dadi’s room and cry. Raj asks her to celebrate for now and says I know your weakness, when you will be caught then you will come to me. Aaliya says I was just joking and asks how can I betray you.

You both are my team members, lets celebrate.Purab comes to Dadi and asks ifshe is fine? Dasi says Aaliya was kicking Pragya out of house, but seeing her going Dadi got unwell. She says Abhi pleaded infront of Aaliya and took her permission to let Pragya stay for a day. Rachna feels bad for Abhi. Dasi says even Pragya didn’t insulted Abhilike this, the way Aaliya hurt him. Purab asks Dasi, if she knows the truth. Dasi says no. Purab asks Rachna about Abhi, and thinks to talk to Aaliya to make her realize her mistake. Dadi wonders where will Pragyastay after she leaves the house, and also worries for Abhi. Abhi recalls the insult meted to him by Aaliya and gets teary eyes. Pragya happens to see him crying. Ya Rabba plays………….Abhi looks at her and wipes her tears. He says I don’t want to talk to anyone andasks her to go. Tanu asks Aaliyato get her married to Abhi after kicking Pragya out. Aaliya is thinking something. Tanu asks her to reply. Aaliya says we haven’t thought about Nikhil’s reaction after knowing that everything is transferred on my name.

She says Nikhil will ask you to marry him. Tanu says she don’t want to marry him andasks her to do something. Aaliya asks if Abhi leaves the house, will you also go with him.Tanu says why he will do this? Aaliya says Abhi will not tolerateher behavior and will leave the house. Tanu says yes and asks what shall I do.Purab calls Aaliya. Tanu asks her to handle Purab and goes. Purab enters her room. Aaliya says I am happy to see you and glad to see you moved on. Purab says I am not at all happyto see you and asks her not to consider him as her friend. Aaliya asks why he is over reacting and tells about her revenge. Purab asks why she is taking revenge and why she is destroying her good family, and getting everyone against her. Purab asks her to stop else everything will be ruined. Aaliya says Abhi had ended relation with me, and asks him not to interfere in their matter. Purab tries to make her understand her mistake.

Aaliya says she is not doing wrong. Aaliya thinks she is doing this for both of them and says her life’s biggest mistake is loving him. Tanu comes and says you will lose Purab. Aaliya says she will plan to get him and asks him to wait and see.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Abhi thinks why am I feeling strange as if someone is in trouble. Pragya comes near the place and asks a person. He says he saw the girl going near the cliff with bandage over her face. Pragya cries and shouts. She asks her not to take wrong step and asks her to come back.Bulbul jumps from the cliff leaving her dupatta. Purab and Sarla comes there. He looks at the dupatta and says it is of Bulbul. He asks where is she? Pragya says I was talking to her.She didn’t listen to me and jumped from there. Purab and Sarla are shocked. Purab shouts asking her to come and cries. He says he won’t let anything happen to her. Pragya tells Sarla that Bulbul left them and will never return. Sarla saysyou should be happy and asks why she is crying.Sarla blaming Pragya for Bulbul’s death and says you was jealous of her and that’s why you let her jump to death before we came here. She says you are not a good sister, nor a daughter, and curses her. She says I will snatch your identity, and says I have taken care of you both after your father’s dead. She says you are now Pragya only and says Arora surname doesn’t belong to her anymore. Pragya is shocked and cries. She recalls Bulbul jumping in the valley and cries. She recalls Sarla blaming and accusing her, and curses the day when she was born. Sarla cries looking at Bulbul’s photo and says my heart says that youhave hidden somewhere and will return for sure. She asks herto return and apply ointment on her face and says she will get cold. Janki says Bulbul is dead. Dadi cries. Abhi comes to her. Dadi hugs her and cries. Aaliya and Tanu are talking about fashion.Raj comes and informs them that Bulbul had jumped from thecliff and died. Aaliya is shocked.Tanu says you should be happy as it is a good news for you. Shesays your problem is out from your life now. Aaliya says I don’tknow it will happen. Tanu says Bulbul is gone and no one will blame you.

Aaliya says Bulbul isdead and says I am so happy. She takes the champagne and says she will celebrate this day every year. Tanu says you got your life back. Raj says if something ends then somethingstarts too, and it is nature’s call.Purab cries seeing Bulbul’s photo and asks why she has done this with him. He tells about the promises and asks why did she break promise and left him alone. He says I will not forgive you and cries.Ronnie asks Pragya to open the door. Abhi asks what happened? Dadi says Pragya is locked inside and crying. Abhi says she must be acting. Dadi says Bulbul was her sister and is in pain because of her death. Dasi says Dadi is saying right and says we couldn’t feel her pain. Dadi says one should support others in painful times. Dadi says she might rectify her mistake and get better. Abhi says she is acting and says he will prove her truth infront of all.He goes inside the room and sees her crying still. He asks what you are doing? Stop doing the drama and says everyone knows how much you love Bulbul. Pragya stands up. Abhi asks why she is acting when nobody is here. Pragya asks him to leave her alone. Abhi says everything is thinking that you are affected by your sister’sdead, but I know that you are feelingless and doesn’t care about anyone. Pragya asks him to leave alone. Abhi asks if you want my sympathy, and says you are acting as I am emotional. He says I could understand the truth and acting.Pragya refuses to go anywhere and asks him to understand her.She says she doesn’t care about anyone’s thinking, and blames herself for Bulbul’s death. She cries.Pragya says I saw her jumping from the cliff and dying infront of her. She says Bulbul was born infront of her, and she saw her dying. She says Bulbul died because of me. I have snatched her life, and says nobody understands my pain. I am all alone now, and says nobody can stop her from crying at her sister’s death. De De Koi Jaan Bhi agar…Rabba song plays……Pragya says I don’t have any answer for your question and cries. She hugs Abhi and cries.Abhi realizes that her tears are genuine and hugs her feeling her pain. Purab asks Police to search the area properly.

Police team tells that they couldn’t findher. Sarla says she must have been hidden somewhere and asks to search properly. Purab says they are trying? Sarla cries and asks Purab to ask them to search properly and bring Bulbul back home. Janki asks her to come inside. Sarla cries. Police Inspector tells that there is no chance of survival. Purab asks about body. Inspector says may be some animal have eaten her body. Purab feels pain.Rachna comes to meet Pragya. Pragya hugs her and cries. Tanu wonders why Pragya is crying and says if she is acting or genuinely crying. Aaliya says I think she was acting before and was with her sister. They were after bhai’s money and now she doesn’t know what to do to get money alone. She smiles. Pragya cries miserably.Tanu telling that Purab is alone and if we take care of him then he will be dependent on us. Aaliya asks Purab to open the door. Purab says he needs to bealone and don’t open the door. Tanu asks Aaliya to give some time to Purab and come again later. Purab cries asking Bulbul to return for once, and says he will do as she says. He cries badly and says I haven’t learnt how to stay without you. He asks what is in my life now. Later he gets Bulbul’s letter and thinks it is the reason for his survival now. He comes to Dadi.Dadi says Pragya has lost her sister and says she must not have strength to do this anymore. She says she doesn’t want to do, but I forced her for my grand son. I didn’t know thatPragya have to lost her sister and sacrifice her. She says I can’t ask her anymore. Purab says I will talk to her, and says I can’t see everything ruined infront of my eyes.Pragya is crying and looking at Bulbul’s photo. Purab comes to her and says Bulbul might be happy whereever she is. Pragya says you have also weaken aftershe left, and says she is also weaken and lost strength. She says she can’t act anymore and there is no reason to smile. Purab asks her not to give reason to Bulbul to cry, and says you have to punish Bulbul’s criminals. He says I willfulfill her last wish anyhow. Pragya says last wish. Purab gives her letter. Pragya reads that….Bulbul wants them to be strong even after she dies, and says I will be burden on you if I am alive, I want you to win and asks her to promise not to weaken, take revenge from the persons who tried to kill her andkilled her. I will be happy if you are happy…Purab says that Bulbul gave strength to them while leaving. Pragya says she needs to catch her killer. Purab says if we catch one, then we will catch all. He says until when you will cry, and says we have to do something. He says Iwon’t be at peace and will not let the criminals stay in peace. Pragya says I have a reason to live now, and says she will take revenge for Bulbul’s death. Purab asks her to promise. Pragya promises that our enemies will be right infront of us, and says it is justice time forBulbul.Akash comes back. Raj asks if the work is done in hyderabad. Akash says yes, and says they heard about Bulbul and rushed back. Tai ji asks him to stay withthem. Rachna asks about Pragya. Tai ji says she has changed a lot and she is not old Pragya. Abhi asks them to have food. Aaliya says it is a nonsense talk. Pragya comes downstairs. Tanu whispers in Aaliya’s ears that Pragya was crying and now she is here. Pragya says she wants finger prints of everyone. She says I am sure that the killer is among the family member, and says she will take revenge. She asks Ronnie to take everyone’s fingerprints and if anyone refuses then tell her. Dadi thinks what happened which forced Pragya to come in her avatar, and she islooking very strict.Pragya cries seeing Bulbul’s photo and says I promise that I will find the guilty and will punish him.

Abhi comes and asks what she is doing? Pragya says I was searching the personwho tried to kill me, and now searching my sister’s killer. Abhi says Bulbul is related to me also, and says you have sidelined me and doing the investigation alone. Pragya saysthe killer is your family member, and I don’t want you to be emotional. I am very practical and don’t want the killer to go. Abhi says he is realistic. Pragya says I have to find the killer alone and asks him to excuse her........Aaliya says I thought she will take 10 days to be normal, but she has become normal. Tanu gets worried. Aaliya says she has given fingerprints after keeping fingers in oil. Tanu saysAbhi said that he will punish the killer, and gets worried. Aaliya wonders what is the proof, and asks her to keep Abhi busy when Pragya leaves for forensiclab. She says she will search proof in Pragya’s room.Rachna tells Akash that she sawPragya going towards that side of house. Akash asks if she is sure. Pragya tells Dadi that she has to fulfill Bulbul’s last wish. Dadi asks if you can reach the killers. Pragya says Aaliya and Tanu will do some mistake and will be caught. She says it is difficult to catch Vijay and that’swhy she made this plan. Rachnaand Akash come there. Pragya and Dadi are shocked. Rachna says Bulbul told them about their plan. Akash says we will help you. Pragya asks them not to risk their life. Rachna says this life is given by you and saysthey want to do something for Bulbul. She says we also want to fulfill Bulbul’s last wish. Aaliya comes to Pragya’s room to find the proofs. Dadi comes there and calls Abhi. Aaliya hides.Aaliya thinks she has 30 mins tosearch the proofs, till Tanu keeps Abhi busy. Just then Dadicomes and calls Abhi. Aaliya hides in the changing room.

Dadi calls Abhi. Aaliya gets Power of Attorney papers, and gets happy. She says Pragya will become powerless and thinks to kick her out of house.Janki informs Purabh that she is fed up after consoling Sarla after Bulbul's death. She also concerned and is equally sad about Bulbul’s death, and that she is their servant but loved her a lot and nobody is thinking about her. Then she asks Purabh to take take care of Sarla and Beeji saying that she has no relationship with the family and leaves. Later, Purabhinforms Sarla that Bulbul came to him in his dream, and told him that her mother is not eating food and not keeping well. She said she will not come in his dreams, if she don’t eat food. He asks if she don't want her to go away from his dreams.He asks her to agree and have food. Sarla says she will eat food, as she don’t want her to go far from his dreams. He makes her eat food.Aaliya comes to meet her friend and says she came to take her help. Her friend asks what? Aaliya requests her for her lawyer’s help, as there is some technical issues with the papers. Her friend says she have her brother’s lawyers.

Aaliya says she don’t want to take his help. Her friend says if she refuse to help her then…..Aaliya reminds her that she had helped her with the promotion of her company, and convinced Abhi. Her friend agrees to help her with the lawyers. Aaliya invites her for party which is after 2 days.Pragya comes to the room. Abhicomes and says he wants to know about the person who tried to kill her, and that he is restless and wants to know and asks her to take him in her plan of finding the convict of her sister's suicide. Pragya asks him to wait that the results would soon be declared and theguilty will be caught and punished. Abhi asks why did she announced today and says it will be risky for her life. Pragya says she won’t hide that person’s name when the reportscome. Pammi and Mitali talk with Akash and Rachna’s baby. Mitali says she is his aunt. Pragya comes downstairs and tells everyone that the finger prints report will come at 10 pm and asks everyone to gather there, else they will be punished.

Tanu thinks where Aaliya is, she is missing since night and don’t know if she got anything from Pragya’s room or not.Shortly, Aaliya reaches home and asks everyone not to follow Pragya’s orders. Pragya says she is the boss of the house. Aaliya confronts Pragya that she is the owner of the house. Everyone is shocked. Pragya says she has no time for waste people. Aaliya says she is the unwanted person in the house, and shows Pragya with the property papers and claims that all of Pragya's property is now hers. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya asks if she wants her specs andasks Ronnie to bring her specs. She says she will look good in old specs, and shows the POA papers. She says Pragya has named her everything on her name. She says everything is her now, her money, property, house, bank balance and everything is hers. She asks Pragya to accept it fast and she will order her now. She adds that she have to say “yes boss”.Pragya is shocked.Abhi asks what she is doing? Hesays a big accident have happened in the house. Aaliya says she is the owner of the house and she has to leave. Abhi says that POA papers is with him. Aaliya shows the papers and says it is written clearly that everything is hers now. Abhi goes to get the papers. Aaliya says Pragya’s signatures and these papers arereal, and everything will happen according to her will. Abhi gets the fake papers which Pragya kept in the bed. Tanu asks Aaliya how did she get the papers, and says Abhi’s name was written in the papers. Aaliyasays she got her name written on the papers. Tanu asks why did she take a big step without informing her. Aaliya asks her not to mess with her else she will expose her. Tanu thinks to stay silent and see the drama. Abhi brings the papers. Aaliya says it is all waste.Abhi wonders how is this possible? Aaliya tells him not to waste time, and shows him the papers. Abhi says this is the same papers on which she took Pragya’s signature, but his name was written on it. He asks if she steal the papers from his room. Aaliya says there is one answer to his question and that everything belongs to her now. Abhi asks what did she mean? Aaliya asks Pragya to explain to Abhi. Abhi asks her to talk clearly. Aaliya says history is repeating itself, and Pragya claimed that the house and property is hers few months back, and now she is informing him that everything is her. She will not do anything with him like Pragya did and will increasehis salary. Abhi shouts? Aaliya asks him not to dare?Aaliya says she will rule on the house, and they all got the habit of becoming servants. She saysPragya made him cry for money,but she have decided to increase his salary. Abhi asks her to keep quiet else he will slap her. Aaliya asks him not to raise even his eye brows in frontof her as all powers are with her,else she might do anything in anger. Daadi asks what is she saying? Aaliya asks if he think about her? What special did he do for her? He just got her educated and taken care of her, infact their parents would have done this if they were alive.


Janki and Sarla are worried for Bulbul. Janki says we shall take her home and she will be fine. She says don’t know what is written in her destiny, and says accident happens always with her. Sarla says she used to talk then, but now. Janki promises Bulbul that she will make her favorite food and make her eat with her hand. Sarla cries hearing her.Abhi and Pragya are in the car and argue. Pragya tells him that she brought Ronnie with them. Abhi asks him to get down the car.

Pragya says it is better if we take him along with us. Abhi refuses. Pragya gets down the car. Ronnie tells Abhi that Pragya is thinking about his betterment and convinces him. Abhi asks her to sit in the car and talks about team spirit. Ronnie asks her to sit in the car.Tanu and Aaliya come to the place where Vijay stays. Tanu thinks it is dirty place and how can he stay there. Aaliya tries toenquire with someone about Vijay, but he flirts with her. Tanucalls a man thinking he is Vijay. The man starts flirting with her and holds her hand. Tanu gets shocked and calls Aaliya. Aaliyacomes to her rescue and asks the man, how dare he to touch her friend.Abhi, Pragya and Ronnie come to the place. Pragya says we have seen some wrong place, and says we have called him near the other shop. Abhi asks ifthat shop is hers. Ronnie takes Pragya’s side. Pragya asks him to come where she is taking him, and asks him not to argue as they are working as a team. Abhi says he is helpless. Pragyasays she will solve the problem.Abhi says I was joking and asks her to come.

Ronnie says road is blocked there and goes to see. Pragya also goes with him asking Abhi to stay there.Taaliya talks with each other how to stop vijay or abhi to meeting then aaliya says she have an idea and they both moves from there. Abhi, pragya and Ronnie trio reaches some place where they calls vijay. Pragya asks abhi about the place that why he has chosen it? Abhi says the speciality of the place is that it has only one entrance and one exit so noone could run from here easily. Pragya asks how do u know about this place so well like u have a relationship with this place of previous birth. Abhi says not previous but this birth becoz from a little distance of this place, I had started my carrier. Pragya cracks joke and says that’s why nobody could run from ur concert. Ronnie laughs. Abhi says not to crack jokes otherwise I will send u both in a place from where no one could find u. Ronnie says if this will happened with u then what’s ur place for hiding. Abhi scolds him. Abhi says pragya and ronnie to hide on some place. Pragya denies and says we r a team so why I hide.

Abhi says u r not a teem but a dry neem, now go and hide , before it someone take u. Pragya says why don’t u say that u r worried for me? Ronnie laughs. Abhi says yes I m worried for u becozonly I have right to torched u and if that vijay will come and take u with him and torched u then I will not like it. Pragta getsirked and goes to hide. Abhi thinks to call aaliya to asks if vijay changed his meeting placeor not? Abhi calls aaliya but she didn’t pick it. Abhi thinks may b she will b busy. Pragya hides at some place and watches abhi, she thinks it’s gud that he is with her, now he will catch that culprit by own self otherwise he never believes on me if I says. She thinks why vijay has not came? Then she rwminces flashback scene, where abhi says to aaliya to call abhi. Then he thinks May b aaliya stopped him? Aaliya and tanu comes there and watches them hidingly. Aaliya says tanu to go and she herself wears burkha. Aaliya comes to distract abhigya. Abhi sees her but couldn’t recognize her. He thinks who is this lady, her life could b in danger in this place, becoz vijay could use her to run.Abhi comes out and asks her who r u? Pragya also comes outthen abhi gets angry and says that why u came out? Pragya says I came to see that what r u doing? Then pragya goes to near abhi and says may b vijay came in burkha. Abhi says her height didn’t match with vijay and she wear ladies sleepers. It can’t b vijay. Pragya tries to open her Gurkha to see her facebut abhi stops her and says to burkha lady ( aaliya) to go becozit could b danderouse for her to stay here. Aaliya moves from there but hides from some distance. Abhi says pragya to hide. After sometimes vijay comes. Pragya sees her and thinks it means aaliya is not involved with him this time. Abhiand ronnie comes out and surrounds vijay. Abhi says u attacked on my family, two times attacked on pragya and inthis u harmed bulbul so I will send u in that same situation which u did with bulbul. Vijay says u made very gud plan but to catch me u have chosen to take help of a rat. He says ronnie- a rat. Pragya comes out.

Abhi gets angry and shouts on her and says why u came out when u stopped u.Pragya says I came to increase team’s strength becoz he was threatening both of u alone. Now we all three will handle it. Pragya warns vijay not to run becoz he is surrounded by their peoples. Abhi asks him to tell the name of that person who hired him to kill pragya. Aaliya falls some things to distract them. Vijay takes advantage of it and runs after pushing ronnie.Abhi throw a stick on his legs tohit him and stop him but vijay runs from there. Abhi says Ronnie to catch him from behind and says to pragya to come with him. Vijay hides in some place. Prafya comes thereto SSE him. Vijay comes behind and closee her mouth from his hand so she couldn’t call abhi. Vijay pushes her and tries to runfrom there.

Abhi gets a call. Aaliya calls him from a p.c.o. and says that she is a nurse of nirmala devi hospital and she is calling to inform that bulbul is critical. Abhi gets shocked and worried. Vijay runs from behind him. Pragya tries to run behind him to catch him but abhi stops her and says bulbul is critical. Ronnie comes and says vijay runs from the truck. Abhi, pragya and ronnie goes to the car to reach hospital but car does not start due to some problem. Pragya says to abhi to call purab to ask about bulbul and she says to ronnie to bring taxi. Abhi calls purab and asks about bulbul and says that a callgas came from hospital to inform them that bulbul is critical. Purab says that I was with bulbul since long and bulbul is stable and fine. Purab asks him if they caught vihay. Abhi says we were about to catch him but becoz of this call they couldn’t. Abhi says we r coming to the hospital and u take care of bulbul. Abhi says topragya that bulbul is fine and somebody have given them wrong information. She saya it means somebody knew that where we r and what was we about to do. He says u were righ, it means something from family is involved with vijay. Taaliya comes to the hospital tosee bulbul. Tanu says what condition purab made own self. Aaliya says to purab that go andfresh and we r with bulbul. Purab denies but aaliya convinces him. Purab says to bulbul that he cones in two minutes after being fresh up and says to aaliya to take care of bulbul.

Taaliya tries to depressed bulbul by saying this that if Bulbul’s face will not remain like before then purab will not love her. Taaliya leaves from there. Abhigya reaches at home and begins to search for that person who could involve with vihay. They goes in that room where Chandelier’s joint was burnt. Aaliya comes also there and hides and tries to listen them. Pragya sees a lighter. Abhi says to not touch it becoz they could find fingerprints of that person’s on it. Abhi promises with pragya amd says i will jot leave that person becoz of who us responaible for bulbul’s this badcondition. Other side, purab comes back and sees bulbul trues to take something from the table. Purab stops her and asks what she needs. Bulbul indicates that she wants to talk something. Purab gives him letter pad. Bulbul writes that how much u love me. Purab says that u r my life and if something happens to u then I will die. Bulbul again writes that of my face will not remain like before then u will miss me? Purab says I loved the fwelings of ur touch not with ur face, yes i will mis ur smile and all that but then also i will love u. Purab says not to asks this tupe questions again. Next scene, pragya pulls abhi in the room. Abhi shouts on her and scolds her and asks her why she brought him here when he was going to ask about the accident from everyone.

Pragya says thatnobody will confess ownself if he or she will b the culprit. Pragya says if that person gets to know about lighter then he could harm u. Abhi says not to show fake concern for him becoz he knows that she only cares for money and hevis her money bank. Pragya makes excuse and says I m worried for me, not for u becoz I m also lives with u in this room and that person’s target was me so that person could kill me. Abhi asks then how they will take everybody’s fingerprints, without telling to match from that fingerprints which is on lighter. Pragya says u don’t worry I will take fingerprints of everybody without telling them and then we will match that fingerprints and then we will getour culprit.Abhi misunderstanding Pragya and thinks he was right about her. Aaliya tells Tanu that Abhi got the lighter with which she burned the rope and he sent it for forensic lab.

Tanu asks her to do something so that finger prints doesn’t come on it. Sarla cries and gets emotional. Bulbultries to look at her face. Pragya recalls Bulbul saving her and recalls Abhi’s words that he prays to God to keep him away from her. She thinks Abhi’s hatredness might increase and Bulbul’s is in this condition because of me. Abhi thinks whocan fall to this level and who tried to kill her. He recalls the recent happenings, and says someone has planned big and wonders who could be. Pragya prays to God and asks why did you do this with Bulbul and askshim to make everything fine.Purab comes to hospital and thinks he has worn Bulbul’s favorite shirt.

Someone gives him a letter. Purab is shocked toread Bulbul’s letter that reads that she is going far from his life, as she can’t see his life getting spoiled. She adds that he might adjust with her, as he loves her, and she also loves him but she is not at all suitable for him now. Purab runs to wardand cries. He calls Pragya and tells her everything. Pragya is shocked and asks him to calm down. She says I am coming there, and will do something. Purab cries miserably asking her to return. Sarla comes and sees Purab crying. She asks where is Bulbul? He handover the letter to her. She reads and is in shock. Pragya is leaving from home. Abhi asks where she is going in a hurry. Pragya says she will tell after coming home and leaves.Bulbul is in auto and calls Pragya up. Pragya asks what is this stupidity. She recalls Bulbulcan’t talk, as her vocal cords arecut. She asks her to message her. They chat via sms. Pragya writes that she is doing wrong and asks her to message where she is? Pragya then calls Purabh and asks if there is some special place where they used to meet. Purab tells Pragya about the café and the garden behind the temple. Sarla takes the call and tells Pragya tobring Bulbul back safely. Pragyapromises to bring her safely. Sarla asks Purabh why did Bulbul message Pragya. Purabhsays he will tell her later and asks her to come. Pragya gets down the car seeing the traffic jam and requests everyone to make a way as people are fighting. Sarla and Purabh are also going there in a car. She asks Purabh to drive the car fast.Abhi thinks why is he feeling strange as if someone is in trouble. Pragya comes near the place and asks a person who told her that he had seen a girl with a bandage over her head going towards the cliff. Pragya shouts crying. She asks her not to take any wrong step and asksher to come back. Bulbul doesn't listen and jumps off the cliff leaving her dupatta. Purabhand Sarla comes there. He looksat the dupatta and says that it was Bulbul and asks where she is? Pragya replies that she was talking to her and stopping her but she didn’t listen to her and jumped off the cliff. Purabh and Sarla are shocked. Purabh shouts taking her name asking her to come back and cries. He says he won’t let anything happen to her. Pragya tells her mother that Bulbul left them andwill never come back. Sarla says she should be happy and asks why she is crying.


Abhi thinks I don’t want to see her face, and says he can’t bear her. Pragya is still in fuggi’s dress and sees him standin outside door. She thinks I will tell all truth to you. Just then Payal informs Abhi that Tanu fainted in Aaliya’s room.

Abhi rushes to her and asks what happened? Tanu says she is feeling weak since few days. Tanu emotionally blackmails him and asks if you got Pragya’s signatures on the papers. Abhi asks her to see Bulbul’s condition. Tanu says she wants to marry him, and says she think about his happiness day and night. She says I am bearing your child andhave done many sacrifices for you, but what you have done for me. She asks him to book a ward in the hospital for her. Pragya hears them. Abhi says I will get my everything back fromPragya once Bulbul gets fine. Tanu says when she don’t have any property or anything, then she might come in old avatar and trap you. Abhi says he will not come in her words. Tanu asks him to announce their marriage.

Abhi agrees to marry her once Bulbul gets fine.Dadi asks Pragya what she is doing? Pragya says she can’t bear his hatredness. Dadi gets angry on her. Pragya says she can’t see Bulbul’s condition andnow Abhi’s hatredness. She says Abhi thinks that she wants to save money and don’t want to spend on Bulbul’s money. She says I can’t bear his anger, and says you also don’t understand me.Pragya crying and tells Dadi thatat one side, Bulbul is in hospital and at the other, Abhi is hating her and thinks her wrong. She tells Dadi that she also don’t understand her pain. Dadi wipesher tears and says who told you that I couldn’t understand your pain, and says Abhi doesn’t hateyou, but your new avatar. She says time has not come to reveal the truth and says Abhi will be trapped in the whirl if shereveals the truth now before their motive gets successful.

She says your Abhi will love youimmensely once he comes to know about the truth. Pragya promises to come to her, and says I fell weak. Dadi asks her not to leave her love strength and says Abhi is yours and will always be yours. Pragya says she want to meet Bulbul and see her once. She says Sarla would be there, and feel bad seeing her. Dadi says she will do something to make her meet Bulbul.Abhi thinks Tanu pressurizing him for marriage. He recalls promising her to marry once Bulbul gets fine. Manzilein songplays. Pragya sees him holding fuggi’s specs and hides before he could see her.

Hamari AdhuriKahani plays………..Pragya is stillsad, but thinks to be emotionallystrong. Pragya comes to room. Abhi sees her in fuggi’s dress and is surprised. Purab is with Bulbul in the hospital. He calls Dadi and tells her that Bulbul might gain consciousness in sometime, and asks if she talked to Pragya. Dadi says she wanted to tell truth to abhi, but he told her about his hatredness, so she step back. He asks her to take care of Pragya. Dadi asks him to take care of Bulbul. Sarla comes and tells Purab that he brought nice flowers. Pragya comes out in her usual night gown. Abhi askswhat she was worn just now.

Pragya refuses to talk to him. Abhi says I do forget that the dead people won’t return. Pragya cries on the bed. HamariAdhuri plays……..abhi gets teary eyes.Tanu knocks on Aaliya’s door. Aaliya opens the door. Tanu says she has seen a bad dream that Bulbul got fine. Aaliya says really and asks didn’t you see dream that Abhi kicked you out after knowing about your and Nikhil’s truth. Tanu asks what will happen if Bulbul tells your name or Vijay’s name. Aaliya asks her to read negativity book and says Bulbul can’t speak now as her vocal cords are damaged. Tanu says we have made plans before also, and failed. She says Pragya won. Aaliya sees Mitali standing and asks what she is doing? Mitali asks them to take her also in their plan. Aaliya says she want to tell Raj that Mitali is the one who took his sign and sent him to jail. Mitali gets shocked and says she didn’t hear anything. Tanu and Aaliya smirks. Pragya asks ronnie to take care of Bulbul and be there. Ronnie promises her. Dadi asks Pragya to meet Bulbul. Abhi comes and says she has refused to pay the bill. Abhi asks her to answer him first. Pragya asks him to talk at home. He gets a call.

Tanu tells Aaliya that they shall go to hospital and see Bulbul. Aaliya says she don’t want to goand tells about her appointment in Salon. Tanu says she has a strong feeling that something wrong is going to happen. Dasi comes and asks what they are talking about? Aaliya tells they are sad about Bulbul. Dasi asks if they are going to hospital. Aaliya says no as she can’t see her condition. Mitali comes holding the newspaper and saysit is written that dreams are coming true. She reads the news. Tanu gets tensed. Aaliya tells that they are going to hospital. Dasi asks them to takesome stuff. Mitali laughs.Pragya comes to bulbul and says you would have thought about Purab and Sarla before saving me and getting injured instead. She says I got you married to make everything fine in your life and promises not to let anything happen in her life again. She asks her to wake up and says she can’t see her in this condition. Sarla comes to the ward and sees Pragya crying holding her hand. She asks what she is doing here.Sarla coming to the ward and asks Pragya why she came here, and asks her not to spend a single penny on Bulbul as it won’t be profitable for her. Purab says please, and asks herto give something to Bulbul. Sarla asks him to give himself. Everyone gather in the ward. Doctor asks them to go as the patient can go in shock seeing everyone.

Dadi asks Sarla to go,but she refuses. They see Bulbul gaining consiousness and call the doctor. Abhi calls the doctor. Purab tells Doctor that Bulbul want to say something. Doctor asks him to give writing pad. Bulbul writes something. Purab takes the writing pad and reads it that the chandelier is about to fall on Pragya, but she saved her and got injured. He reads that someone wanted to kill Pragya in the reception. Abhi asks did you see that person’s face. Bulbul writes that she haven’t seen his face, but saw him burning the rope which made the chandelier fall on Pragya. Abhi says I will not leave that person. Purab swears not to leave that person.Abhi says it is your right to punish that guy. Tanu asks Aaliya why don’t she think of theresult before taking any action. Aaliya asks her to shut up. Tanusays Abhi will find the person and then asks Purab to punish him. She says your Purab will punish you. Aaliya asks her to stop taking negative. Tanu asks her not to take her name if she gets caught. Aaliya says you arereally selfish, and says they need to keep eyes on Abhi for now.Dadi and Purab are sitting beside Bulbul. Dadi feels bad. Purab says she might have thought to inform us, but before she could reach us, she got injured. He thinks how to catch the man. Doctor checks Bulbul and says she will recover soon, the more she sleep, the more she will recover. Purab asks Bulbul to recover fast. Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Abhi says we should keep our differences at side and find the person who tried to harm her. He says he can’t bear anyone hurting his family. He says you are clever and that’s why you are on this mission. Pragya says we shall start with beginning. They comehome. Pragya asks Ronnie to get details of all the persons in the party. Ronnie says okay.Pragya says may be the person is a family member. She says that decorator can’t come alone in this house, and says someone might be helping him. Abhi gets angry. Pragya says we should do the investigation, and find the culprit. Abhi says he will do the enquiry. Pragya asks him to hurry up. She thinksmay be Aaliya is helping her, and thinks she might be the onewho want to see her dead. Abhi tells his family that he will not leave the person who tried to killPragya. He asks his family if they are behind the conspiracy then he will not leave that person. Ronnie comes to Pragya and tells the caterer wasadmitted in the hospital after someone had beaten him harshly. He says decorator Vijaycame to their house as caterer. Abhi says he will not leave him.Tanu gets worried. Aaliya is angry at Vijay for beating the caterer. Tanu says we shall inform Vijay that Abhi is in search of him. Mitali comes to their room. Aaliya scolds her forcoming to her room without knocking on the door. Mitali says she came to see Raj and says I will not leave you both if Raj ends up with any problem. Tanu calls Raj and says Mitali wants to talk to you. Mitali scolds him for picking Tanu’s call and goes out her room talking. Dadi tells Dasi that someone want to kill Pragya. Dasi says nobody from the family will do this planning. Dadisays Abhi is very angry and will not leave the person. She gets worried for Bulbul and says Purab is shattered. Dasi says Bulbul is hurt because of Pragya and says she didn’t cry even once for her. Pragya says Vijay had accused you and again came to harm me. She says the person who hired him again is same, and says he has no personal enmity with her. Abhi says may be you have so enmity with someone outsider. Pragya says no. Abhi says only Vijay can tell us. Pragya thinks where to find him. Abhi and Pragya ask God and Devil for hisaddress and argue. Abhi asks her to come and says he has an idea.Abhi says he will send them to their honeymoon once Bulbul gets fine. Pragya looks smilingly. Abhi says if she refuse to give money then he will sell this hospital. Tanu tells Aaliya that she have presented Vijay in a tray to Abhi and says there is no way to get clean in his eyes. Aaliya says her confidence is high and she will call Vijay again. Aaliya call him, but his phone is switched off. She gets angry. Raj comes and asks what has happened? Aaliya says nothing. Tanu tells him everything. Aaliya asks howcan she do this, and says Abhi is going to trap her. He says he would have help her but he havea flight to catch. He asks her to go to Vijay’s house and stop him from meeting Abhi.Next morning, Abhi does dumb bells exercises and asks Pragyato wake up. He says he is exercising as he have to save her from Vijay. Pragya says she is a champion and will fight withhim. She asks him to think againand that they should involve the police. Abhi asks her not to worried and says if he catches them, then he will leave her withhim as she is his target. He thinks he will teach Vijay a lesson.Janki and Sarla are worried for Bulbul. Janki says they should take her home and she will be fine. She don’t know what is written in her destiny, and says the accident always happens with her. Sarla get emotional seeing her daughter's condition and says she used to talk then, but now. Janki promises Bulbul that she will make her favorite food and make her eat with her hand. Sarla cries hearing her.


A 30-year-old unidentified man has received thirty gift items from his girlfriend to celebrate his 30th birthday.

NAIJ.comcame across this news after photos of the gifts were posted by sister to the lucky man’s girlfriend.

According to a lady simply identified as, missboxie, her sister sent her boyfriend 30 gifts to celebrate his 30th birthday.Missboxie wrote: “My sister really got her boo 30 gifts for his 30th birthday.”

Meanwhile some Twitter users who were happy with the unidentified lady’s decision to celebrate her man gave her compliments and referred to her as a good wife material.


The OAP Omotunde Adenowale aka Lolo1 took to social media to pen this down, after saying she is tired of judgemental people. And yes, we are so with her on this. Lol.

Her words;I am sooo tired of Christians that judge other people sometimes I am tempted to ask are you Jesus Christ who saved them from sin ,am sure if some of you had met the woman caught in adultery you would have had her stoned even though the sin was committed by 2 people the master Jesus did not even condemn her if we truly share the gospel of peace and embrace the love of God you will do the masters business as he expects ....till a person dies God will never give up on anyone soo why judge those who are on ajourney of God discovery ...heaven will shock a lot of self righteous people because your mansion might be next to Michael Jackson that is if you make it.......I feel like hissing but I'll just smile at your ignorance.... # righteousness is by christjesus not works so no man can boastAlso see my own little gist below...My own little gist. So my big cousin bro told me this gist during easter, I almost wet my pants while laughing.

So this Pastor, so hot for God, kept warning a particular section of his workers, stop fornicating, don’t destroy the church.But they didn’t listen to him. He kept warning them, and honestly according to my bro, the pastor tried, but this people wont just stop. So they say, he turned to God and asked God to kill them, before they destroy His church.

He kept praying like that, and they say God replied him one dayand said, ‘If I had killed you when you were in the world, will you be heading a church today? Pray for them to repent’

Monday, 26 June 2017


Well, there’s some sort of similarity between himself and the late legend – the transformation of their skin colour.

Bobrisky, in new photos, looks subtly like late humanitarian and legend, Michael Jackson, who died exactly 8 years ago.

The transvestite who says his fans should pray for him as he’s all set to go on surgery to increase the size of his buttocks, calls himself “queen” ashe shares new photos of himself.

Striking feminine poses in his feminine clothes and hair, the effeminate looks a bit like wacko jacko with his jaw frame and smile. Or don’t you think so too?


Proud new father and top notch malemusic sensation,Runtownhad this hilarious conversation with his mother and it is most adorable y’all! Because of his music tour round the world and all, his mother suggests hechanges his name to “Runworld” from Runtown.

See below:

The singer recently welcomed a bouncing baby boy with his American based girlfriend, Selena Leath.


Few hours ago, JJC skills, Funke Akindele’s husband took to Instagram to congratulate her after receiving the news that his wife is pregnant with set of twins.

The popular actress was said to have been in serious prayer for childbirth in the ongoing Pastor Nathaniel Bassey’s Halleluyah Challenge #Olowogbogboro and of course, this is a prove that it pays to serve the living God.

- Congrats To Funke Akindele Jenifer Bello!